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Suresh is glad that Karan asked for some time from the police. I will hire city’s best lawyer now and handle these police guys one way or the other. He asks for his signatures. Maybe we won’t need Sharda’s signatures then. Karan yet again declines to support him. we only wanted to talk to you for five minutes to bid you goodbye. Suresh is taken aback. Karan replies that he couldn’t apologize to mom and now he feels that he can make them stand against their mom. I am sorry but I am not with you in this. Suresh is irked and reminds him of his favours. You are repaying me like this? Latika tells him to keep his ego aside once and listen to his heart. You have reminded me of what you have done for us but no one can even begin to count what all mumma has done for us since we were kids. I agree to sign on these papers as we want out dad to be free. But we still want you to apologize to mumma. Chirag supports his sister. All three of them leave while Suresh takes a seat on the sofa dejectedly.

Sharda is in the temple. She cannot understand what’s wrong or right. Please show me some way. Pallavi too is standing along with her there.

Suresh recalls Latika’s words / wish. Everyone left me but Sharda can still help me. he remembers Pallavi’s condition about his apologizing to Sharda in front of all their family members. He decides that he doesn’t want to go to jail.

Sakshi joins them. Suresh comes to Sharda. Everyone is gathered in the living room. He tells Sharda that he is all alone. Your kids have stepped back as well. Sharda tells him that she and her kids were always with him. it was he who left them. Pallavi confronts Suresh about his sudden change of heart. You can fight this case for your whole life but who will you come back to? Who will wait for you to return? Suresh takes Sharda’s name. He drops the papers and apologizes to her as he folds his hands in front of her. sharda is moved to tears while everyone else is stunned so see him thus. He agrees he has never treated / respected her as his wife. You have taken care of me, my house, my mom, my kids, everything. But I never valued you because of my ego / arrogance. Please forgive me. I have never given you any wifely rights but can you give me the right of being your husband? Can you forgive me? he kneels down before her while his kids try to hold him. police inspector comes back inside to arrest him. suresh asks Sharda to say something. Do you forgive me?

Pallavi tells them to stop as Sharda Modi has taken back her complaint officially. Everyone is relieved except Shanaya. Sharda affirms. The lawyer tells inspector to leave Suresh. I will complete the rest of the legalities. Pallavi tells Suresh that Sharda has forgiven him. suresh looks at Sharda and their kids emotionally. Sharda takes a few steps towards him when Pallavi starts feeling dizzy. Shanaya notices her as she loses conscious and falls on the floor. Everyone is shocked to see her thus.

Doc checks Pallavi. Her condition is very critical. Pallavi stops Karan from calling the ambulance. She doesn’t want to be in hospital. I want to spend me last days with you all. Shanaya tells her not to say so. Karan tries to tell her that hospital would be a much better option for her but she insists to stay back here. She appeals to Sharda who agrees to fulfil her wish. Doc agrees and tells them all to go from here. She needs rest. Shanaya wants to be with her mom. Pallavi too vouches for it. all the others leave from there.

Karan Sakshi discuss about the situation at home. Mom feared this day only. Now that Pallavi ji is critical, mom wont be able to take it. you please stay with her. he goes to bring medicines for Pallavi telling Sakshi to be with mom. Sakshi asks Dadi about Ma. I have been looking for her, where is she? Dadi is sure she would be in temple only. She must be asking for a few more breaths from God for Pallavi. God could have killed me instead as I am anyways old now. Latika tells her not to upset herself thinking about all this. I will get tea, you should take some rest meanwhile. She leaves with Sakshi.

Sharda is indeed asking for some more time for Pallavi. Her kids need her, I need her. sakshi tells her that what is written, cannot be changed. Sharda knows it but isn’t ready to believe it. I had found a sister in her and now she is leaving. Sakshi knows that Pallavi has fulfilled all her duties with her every breath. You have to take care of her kids. You cannot break down like this. She is unable to breathe easily. Only pray that she dies without too much pain. Sharda agrees with her. I cannot fall weak. I have to fulfil my promise. She picks up the Ganpati idol and prays for Pallavi’s easy / painless death. She takes the idol with her. Sakshi prays to make things easy for Pallavi and give strength to her Ma to fulfil all her promises.

Suresh is sitting beside Pallavi holding her hand. She asks for Shanaya in her sleep. He tells her that Shanaya has gone to bring water. Do you need anything? Pallavi shakes her head. Suresh thanks her for making him realise that he did wrong with Sharda. I wouldn’t have realised it otherwise, if not for you. Thank you so much. Shanaya hears this and is angry. Now he is feeling sorry? When mom will die, he will get back with his family and forget me and Aarav again.

Sharda keeps Ganpati idol on Pallavi bedside drawer. He will bring peace to your heart and mind. She says she will be at peace to see them (Sharda-Suresh) back as husband and wife.

Shanaya comes to Sharda’s room in a huff. She looks at Sharda-Suresh’s photo and shouts that she can never be her mom. never! She takes a badminton and starts hitting / breaking things in that room. Chirag tries to stop her but she is in a fit of rage. Sharda hears the noise and goes out to check. Shanaya keeps telling Chirag to leave her and keeps hitting him. Sharda is shocked to see her room in a mess. Shanaya blames Sharda for Pallavi’s death. You wanted her to die, right? You must be happy now. Sharda slaps her. Latika and Sakshi also come to see what’s happening.

Pallavi looks tensed. Suresh offers to go and check but she stops him.

Sharda tells Shanaya to be quiet. It is my sister inside that room, she is ill and doesn’t have time. I don’t want any drama in this house. No one will shout here. Doc has told that she is dying. Do you understand that? She doesn’t have time. You should be with your mom in such a condition. Shanaya begins to cry and Sharda hugs her.

Pallavi is thankful to God for granting her her wish so soon. Now I can die peacefully. Sharda comfors Shanaya. I understand your pain but you are not alone. We are with you. Shanaya cries in her arms and Sakshi is somewhat relieved to see this.

Precap: Pallavi asks for one more promise from Sharda. You will never leave this house or this family. A tearful Sharda promises her. Pallavi breathes her last. Everyone is stunned to witness it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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