Ek Naya Safar! Ek Nayi Ishqbaazi!! (An IB-DBO FF by Manya) Part-11

Lady police officer with lady constables come and handcuffs Svetlana.
Sv: What are you doing? Do you know who am I?
LO (Lady Officer): Who are you? Are you Ambani’s daughter or some politician? Don’t try to act smart in front of us we know ladies like you act very well and even if you are popular or powerful person then also law won’t bend for you.
Sv: Don’t misbehave with me you will regret for misbehaving like this you don’t know I am would be bahu of Oberoi’s biggest business family of India.
LO: Even if you say you are president’s daughter we will take you from here.
Sv: Omkara please save me.
O: Sorry Svetlana now your chapter is over I can’t bear you anymore and can’t help you too so it is better you leave from here. Your truth is out now. You are over. You tried to kill your friend for your benefit now just spend your time in jail. (Svetlana’s friend comes there.)
Sv: You!?
Real Svetlana: Shocked right. After all these things what you did to me, my family and this entire family you should be sent behind the bars.
Real Svetlana walks towards fake Svetlana and removes her mask. Everybody get shocked seeing her face.
P: Oh my mata Shaktiji mein nahi kehti thi ye half bahurani zarur Mummyji ki age ki hogi aur mera doubts sahi nikla. (Shaktiji didn’t I say this lady must be of mummyji’s age and my doubt was correct.)
D (Angrily.): Pinky!!
P: Sorry Mummyji I can’t help myself.
Sh (Teasing.): Pinkyji you need not to worry now you won’t be called old by anyone.
P: Corrects now no one will joke on my beauties!! Haww you are making my fun?
Sh: Thank god you understood at last.
Sv: Excuse me officer I would like to talk to someone before leaving from here.
LO: Sure.

Sv (She go towards Chulbul angrily.): You didn’t tell me about what Omkara is planning now I won’t leave you.
Shivika: Inspector you must take this chip it will help you against proof for Svetlana.
Police take away Svetlana. Media start questioning Omkara meanwhile Chulbul goes and come dressed as Gauri.
O: I never wanted to marry Svetlana she tried to harm my family and trapped my father now her game is over and soon I will be marrying Gauri we never broke up our engagement it was our plan to reveal Svetlana.
Everyone get happy seeing everything fine.
D: Oye puttar why didn’t you tell us we would have helped.
O: Dadi if I would have informed everyone then Svetlana must have doubt and maybe she must have came to know about this. Only Shivaay, Rudra, Gauri and Anika knew about this.
FB: All of them are shown planning to expose Svetlana. FB ends.
B: It is good now that jaleel janani left before I would have killed her. She totally made me mad.
ShivOm: We would like to introduce the person who helped us in all this planning. (He calls out someone.)
A man comes of age of 27-28.
S: Meet him he is ACP Ranveer. Ranveer Singh Randhawa. He is cousin of Anika, Saumya and Gauri.
Pr (To herself.): How cute he is.
Sau (Smiling.): Prinku did you said something?
Pr: No nothing it is just I like him.
Sau (Teasing.): Really!!
Priyanka realizes what she said.
Pr: No I mean he is so nice he helped Shivaay bhaiya and O bhaiya.
Sau: Hmm I understood.

After 1 year, In Shivika’s room in morning, Anika arranges bed when someone comes and holds her by her waist.
A: Shivaay what happened? You are getting so romantic today.
S: Happy wedding anniversary Anika it is our first wedding anniversary a year went.
A: Happy anniversary to you too Shivaay. Today you have a very important meeting now go or you will miss it.
S: I can miss thousand meetings for you.
A: Only thousand it have 1, 2, 3…
S: Five zeroes Anika.
A: Yes only thousand?
S: Okay then what does you want.
A: My gift.
S: Hmm here I have something for you.
Anika opens the gift box and see a beautiful red gown with black borders, a blue bow and a black choker.
A: Thank you Shivaay.
S: Now give me my gift.
A: I didn’t bring anything for you.
S: No problem you can give me this (He signs towards his cheeks.)
A: Shivaay I won’t give you now.
S (Makes puppy face.): Oh god why you gave me such a wife who don’t care about her husband.
A: (Kiss him on his cheeks. Shivaay get happy) Stop acting bagad billa you just know to blackmail me emotionally.
S: Let’s go down everyone is waiting for us.
They go downstairs and see everyone gathered in the hall.
All: Happy 1st wedding anniversary Shivika!!!
Shivika: Thank you.
Shivika cut the cake and feed each other.

Precap: Shivika get romantic.

Hello everyone this is me once again here with the next part hope you all like the fiction and don’t forget to comment down below.

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