Ek Nayi Pehchan 11th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Nayi Pehchan 11th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Epi begins with Padma luring Suresh for funds. It will be good for both of us if Karan joins me. I can give you funds for your business. He gets thinking and then agrees for it. she is overjoyed. She leaves while Sharda comes there with tea.

She wonders about Padma’s proposal. He tells her that she wants Karan to handle her entire business and she will give us funds in return. Sharda is shocked. She recalls Padma’s words. You said yes? you know her business is in Ahmadabad. This means he will relocate to Ahmadabad. He talks practically. Karan will only change a city whereas people leave their countries for work. She is anyways funding us in return. Sharda reminds him that Karan is not a thing whom he can exchange for some funds. You cannot do this. He tells her that business works on planning, not emotions. Don’t you know the present condition of our business? She is giving us funds. Sharda knows that Padma will make Karan her ghar jamai. I wont let it happen. I will not let my son go far from me. he tells her to be practical. Karan needs money. He has got such a big business to handle. I am sure he wont say no. She says you don’t know your son. He cannot leave his family ever. He will never agree for it.

Karan shocks her by telling her that he has already said yes for it. Suresh gets happy. You have taken the right decision in your life for the first time. I am proud of you. Sharda cannot believe it that he will leave his Ma. He replies that you have to live relations, they are not just for namesake. Now when I am not a part of your life then with what right should I be here with you? Padma ji is ready to help Sharda textiles with funds. She is in tears that he is ready to be a ghar jamai and leave his mom. You are ready to divide Sharda textiles? He knows she thinks of him to be her son only. Atleast she doesn’t think that I am some criminal. I am not dividing Sharda Textiles. We need funds and Padma ji is ready to help us. That is it! He goes from there.

Sharda pleads to Suresh to stop him but he tells her to stop her motherly attitude. We are lucky that someone is ready to help us with funds so easily. You are all set to ruin it. for the first time I am feeling that Karan is my son. it is good that he dint melt because of your tears or from where will be get funds? Will you be able to arrange it otherwise? You are a very good designer. I had told you to make some designs for innovative sarees. If I had them with me and the clients would have approved them then maybe I would have said no to Padma. But you forced me for it. she tells him that he isn’t helpless but has become greedy. I am ready to give you best designs which your client would definitely like. I am begging you not to do this deal using my son. Once he goes away then he will never come back. We will lose him. Don’t send him I beg you. He is sure that she is only fit to handle home and make butter. You think you have become a very good designer by working with Meeta? It was just your beginner’s luck. Give me ideas. We have a meeting tomorrow at 10 am. This is our last chance. If our client likes and approves it then its ok otherwise I will tell Karan to join Padma. She is stunned by his challenge. I must make some designs now. Please help me Lord. Please help me keep my family together. I have to make designs for sarees. I have never done anything alone till date. Sakshi has always helped me but she is not with me today. I cannot understand anything please help me. sakshi hears her crying / praying.

Sharda turns and notices Sakshi going from there. You have always supported me. Will you leave my hand today when I need you the most? Show me the right way or our family will break. Sakshi cannot help her even if she wants to. Circumstances are such that I have to either choose you or Karan. How can I leave Karan’s side as we are meant to live together for many more births to come! You only have taught me that a wife should always be with her husband in sadness or happiness. I am doing that only. I cannot leave his side. he has taken a promise from me which I cannot break. Sad title track plays. Forgive me but I cannot help you. She leaves from there sadly. Sharda understands that she cannot help her but you will always be my Guru. Bless me if nothing else. She touches the spot where Sakshi was standing and takes her Guru’s blessings.

Sharda is making designs.

At night, Sharda comes to check on Shanaya. Sharda has brought some A4 sheets with her. shanaya says she is not in a mood for drawings and is busy playing games. Sharda says it is for me. I have to make designs for innovative sarees. I thought that I will give you company this way. Shanaya asks her if she got some idea. Sharda affirms. I told you Sakshi will definitely help me. shanaya is taken aback. Sharda gives her Eklavya’s example. When his Guru declined to teach him, he continued to watch him from hiding. You get to learn just by watching your Guru. I got the inspiration of a mother. How can I forget that my inspiration is always in front of my eyes so I am designing sarees for a pregnant woman! I am a mom and I know what problems a woman can face when she is pregnant. I will design sarees in a way that it becomes easy for them. she is thinking about pregnant woman’s comfort. Shanaya appreciates the idea. Sharda is sure Sakshi will like it too. Title track plays as she begins her task. Shanaya keeps looking at her every now and then. Sharda feels sleepy and keeps the designs aside. She dozes off to sleep. She wonders what Sharda would have made. She hears footsteps and pretends to sleep. Sakshi to check on her Ma and covers her with a shawl. She goes out after checking both the ladies.

Shanaya opens her eyes as soon as Sakshi is gone. She calls out to Sharda to check if she is awake or not. next she removes her blanket and smiles. She takes out ink from her bedside cupboard and goes to the other side. she pours it on Sharda’s designs.

Sharda and Shanaya wake up. She is late. Shanaya says you were sleeping so I told Sakshi to give me medicines. Sharda is happy to know that Sakshi had come here. Shanaya nods. Sakshi only covered you with her shawl. Sharda is happy. she looks around for her designs. Shanaya she might have put them in that envelope. Sharda knows that Sakshi can be upset with her but turn your face away from me. you have kept my designs so safely. She asks Shanaya to tell the nurse in case she wants something. Shanaya wishes her luck. Sharda leaves to go get ready for office. Shanaya wishes her luck. Now you will know that Shanaya never forgets her promises. I had told you that I will ruin you. I am gonna win.

Precap for Monday: Suresh says someone ruined Sharda’s saree designs. I want to know who that person is who is so against this house. Shanaya says Sakshi had come here. Would she have done it? Suresh calls out for Sakshi. Sharda tells Sakshi to admit it if she has ruined those designs as no one else came in this room except you. Sakshi looks at her in shock.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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