Ek Nayi Pehchan 10th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 10th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 10th April 2014 Written Update

Sharda shares with Latika that she is not able to get in touch with Suresh. Latika too has been trying her dad’s number but in vain. Don’t worry I will try again once I reach office. Has Aditya left? Aditya answers in no. She had asked him to reach earlier as dad is not available. He hands her his resignation. What joke is this? He tells her it isn’t a joke and excuses himself. Sharda too is confused at his stand. Latika cannot afford to lose him as he is handling their 2 major clients. Dad is not here too. If he leaves then we will lose our clients too and would end up bearing losses and shame. We can’t afford to do this. I will have to stop him. She asks Sharda to do it as Aditya would never say no to her. Sharda agrees to try for Latika’s sake.

Sharda brings juice

for Sakshi. How are you now? Sakshi tells her she is better. She notices that Ma is looking worried and asks her about it. Sharda is worried for her husband and Aditya’s sudden resignation too. Latika told me that it would hamper their work so she has asked me to stop him. Sakshi asks her if she will stop Aditya for some profits. Sharda replies it isn’t about loss or profit. He is our guest and he is leaving all of a sudden maybe he is hurt over something. Sakshi vouches that he might be leaving on his own will but Sharda explains that Karan’s dad would have thought of something before hiring him. I think he should definitely stay till Karan’s dad comes back. Sakshi tries to explain that that isn’t so but Sharda doesn’t get her point. You tell me what you want to say. Why are you so against Aditya staying here with us? Tell me. I am noticing you are worried over something since a lot many days? Is there something that I don’t know which I should know? She tries telling but is not able to. Aditya comes there. He requests Sharda not to stop him if he thinks of him as her son. She in turn requests him to atleast stay till her husband is back. If we have made some mistake then forgive us but don’t leave like this being upset with us. He is upset with his destiny. Sharda has no clue why he is so disturbed but if you leave like this then my husband would feel bad. I wont let you go like this. He agrees but he will stay in hotel. I haven’t got another house till now but I don’t want to trouble others by staying in their house. She agrees as it is his wish but she wants to help him in finding a house as he is new to the city. He declines. You handle this house and then go to study. If you will start looking for a house for me then you wont have time for yourself. Karan comes there too and listens their convo. Sharda suggests that Sakshi will help him instead. Sakshi denies. I have to go out with Karan. Karan is surprised / confused. She pretends to have told him but he doesn’t remember it. If I don’t remember it then it means it isn’t that important. Right now finding a house for Aditya should be our priority as dad brought him here. If not us then who will help him? Sakshi is speechless. Karan wants Sakshi to speak out the truth between her and Aditya. He asks Sakshi to change while they will wait downstairs. She nods. Karan and Aditya leave. Sharda feels that Sakshi lied about their going out. If she dint want to go with Aditya then she could have clearly told me but she dint!

Karan, Sakshi and Aditya reach their destination. Karan gets down and calls the broker to show them the house. That guy comes. Sakshi and Aditya get down too. Aditya says I have fell in love with this city which is why I want to stay here. Show me a good flat. The broker mistakes Sakshi to be Aditya’s wife which Karan clears. Karan comments that it isn’t such a big thing that anyone can mistake you guys for a couple. Sakshi doesn’t like it but Karan says it casually. Sakshi is actually very cute which is why anyone looks good with her so don’t feel too happy. Aditya keeps smiling. You are very funny. Karan gives credit to Sakshi for keeping him happy. He intentionally holds her shoulders to thank her which Aditya observes unhappily. They go inside to check the house.

Sakshi, Karan and Aditya reach a restaurant. They order for a coffee. Aditya shares that he doesn’t like things too soon and when he does, he cannot leave them. Sakshi is listening carefully. Karan suggests to try tomorrow too but Aditya asks him not to. Your dad is anyways not here and the whole work pressure is on Latika. I will take Sakshi with me if you will allow. Karan says Sakshi is a free soul. She can go wherever she wants to and with anyone she wants to. She neither needs my permission nor does she need to me tell me anything. Aditya gets happy. Space is very important in any relationship. Karan adds trust in it. Both are there in our relation. Sakshi mentally agrees with what Karan is saying. I have full faith that you will understand it when I will tell you everything myself. I will tell you everything tonight only. Forgive me for hiding such a big thing from you. Karan says we both love each other and where there is love trust is much more important than permission. Karan was holding Sakshi’s hands and notices her bare fingers. It is our wedding ring and you should wear it always. Sakshi forgot to tell him that she couldn’t find it anywhere. Aditya tells him to relax. It was just a ring buy another big deal! Sakshi remarks that it was more than a ring. You wouldn’t understand. Aditya looks angry. Sakshi wants to go home to look for her ring. Karan agrees. Let us finish our coffee first.

Sharda asks Diya to change her clothes and come back. We both will do our homework together. Someone comes to meet Aditya. He introduces himself as Vinod Gandhi and has come from Ahmadabad. He has a parcel to give to Aditya. He thinks it to be Aditya’s home. I always knew he will be very successful in his life one day. Sharda offers him water and he accepts. He looks at the pictures on the wall. There is one picture of Karan and Sakshi’s wedding where Karan’s full face is covered with sehra. So he finally got married. Sharda comes back with water. He is happy about Aditya’s marriage. We all knew he would get married. Their (Aditya and Sakshi’s) love story was all famous in Ahmadabad. He finally takes their names which stuns Sharda. They both got separate but fate them back together after all. May God bless them always. He takes his leave. Sharda recalls what Sakshi had told her on their first meeting; recent incidents at home and how Sakshi is uncomfy around Aditya. She sits down in shock. I was feeling that there is something which is killing you from inside but you dint do it right. I thought nothing could stand at odds against our relation but you proved it that you don’t trust our relation. Why did you do it Sakshi?

Aditya is really hungry when they return. He asks Sharda to get him something and goes to freshen up. Karan asks Sharda if she has cooked Aditya’s favorite food today as well. Everyone is going gaga after him since he has come here. He too leaves to freshen up. Sharda stops Sakshi. Is everything all right? I can see that you are very worried. I am your mom. There is nothing in this world that you cannot share with me. Sakshi doesn’t tell her anything. I have some work I will be back once I finish it.

Sakshi and Sharda both are extremely upset. Sakshi lied to me for the first time and hid her thoughts from me. Why Sakshi? Sakshi remembers how she has been lying to Karan and Sharda Ma because of Aditya. I will tell Ma everything right away.

Precap: Sakshi is in tear as she tries to tell Sharda everything but Sharda doesn’t let her. I know that Aditya is that storm in your life who is ruining your happiness. Sakshi is shocked to know that Ma knows it already. Sharda continues that we can try as much as we want but our past comes in our present!

Update Credit to: pooja

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