Ek Naya Safar! Ek Nayi Ishqbaazi!! (An IB-DBO FF by Manya) Part-17 (Last Episode)

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Hello everyone!! Here goes the next part.
It was morning, Shivaay wakes up and don’t see Anika there.
S: Where is lady Kumbhkaran?! She must be in kitchen I told her many times but no she won’t listen.
Anika comes there eating apple.
S: Where were you?
A: In the kitchen…
S: Do you know how much worried I got for you?

A: No how will I know when I was in kitchen?
S: Stop joking it is not funny you should not work in this condition.
A: Shivaay I was hungry so I went to have apple.
S: You must have told servants to bring.
A: No one was there Shivaay you know everyone is busy in marriage functions’ arrangements and you too were sleeping soundly so I thought not to disturb anyone.

S: You must have called Rudra, Saumya or anyone else.
A: Rudra, Saumya and Priyanka went for college; it is Gauri and Omkara’s haldi function today so everyone is getting ready.
S: Good you just need some excuse to work now sit here and you won’t move a single step. Understood? (Anika nods head.) Now sit here quietly.

Anika makes crying face??. Shivaay looks on.
College campus, Rudra goes to the college canteen, all the girls there were staring Rudra continuously, when Saumya comes everyone there start making fun of her,
Girl1: Look that fatty how she is going.
Girl2: Yes- yes do you saw her way of walking. She walks like an elephant. (Everyone there giggles.)
R: (Shouts.) Don’t dare to speak to her like this.
Girl1: Why Rudra baby? What is she for you?
R: She is my friend and none have right to tease her. You all mind your business.
Girl2: Common Rudra why you made her friend see us you never made us friend.

Rudra gets angry?? and leaves from there, in Priyanka’s classroom Ranveer standing outside the door keep staring her? lecturer notices it and asks a student to shut the door. In the evening at the mansion Priveer and Rumya meet each other in the garden,
Sau: What is it Rudra? Why do you called me here? Are you here to say that what you said today in canteen was just a lie and I should ignore it? If it is this then okay I am going. (When she tries to go Rudra holds her hand and kneels down he takes out a ring.)
R: Saumya I wanted to say that I love you I never realized this thing but today when they insulted you I got to know about my feelings for you. You call me right I am duffer and don’t know anything I am sorry I used to tease you. Will you forgive me? Will you marry me? (Saumya got happy as she too loved Rudra and wasn’t able to express her feelings for him.)
Sau: I love you too Rudra. (Both of them hug each other.)

Meanwhile Priveer met each other and confess their love. Everyone decides marriage of Rumya and Priveer.
Fiction takes leap of four years, a lady comes running behind a small girl, (Guys I told it will be 2 years but there were some new ideas in my mind so I changed it to 4 years don’t mind it.)
Lady: Please listen to me! Don’t run like this Ar…
(That small girl’s face gets lit up seeing a man at door and runs towards that man is Shivaay.)
Girl: Papa!! ???
Shivaay picks her up.
S: Papa’s princess what were you doing?

A: Shivaay just see this girl she is not listening to me I told her many times to drink milk but no she don’t want to listen.
S: Arya why are you not listening to mumma?
Arya: Papa I won’t dink *(It is actually drink but to make it sound like how babies speaks I wrote dink.) milk. I hate milk.
S: Anika if she doesn’t want to drink milk then give her something else.
A: Humesha iske nakhre rehte hain full nakhrebaaz like you. Thank god Ansh is not like this little drama queen. (Arya puffs hearing this. ?)
S: Btw where is Ansh?

A: He will be coming in some time.
Arya: Papa ????!!!
She signs towards the entrance everyone sees Ansh and Riom there.
Ansh: Good afternoon Papa. Good Afternoon Mumma.
A: Good afternoon Ansh now both of you go and change your dress.
*(Ansh is Shivika’s son Riom is Gaurika’s son and Samay Rumya’s son.)
Om comes there Arya starts pulling Om’s hairs, Om takes her from Shivaay,
O: My baby what do you want?
R: O can’t you see she is pulling your hairs she wants hairs like you are duffer and calls me duffer.
Sau: Duffer Singh Oberoi he is asking Arya what she wants this doesn’t mean she wants his hair she wants to say something to him.

R: But he said just now what do you want?
Sau: (Sighs.) Nothing can be done of you. (She goes away with Samay from there.)
R: Huh Sumo. (Makes face.)
Om gives Arya chocolate Rudra takes Arya and starts playing with her. Arya shrieks and starts crying; Shivaay goes to her,
S: What happened princess?
Arya signs towards Rudra, Shivaay stares at him angrily he makes a puppy face and gives her chocolate,

S: Rudra why do you take her chocolate when you know she is very possessive about her things.
R: (Fake crying.) ?? Bhaiya you have changed a lot now you don’t think about us it is my cheat day when I asked you for something in morning you told me to take chocolate from Arya as she have lots of chocolates but now you are saying no it is not fair.
Shivaay remembers he told to take her chocolate.
Arya starts patting his face to ask him what actually happened with her little hands. ?
S: Nothing princess just that I forgot something. Now go and play with your brother.
Arya runs to her brother and kiss him on his cheeks. Ansh shouts. Anika comes there running.
Ansh: Stop it Arya you know I hate this then also you are teasing me.
Arya giggles seeing her brother getting angry.
A: Arya no baby he is your big brother if he don’t like something don’t do it. (Arya starts crying.)
S: Ansh you shouldn’t have shouted like this at her.

A: Don’t tell him it is Arya’s fault she was teasing him.
OmRuHi smile seeing this.
S: What is there to smile?
M: Shivaay Arya and Ansh are just like you both Ansh is total copy of yours and Arya is like Anika.
Suddenly Samay speaks up,
Samay: Only I am intelligent here I remember today we are going for photo shoot and none remembers it.

A: Oh no I forgot it.
Everyone goes to get ready.
Samay: None praised me. Why???
Ansh: Stop thinking let us go.
In evening everyone gathers for photo shoot. Dadi stands in middle with Shinky at her left hand side and Tejhanvi at her right hand side. Shivika and Priveer stand with Ansh and Arya near Shinky and Gaurika and Rumya stand with Riom and Samay. Cameraman asks them to pose,
R: Isi baat pe ho jaaye.
Everyone together: Dil Boley Oberois.

Thanks for your love and support you gave to me. You liked my ff that means a lot to me I will start my new ff soon; this is last episode of my ff and I will like to end it with special thanks to all those who commented and often suggested me many times; thanks to Arpita, Ayeshashk, Aisha, Anshupriya, Alekhika20, Archisha, Ahaana, Arya, Ayissha, Anaya, Ally, Ahsana, Angel, Ash, Bhavna, B.k. maha, Charitha, Dove, fffan1234, Gangu, Gayathri.visu, Gowsi, Jerry_36, Janu, Kanfi, Kriyaina, Khushilovesroumya, Lily, Lulu_Ani, Naisha, Neha-17, Nidhi, Niriha, Nikitajai, Pallavi, Preethi, Pooja26, Prajkta, Pari123, Razaan, Rasika, Ria, Ruksy, Rashi shukla, Shivanya, Shivika, Sairan, Shrutika, Shuklarashi, Shraddha, Shivika1233, Shivikaanshi, Sumitha, Shabnam, Shanay, Situ, Setu, Thedreamsoul, Uf, Vincy, Vivikhta and all the silent readers and if I forgot someone’s name then please forgive me. As it is last episode of this fiction so please comment down and give me the feedback for all the episodes of this fiction I would like to know your tastes and will come up with a new fiction; even the silent readers who don’t comment down please comment down and give me feedback for this fiction.

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  1. Nice one….I am sad that Ur ff came to an end …but happy that u r starting a new one….hope the next one will be as sweet as jalebi

    1. ManyaPV5

      Thank you Pallavi don’t worry soon I am coming up with my new fiction.

    1. ManyaPV5

      Thank you Setu.


    Waiting for your next ff.

    1. ManyaPV5

      Thank you Uf.

  3. Superb come back soon

    1. ManyaPV5

      Thank you Shabnam.

  4. Khushilovesroumya

    It was a very good ending and sad for me because I won’t be able to read ur ff . hope you come up with a new one soon.Thanks for mentioning my name.

    1. ManyaPV5

      Thank you dear and mention not I mentioned your name coz you read my ff.

  5. Lovely Ending dear…Very Happy to see Arya and Ansh….Keep Writing more waiting for ur next beautiful story..Always Keep Smiling…

    1. ManyaPV5

      Thanks Adhya.

  6. Gayathri.visu

    Aww! Beautiful ending…. Sooo cute!! I m sad bcz u ended ur ff. Come back soon with ur another works.

    1. ManyaPV5

      Thank you Gayatri but don’t forget to read my new ff it is starting in 15th May.

    1. ManyaPV5

      Thank you.

  7. Nikita_jai29

    It is sweet ending dear…

    1. ManyaPV5

      Congrats now you are registered and thank you.

  8. Pooja26

    awm ff !!!! dear……
    write more ff lyk dis !!!!!
    loved it !!!!!!!!!

    1. ManyaPV5

      Thank you Pooja.

  9. Dhar

    Superb episode,plzz do come back with another one ??

    1. ManyaPV5

      Thank you.

  10. Jerry_36

    Amazing ending❤

    1. ManyaPV5

      Thanks Jerry.

    1. ManyaPV5

      Thank you Rasika.

  11. Ahsana98

    Hai ManyaPV it’s me AHSANA. Iam signing up with TU .Ahsana98 is my user name.I read all part’s of your ff all are awesome. Today’s episode was awesome dear.It was super duper ending. I like the Junior oberios Ansh,Arya,Riom ,Samay.But Iam sad because you didn’t mention the priveer’s baby .I like the family photo. But this family photo is complete only after the coming of priveer’s baby.I’m Miss your story ,so coming back with an super duper ff .I’m waiting for that .And thank you for mentioning my name.

    1. ManyaPV5

      Congo Ahsana for registering. And thanks for the compliment. Don’t worry I am coming up with new fiction on 15th May.

    1. ManyaPV5

      Thank you Mani.

    1. ManyaPV5

      Thank you Alekhika.

  12. Niriha

    Awesome…lovely ending dear come back soon with new ff

    1. ManyaPV5

      Thank you Niriha.

  13. Nice happy ending dr……

    1. ManyaPV5

      Thank you Arthi.

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