Ek Naya Safar! Ek Nayi Ishqbaazi!! (An IB-DBO FF by Manya) Part-13

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Shivaay and Anika return home next day at 6.30 a.m. In the hall, Gauri was performing aarti she comes there with Pinky,
G: Good morning bhaiya.
S: Morning.
P: Oh my mata! Shivaay what are you doings here? You should be in your rooms. You seem to be very much tired didn’t you slept for the whole night?
R: How will he sleep it was an important day for him he didn’t slept he was busy whole night.
O: Yes Choti maa he was so busy in some work that he didn’t slept for the whole night. (Shivaay glares at them angrily.)
P: What were you doing last night? Where were you?
S: Um…nothing…
OmRu: Don’t hide say clearly.

S: Um… mom…actually…
R: Leave it I will tell choti maa he was at busy in some meeting. Am I right bhaiya?
S: Exactly there was a meeting.
P: But Shaktiji told office was closed at 8p.m. then meetings?
S: Meeting….meeting… Yes it was at a hotel I stayed there at night.
Anika comes downstairs after getting refreshed.
S: Ask Anika she will tell you I am going to get ready.
A: No I too have some work I am going.
P: What happens to these two? Are they Okays?

R: Just wait for good news.
P: (Get happy.) Now there are days of getting happy as everything is getting fine.
After 5 weeks, in the morning Shivaay wake up and don’t find Anika on bed,
S: Lady Kumbhkaran woke up so early. Good at least I won’t be troubled to wake her up. Shivaay goes downstairs to make breakfast after getting ready for the office. He gets shocked seeing Anika lying there unconscious he calls out everyone. Doctor comes,
S: What happened to her doctor is she fine?
Dr: Nothing to worry about Mr. Oberoi everything is fine but there is a problem it will last for your whole life.

P: Is my bahu Okays? What happened to her doctor?
Dr: Congratulations you are going to become Grandmother Mrs. Oberoi. (Everyone gets happy.)
R: Oh my mata!
P: I think this is my dialogues? (Pinky gets overjoyed and hugs Anika.) Finally god heard me and fulfilled my wish now my little grandchild will come and I will play with him.
D: Badhai ho now you will be in my category.
P: Yes mummyji’s. Jethaniji do you heard I am going to become grandmother.
J: Yes Pinky I am happy for you now finally there will be lots of happiness in our house.
P: (Calls servants.) All of you bring sweets and distribute it among everyone. I have to inform our Samdhiji too.
O: (To Gauri.) Now we are also married we should also think about this.
G: Haww do you have any shame? Not a month is passed to our marriage and you are dreaming about children.
O: It was you who opened this topic at their anniversary party now you are denying common Gauri.
G: Papaji see what Omkara is saying.

T: What happened to you Gauri? And Om doesn’t tease my daughter-in-law you don’t know I am Tej Singh Oberoi I can do anything.
O: What I have done. I just demanded for a small thing.
B: Stop fighting like kids both of you. It is time to celebrate.
Everyone is happy but Shivaay is standing quiet.
D: Oye puttar what happened? Is everything okay?

Shivaay happily hugs dadi tightly.
S: I can’t believe I am going to become father! I am going to become father.
Dr: You have to believe Mr. Oberoi. Okay now I must leave.
P: Shivaay, Anika come here. (She hugs both of them.) You don’t know you have given me world’s best gift Anika take this (She gives some money to Anika, Anika refuses.) it is Shagun’s money keep this as our blessing.
A: It was not needed maa…
P: I said this is our blessing now you have to keep it. Shivaay take Anika to her room and make her rest. Gauri, Saumya make sure Anika don’t work for a year she has to take care of herself…
A: I can work please…

P: No ifs and no buts you have to take rest and that is finals.
S: Mom is right Anika let us go.
In room Shivaay hugs Anika tightly,
A: Shivaay hold on our baby.
S: Oh sorry I forgot. (He bends down.) Baby papa is sorry did I hurt you?
A: Nothing happened to baby but if you keep hugging me then maybe baby will feel bad he/she also needs some love.
S: (Smiles.) Baby come soon papa is missing you from today itself.
A: Okay now go to office you have a meeting.
S: No meeting I cancelled it for baby. I know once I leave you will start working.
A: Shivaay please it is an important meeting I promise I won’t work.
S: Fine then I will go but if you start working then I will come back the very single minute.
A: Okay bye.

S: Bye. Love you baby.
As soon as Shivaay leaves Anika gets up to go to kitchen.
RiSaum: Where are you going?
A: To drink water.
Sau: Here is the water near your bed (She gives Anika water.).
A: Now I want something sour. I am going to kitchen.
G: No, no, no you want us to get scolded?
A: Not at all.

G: So take these orange and eat them we are keeping all the oranges here now you don’t run away from here.
Anika makes puppy face and both of them look on. Screen freezes.

Precap: Anika’s Godh Bharai; Daksh re-enters the mansion.

Hello! I posted the next part as I wasn’t able to control myself from posting it.

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