Ek Nayi Pehchan 10th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Nayi Pehchan 10th January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 10th January 2014 Written Update

Epi begins with Sakshi bidding goodbye to Karan on phone. This leaves him shocked. Sakshi ends the call and is in tears. He redials her number but it is unavailable. He recalls his dad’s words about how important it is for Sakshi to be at the dinner and that he shouldn’t disappoint him this time. He wonders what to do now. He thinks of his mom.

Sharda is going out somewhere when Karan comes running to her. she asks for Sakshi. I wanted to tell her that she should get properly ready before the guests come in in the evening. You both should get ready nicely. She decides to go tell her but Karan stops her. She is not in the room. He corrects himself…she is taking bath. Sharda is confused. She always wakes up early then why she is late today. she also reminds him that there

shouldn’t be any mistake in front of the guests. She finds him lost and asks him about it. Chirag comes there and asks her to come along as he is getting late. Karan is relieved as they leave. If I would have told her then she would have surely told dad about it and he wouldn’t leave me then. What to do now! he calls Sameer and asks him to come along with the rest of the group.

Sharda asks Chirag why she has been called to his college all of a sudden. Chirag shares that he has won trophy in debate. She is proud of him. He requests her not to show it on his friends or in the college that she is illiterate. She goes quiet sad. I don’t know how I will hide it. I shouldn’t come along with you. He tells her 5 one words by fingers so that he can guide her. and if you forget something then shake your head slightly. She nods and he very sweetly gives her a kiss on her cheek.

Karan’s friends are surprised to know that Sakshi knows everything. They again tell him to live this relation now that he is married. First married bachelor of the world! They all wonder where Sakshi could be. They think she might be at her mom’s home. Karan says he wont ask directly but get his answers atleast. He calls up Padma. He asks for her well being and that he is missing her just the way Sakshi misses her. I have told her to go over and stay with you for a few days because of that only. Padma replies that Sakshi has adjusted so well at her new home that she hasn’t called me since yesterday. She wants to talk to her. Karan is shocked. He tells her she is busy with mom. I will make her talk to you very soon. Karan wonders where Sakshi would be.

Sharda is with Chirag at his college. She likes it very much. It was my dream to go to college and study but it never happened. he is surprised and asks her about the stories she used to tell him when he was a kid. She shares she learned, experienced everything from life. Chirag isn’t even listening as he is busy with his phone. The principal enters the room. He is talking to someone on phone about some competition. He asks them both to sit. He asks her if she knows why she has been called here. Sharda looks at Chirag’s finger and answers in a yes. He continues and tells that Chirag has flunked in all his subjects and we are going to rusticate him from the college very soon. Chirag shows 2 fingers and she replies with an ok with a smile. The principal is confused. What do you think is the reason for Chirag’s bad performance? He also gets up to see what’s happening at the other end and sees Chirag pointing out fingers for Sharda. He has understood it nicely. Chirag is tensed while Sharda thanks the principal. He tells Sharda that they can talk in Hindi if she is more comfortable that ways. I was speaking in English as most of the parents prefer it that ways. Sharda is ecstatic and thanks him for solving their problem. She talks well of Hindi language. She talks about what Chirag had told her. But he points out that Chirag has lied to her. he tells her that he is misusing the fact that she cannot understand English. He has failed in every subject and we are going to rusticate him. she is sad and hurt. She thanks him for calling her here or she wouldn’t have known anything about it. You have taken the right decision. The one who has insulted Ma Sarawati should be punished. I have a request to make. I am not literate but it was my dream that my children will study. Give him one chance I promise he will try his best. Principal agrees as she requests him very nicely. He agrees on the basis of her trust. She thanks him. She admonishes Chirag for using her weakness. You have hurt me a lot. The principal wants Chirag to change for good for his mom’s sake.

He along with his friends search for Sakshi everywhere. Rohan has the number of one of Sakshi’s friends. Karan calls her and talks in a manner that she discloses it to him if Sakshi is there or not. he ends the call as she keeps talking to him in a flirty manner. He and his friends leave to check for Sakshi as if he is unable to find her till 7pm then he too will have to run from the house.

Latika cancels all her appointments for the day. She doesn’t even play with Diya as she has loads of work to do. She is upset at Sharda that she will have to handle work and Diya together now. She tells Diya to wait while she will call mom. Diya agrees.

Chirag and Sharda reach home. He is really angry with her. what was the need for you to talk to principal? You have ruined my whole college life. Why did I ask you to come along? She tries to talk to him but he leaves in a huff. The guard comes to her. A lady has been waiting for her since long. She asks Sharda for readying a saree for her daughter who is going to be married tonight. She praises her very much. Will you do it? Sharda gets thinking.

Karan and his friends are searching for Sakshi. They ask all the people they can find.

Sharda is doing patola work on the saree for that aldy. Latika comes there looking for her. she shouts at her for not doing anything for welcoming dad’s guests. Sharda continues with her work. She finishes the saree and gives it back to the lady. The lady thanks her. you have a very beautiful heart. She thanks her and leaves.

Latika talks angrily to her if this is more important than what dad’s meeting holds for us tonight. Sharda very calmly replies everything is ready. I did everything before I left. Would I let you be worried for anything? Latika calms down. You could have told me atleast. No one was telling me. sharda replies who would have dared to say anything to you who is so short tempered. They both smile. Latika goes to get ready.

Karan is stills searching for Sakshi.

Suresh welcomes Mr. Singhal in their home. Mr. Singhal has brought a gift for them. sharda comes and Suresh introduces her to him and his daughter Kavita. Singhal talks to Sharda in English. Finally I am meeting the lady who is behind the empire. He gives the whole credit to her for such a big empire. Mr. Modi wouldn’t have been here today without you. You are the reason for his success. Sharda is happy but Suresh is not. he accepts it reluctantly for Mr. Singhal. Kavita asks Sharda if uncle is right or is he just flattering you. Sharda and everyone gets worried but she very smartly asks them to sit while she will get something for them to eat.

None of Karan’s friends or Karan is able to find Sakshi anywhere. Karan is tensed. If I go home now without her then it would be a problem and if don’t, then also it will be a problem as this dinner if very important for dad. He is confused what to do now.

Precap: Karan returns home. He looks at the car parked outside and thinks that the guests have come. But how come so early? I couldn’t find Sakshi till now. He looks at the temple outside and goes to pray. He doesn’t know how to pray but tells it all to the Goddess. I don’t know how to say it but people say that you know what’s in a person’s heart. Please keep Sakshi safe.

Update Credit to: pooja

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