Ek Nayi Pehchan 15th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Nayi Pehchan 15th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pallavi asks Karan to take care of Suresh. Karan keeps his hand on his dad’s shoulder. He advises her to rest as she should not talk too much. Pallavi is in pain and has trouble in breathing. She asks them to call everyone asap. Karan runs to call everyone. They all come rushing to Pallavi’s side. shanaya and Aarav sit on her either side. she is happy to see them all together. Sharda requests her to rest. Pallavi is not worried about her kids now. Suresh gets up to bring the doc but Pallavi stops him. she assures her kids that she isn’t going anywhere. I will stay with my kids always. Pallavi has one last wish from Suresh. She gives him the vermilion box to fill Sharda’s forehead once again. this whole family broke because of me. I want to unite them. I want to return my sister’s husband to her. Sharda cries while Suresh agrees to fulfil her wish. He puts vermilion in Sharda’s forehead. Everyone is in tears. Pallavi tells Sharda that my kids are yours now. Shanaya keeps on negating it but Pallavi wants Sharda to promise that she will love her kids like her own. Sharda affirms. I will love them more than I love my kids. Pallavi asks for one more promise from Sharda. You will never leave this house or this family. A tearful Sharda promises her. At the exact moment Pallavi breathes her last. Everyone is stunned to witness it. They all cry for her.

The show takes a leap of one month.

Sharda has lit diya in front of Pallavi’s photo. Time flies. You came in my life and everything changed. Its been one month that you have left us. I had promised you to set everything alright with time. Though it isn’t perfect yet but I am sure we will all be together for sure.

Karan suggests his mom that they should return to their home now. We are here since a month now. Dadi, Latika and Chirag come to see what’s happening. Sakshi too agrees with Karan. Our purpose for coming here has been fulfilled. All the necessary rituals are complete now plus all the relatives have gone back as well. Everyone has resumed their responsibilities. We are really not needed here anymore. Sharda tells them that no one is going anywhere. I had promised Pallavi that I will rejoin all the broken pieces of this family. she had told me that she will accept that I have forgiven her when I will stay in this house with everyone. If I had to go then I would have left immediately after Pallavi’s death but I cannot break my promise ever.

Shanaya claps for them. Its not even a month that my mom died and you guys are busy discussing about your reunion. I am anyways not interested in your drama. Sharda stops her from going anywhere. This is your home you will stay here only. Shanaya declines. my mom is dad and I have no one here who is my own. Why should I stay here? She yet again asks Aarav to come with her. sharda requests for one chance. Your mom wanted us all to stay together like one family. I know how much you love your mom. Will you not fulfil her last wish? Aarav supports Sharda Ma. Shanaya still feels that Sharda is a fool to ask her to stay back. It will be bad luck for her only. She finally agrees to stay back which surprises Sakshi. My mom left me. somewhere she wanted this only. I will definitely fulfil her last wish. Sharda holds out her arms emotionally and Shanaya hugs her in return. Sharda promises to love them both with all her heart. Everyone leaves for their room except Dadi and Sakshi.

Sakshi doesn’t trust Shanaya. We all know that she hates us. Sharda says she has just lost her mother. If we wont support her then she will be all alone. Who will teach her what’s right and wrong? Will you support me? Sakshi is ready to help her always. But don’t overlook her mistakes. She is not going to change so soon. she will definitely plan something. Sharda calls her her shield. You wont let any problem come to me. Dadi smiles. Sakshi leaves and Sharda too turns to go but Dadi stops her. till when will you stay in the guestroom? Now that you have decided to stay here then you should stay at your rightful place. Sharda replies that she left this house to keep her self respect intact. So much has changed! How can I stay in this house like I used to as if Pallavi hadn’t come in my life at all? I cannot do it. Dadi repeats Pallavi’s words. This house needs you. Forget the past and accept this house once again. will you forgive my son? Sharda is in a fix.

Aarav comes to Shanaya. She hits him with a pillow. Why were you chanting Sharda Ma like anything? I too will have to stay in this house now because of you. He tells her that she is jealous. Sharda Ma is so good. She loves me a lot. She isn’t bad. Shanaya calls him an idiot instead. She is pissed off with everyone. Mom was ill so she took such a decision. But can you not see that they are taking advantage of it? sharda will rule on us now. Aarav tries to make her understand but in vain. She plans to ask for her share of money from Sharda. She will have to throw me out of this house now after giving me my share of money. Sakshi overhears this from outside.

Suresh comes to his mom’s room. She wants to talk to him about Sharda who has always thought about the wellbeing of this house. You have hurt her a lot. I liked it that you apologized to her. always remember that if you hurt her again and she leaves this house then you will see me dead. He tells her that he dint apologize to Sharda only because of Pallavi. I have realised my mistakes. Don’t worry I wont do anything that will pain anybody here, I promise.

Karan finds Sakshi lost in some thoughts. She is worried thinking about Shanaya’s next plan against Ma. He has full faith in her. nothing can go wrong with Ma as you are with her. we both know what’s best for us – Sakshi. They share a hug. Saiyaan re plays. She finds their (Karan-Sharda’s) relation the best one. She wonders if she will be able to share such a relation ever. He agrees. It will happen when you will become a mom. Afterwards no one will be able to find out what you and your baby are planning, not even me. she smiles and hugs him.

Suresh wonders as to what to say to Sharda. So much has happened. I dint do right with her. but I know that she will surely forgive me. She is Sharda, who cannot stay upset with someone for too long. I hope everything gets back to like it was earlier. He finds Sharda changing the garland on Pallavi’s photo. He saves her in time as she was about to trip while getting down from the sofa. She thanks him and turns to go but he stops her. I should thank you to forgive me and to accept me as your husband once again. she tells him that she doesn’t want to hurt him. but the truth is that after what all happened, she cannot stay in this house as his wife. I am your kids’ mom, Ma ji’s DIL but everything has changed between us. Pallavi will always stay between us. And now I am Sharda Mehta, not Sharda Modi. Please forgive me. suresh looks on sadly as she goes from there.

Precap: Shanaya talks to Suresh about what SHarda said. I cannot go from this house till I am mature. Will Sharda take all decisions on my behalf? He interrupts her. you don’t call elders by name. You can call her Ma if you want to. I wont force you for anything but if you will help everyone outside in Janamashtami preps then it will be good.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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