Ek Nayi Pehchan 15th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 15th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sakshi shows Karan a box and says it has a lot of memories in it. She shows his childhood pictures with his siblings. Sakshi shows him another pic with his classmate and asks him who is he among 2 kids, he says he does not know. Sakshi says she will prepare a slide with these pics for mom as mother’s day gift. She shows him another family pic and asks him to identify people in it. Karan says he cannot identify his old relatives and says Lathika knows relatives. Sakshi asks him to call Lathika and take help from her. He calls Lathika and asks for her help in identifying their relatives. Lathika agrees.

Daadi sees Sakshi preparing brakfast and asks if she made it. Sakshi says she does not want Sharda to work today and will prepare food today. She says she will prepare rest food after Sharda goes to school. Sharda comes there and says she does not have school today. She asks why is daadi here. Sakshi says daadi is having stomachache. Sharda says daadi will get only khichdi today. She sees dosa,sambar, etc. and asks who prepared it. Sakshi says she prepared it for her and asks her to eat. Sharda eats it and says she liked it. Door bell rings. Sakshi opens the door and is surprised to see her mom. Mom says she came here as she sensed during their conversation on phone that she missed her. Sharda sees Sakshi’s mom and greets her in. Mom says today is Mother’s day and Sakshi will celebrate it with both mothers. Sharda asks what is mother’s day. Mom tells about importance of mother’s day. Sharda asks Sakshi to take her mother to her room. Sakshi takes her in.

Sakshi sees Sharda checking her sarees and asks which is her favourite saree. Sharda says she likes pink saree. Sakshi asks her to wear this saree and come with her out for dinner at 7 p.m.

Karan and Lathika look at Lathika’s childhood pic and remember their childhood days. Sakshi sees them laughing and prays god to not let them fight today. She thinks she prepared Sharda’s slide now and hope everything goes well.

Lights get off and Sharda gets worried. Sakshi asks her to hold her hand and come out. Sakshi takes her to the hall and asks to switch on the lights. Karan switches on the lights and everyone start clapping by wishing Sharda happy mother’s day. Sakshi informs Sharda that she and her 3 children and celebrating mother’s day for her. She makes her sit on a royal chair and shows her picture slides. Slide starts with commentary from Sakshi. Sharda sees the slides and gets emotional. Everyone clap after the slide show.

Karan starts her speech and starts praising his mom and says he is here because of her and says I love you mom. He hugs her emotionally. Lathika starts her speech and remembers about her childhood incident, she says she knows what is love because of her, she asks Sharda sorry for hurting her. Chirag starts his speech then and praises his mom. Sharda hugs Chirag emotionally.

Karan and his other siblings start singing Aaj bhi koyi chot lagi to yaad aati ho tum… meri maa.. song. Sakshi sings Itti si hasi, itti si khushi…. song with Lathika and Karan following her and then they all finally say Sharda Happy Mother’s Day.

Precap: Sony tv actors promote Maharana pratap serial. Sakshi sees a letter and thinks she did not write this letter to Karan, then Aditya must have written it.

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