Ek Naya Safar! Ek Nayi Ishqbaazi!! (An IB-DBO FF by Manya) Part-9

Hello Everyone! It is me again. Sorry for being late. Hope you will like the ff. Here goes the next part.
Shivaay and Anika get embarrassed. Pinky, Jhanvi and Dadi giggles.
S: Umm…..I have to go to office there is a very important meeting there.
A: I too have some work in the kitchen.
D: To jaao humne kab roka tumhe? (Go. When did we stop you?)
P: Yes you are speakings like we stopped you for some “important” works.

S: No….Umm…I mean…
J…What do you mean Shivaay we stopped you? Go to your work there is an important meeting. Don’t miss it. You too go Anika and complete your work.
Shivaay and Anika leaves from there Pinky, Jhanvi and Dadi laughs.
P: Mummyji now I am just praying to matarani to give me cute grandchildren.
D: Dekhte hain. (Let’s see.)
In Om’s room,
O: Chulbul anyhow we need to find about her she isn’t the one what she looks like.
C: Do you mean she is some witch in disguise of a human?

R: When Rudy is here then have no fear. I can tackle thousands of witches like her.
C: Really?
O: Good that you came now go and try to engage Svetlana in some other work we will find some proof against her in her room. Now go.
R: Don’t do a single thing. I have to do all the work.

O: Shut up and go now.
In Svetlana’s room, Rudra brings out Svetlana he tries to keep her engaging suddenly someone comes and calls all the family members everyone come down. All except Svetlana get surprised to see Bua maa there.

Sv (to herself.): Who is this old lady?
B (Bua Maa.): Never try to act smart with me I heard everything.
Sv: Whatever. (She tries to go back from there.)
B: Where are you going?
Sv: Obviously to my room where else.
B: Wait you are not to go anywhere else.
In Svetlana’s room Omkara and Chulbul find a picture of real Svetlana but they get confused.

Precap: Svetlana’s truth revealed happy moments in mansion. Someone enters.

Sorry for short fiction next part will be surely a long one.

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