Ek Naya Safar! Ek Nayi Ishqbaazi!! (An IB-DBO FF by Manya) Part-10

Hello!! This is me here once again with next part of my fiction. Thanks for commenting down and giving me feedback. Here goes the next part.
Gaurika finds a picture in Svetlana’s room and get confused. Om turns the photo frame and sees SK written at back of the frame.
O: Now what does this SK means?
C: S can be for someone’s name from S and from K surname maybe S is initial of Svetlana and K her surname.
O: Maybe you are right but see this lady’s face and Svetlana’s face both don’t match at all. Now let us go before she comes here. Don’t know what is happening outside.
When Om tries to close the drawer he gets something in his hand.

While in the hall suddenly someone comes and calls all the family members everyone come down. All get surprised and Svetlana confused to see Bua maa there.
Sv (to herself.): Who is this old lady?
B (Bua Maa.): Never try to act smart with me I heard everything.
Sv: Whatever. (She tries to go back from there.)
B: Where are you going?
Sv: Obviously to my room where else.
B: Wait you are not to go anywhere else. When Bua Maa is here none should go anywhere. Now first tell me who are you?
Sv: I don’t need to tell who I am; especially to strangers.
B: Excuse me I am not any stranger but Bua Maa from Canada.
Sv: Oh it means you are Om’s Bua Maa.
B: Yes any doubt.
R (murmurs.): Kya timing hai Bhagwan Auntyji ke liye sakshat Bua Maa is here. Thank you. She is enough to tackle thousands like her. (What a timing god for Svetlana you sent Bua Maa. Thank you. She is enough to tackle thousands like her.)
Sv: What were you saying Rudra.
R: I was saying now as Bua Maa is here and she is elder to all of us you should touch her feet.
B: Excuse me I won’t get my feet touched by this jaleel janani she is such a dirty lady who hides her real identity from whole world.
(Svetlana gets shocked and she thinks that Bua Maa knows her secret.)
Sv (Murmurs.): How come she knows about my secret…?
B: The one who keep herself silent and don’t tell about herself to others I don’t want to talk to such person and my blessings are not for them.
(Svetlana relieves hearing this as she thought her secret will get revealed.)
Sv: Bua Maa what to hide from you I am your Om’s would be wife won’t you give your would be daughter-in-law blessings.
(Bua Maa gets shocked.)
B: How can you be my Dil? Only Gauri is my Dil.
Sv: Bua Maa from time to time changes occur and you have to bear this change please Bua Maa. (She touches her feet.) Common Bua Maa if you won’t give me blessings then Om will get upset.
Bua Maa unwillingly blesses her.
B: Where is my Omti Shomti? I don’t want to talk this jaleel janani.

In Svetlana’s room, when Om tries to close the drawer he gets something in his hand. They get another picture of Svetlana with the same lady whose picture they got previously.
O: Who can she be? And what connection does she have with Svetlana?
C: I think maybe both of them are sisters.
O: No sisters have at least some similarity but faces of both of them have lot of differences.
Om turns the photo frame and sees a chip stuck at back of the frame he gets it out.
O: I think we needed this only it was required maybe it is evidence against Svetlana. Let us go.
C: Okay.

In the hall, Omkara and Chulbul come down angrily walking towards Svetlana,
Sv (Walks towards Om and holds his hand.): Om finally you came look who is here Bua Maa. (Om leaves her hand.)
O: Leave me. (He goes and hugs Bua Maa.) Thanks Bua Maa you came here finally.
B: My Omti Shomti said and I didn’t come did this happen anytime?
O (Smiles.): I have good news for everyone.
Suddenly media came there Svetlana thought Om is going to announce their wedding date she gets happy in her mind.
Sv: Om you must have told me that you are planning for this.
O: If I would have told you than my plan would have been spoilt. Actually Svetlana I thought you are very clever but you turned out to be so foolish.
Svetlana get confused team of police comes there. Lady police officer handcuffs her and she starts shouting.
Sv: Om they are taking m e help me.
O: Svetlana you have done such a thing that I too can’t help you out.
Omkara tells everyone about Svetlana trying to killing her friend whose face she took and trying to harm his family he shows the video recording in which Svetlana is shown stabbing her friend. Police takes away her and Omkara announce his wedding with Gauri.

Precap: Good news. Someone enters mansion.

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