Ek Nayi Pehchan 15th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 15th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 15th April 2014 Written Update

Karan is in his room. Aditya and Sakshi’s dance keeps flashing before his eyes. Sakshi comes there. Why were you behaving like that in the party? Karan asks Sakshi if she dint enjoy dancing with Aditya. She tells him to stop it but he continues. You may never say it loud but I know you have always loved Aditya and will continue to do so. You have married me unwillingly. It isn’t your fault but whoever meets Aditya falls for him. You are free to go. She is shocked and tries to explain but he is tired of it. She talks about the letter. I explained it all to you. He gets angry. Truth is you have been cheating me since so long. He holds her arm angrily but then leaves it. Why don’t you go and tell everyone that you feel suffocated in this husband-wife relationship? Go and tell everyone.

Anyways there is nothing left between us. You are free to go wherever and with whomsoever you want to. She stands there in tears, shocked and hurt. She retreats her steps sadly and leaves from the room while Karan stands in a corner all hurt. He too is helpless in what he is feeling.

Sakshi comes downstairs and cries her heart out as she recalls Karan’s words that she is free to go wherever and with whomsoever she wants to. She comes to where everyone’s photos are kept and accidentally Sharda’s photo falls on the floor. She picks it up and joins the broken glass again. She hugs the frame as she is missing Sharda ma very badly. All their meetings flash before her eyes. Sharda had accepted her even after knowing about her past as she could see that Sakshi has a pure heart. I cannot go like this. I am not just a wife but the DIL of this house too. I might not be a good wife but I am not that bad a DIL. I wont go anywhere without telling you. I will wait for you and go only after asking you. She caresses the photo frame. I am sorry but I will have to go from here after what all Karan said to me. I am really sorry ma I will have to go. She hugs the photo once again as she cries. She then places it back at its place.

Sharda and Suresh are on their way home. Sharda enjoyed Kaka Kaki’s anniversary though she was unable to understand why everyone at the party there were eating snacks with knives and forks. He explains that they are table manners. Don’t know when you will learn them. She will but she will never eat such snacks with knives and forks. The stereo is not working properly and Sharda sets it right much to his surprise. Chirag too has a stereo in his room and I learnt this from there. I will certainly learn everything with time. She remembers their movie date because of the song that’s playing on the radio. She remembers each and every thing and he too recalls things slowly slowly. They both laugh as they guessed the wrong actors of the film. Suresh forgot his specs at Kaka’s place. She offers to read the sign board for him. He does not trust her but she finds a board and reads it out for him. He gets down himself and takes a closer look at the sign board. He is surprised to realise that Sharda guessed it appropriately. She gets happy when he tells her that she was right but he makes a straight face to himself. They continue their journey home.

Karan is sitting in his room when Sakshi comes there. Did you not get a taxi? I will ask the driver to drop you. She interrupts him. I dint come here because of you but Ma brought me here. I will go only when she will ask me to, not you. You might not be happy thinking that I will stay in this room but don’t worry I will stay in some other room. He stops her. Why will you go? I will go. I anyways cannot send the DIL of this house out of her room. He walks out of the room holding a pillow and she sits down on the bed crying hard. He comes in another room and keeps the pillow on the couch.

A sad song plays in the background as they both sit alone in their rooms thinking about what just happened. Sakshi recalls all their happy past moments whereas Karan remembers seeing Sakshi with Aditya lot many times. He also remembers how he had kissed her. They both have tears in their eyes.

Next morning, a tearful Sakshi is sitting outside in the garden. Karan’s harsh words keep echoing in her head. Sharda comes to talk to Sakshi. Sakshi hugs her and Sharda gets worried for her. Sakshi tells her how she had told Karan about her past in that letter and how he is everything for me now. But he called me a liar. He doesn’t trust me. He thinks I should be with Aditya. Sharda boosts her morale. You must not cry as you haven’t done anything wrong. I am sure things will get better soon. I will talk to Karan. Sakshi denies. I am not as mature as you are but I know this much that relations are made by heart. They cannot be forced. If Karan has taken me out of his heart then what’s the point of staying near him. I will anyways be far from him. Its not good for me to stay here anymore. I don’t think there is another way out for me here. Sharda is shocked by her words.She goes inside without replying anything to Sakshi. Sakshi sits down sadly as she cries her heart out. I have become all alone!

Sharda goes to talk to Karan in private. She reminds him of their values. You should not talk to Sakshi like this. I know everything. I know she has not done anything wrong. He gets upset. Lying to your husband and cheating him is not wrong. Sharda says she did not lie. She had told me about her past before marriage only. He too knew about it but now that her past has come in front of her she forgot her present. She forgot that she is someone’s DIL, someone’s wife. She continued meeting Aditya secretly. Sharda tells him to trust Sakshi. He used to which is why he was waiting for her to tell it to him. She told him a lot later when the right time was gone. She has cheated me. Sharda can understand his pain. He talks about trust in husband wife’s relationship. Now that there is no trust then what’s the point of this relation? Sharda takes Sakshi’s side but Karan is in no mood to listen. He leaves from there. Sharda says a mistake has been made. Karan is justified as he was hurt. They both have made some mistake.

Sakshi is leaving Modi House with her luggage. She cannot live in this house anymore. Ma will surely come looking for me after talking to Karan. I will tell her that I am going. She keeps her luggage in the taxi and waits for Sharda who indeed comes outside. Epi ends on Sharda’s face.

Precap: Sharda gives two choices to Sakshi – either leave this house and this relation or if stay back in this house, Karan’s life and try to take care of this relation.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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