Ek Mutthi Aasman 9th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 9th October 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 9th October 2013 Written Update
Scene 1
Kamla is doing the arthi. Kalpi asks Vitthal why ai is doing arti of Paki? Vitthal says because she is first time here. She is our guest. Kamal says to Paki that i will make poran poli for you. Paki asks what is this? Pakiya says its a bitter guard in bread. Kamla says don’t you tell her wrong. paki it means sweet bread.

Scene 2
Nettu is looking at her shows in the closet. Mummy ji asks her whats wrong ? Nettu says that i am looking for a sandal that can stop me being mad at this bill. This is the bill of 10 thousand and Paki has brought it. Paki has gifted it to Kamla. Sahil says i could not say no to my daughter i am proud of her choice. Nettu says that i have never bought one worth more than 5 thousand. Nettu gets a call from a journalist. He is asking for her interview. Nettu says to him yes my schedule is so busy you know i keep doing social work. I recently bought my maid a sandal of 10 thousand. Yes, you should come and you can get picture of sandal and maid too.

Scene 3
There kamla has them all the sweet bread. Kalpana and Pakiya are enjoying but paki is sitting confused? She says how can i eat this i mean i need spoon or something. Kamla says you eat this with hands. She makes her eat with her own hand. Kamla asks is it good? She says yes its really good.

Scene 4
When Kamla reaches home Nettu says welcome kamla where are your feet? Must be so expensive now, no? She looks at her and says why are you not wearing it? Didn’t you like it or it blistered your feet? Now go and clean prem’s room. Raghav is coming. Kamla sasys singhaniya’s son. She is so happy.
Scene 5
Vitthal is in temple. He tells to the pandit that i am fasting today because its my wife’s birthday. She does a lot for me. I should fast for her. I didn’t even know that its her birthday. I got to know from my kids. He is missing her so much. Vitthal calls at kaoor’s home. Mummy ji receives the call. She asks whom do you wanna talk to? Vitthal asks do you need a banaarsi saari? Mummy ji says no i don’t need any. He disconnects. He calls again prem receives the call vitthal asks is shamla there ? Prem says no shamla here. Nettu receives the call third time he says another name and nettu says shut up.
Nettu goes to Prem, he is sitting with a sad face. Nettu says don’t be sad my candy. Guest room didn’t get ready. Furniture is not even completed yet. . He will stay in your room until all this don’t get ready. She asks him not to sit like this. Suddenly they hear a horn, nettu goes down. Prem says i hate raghav.
Raghav arrives, Sahil says him that this is your house and you are my son so you don’t need to live alone in hostel. Raghav says that house is the place where your heart live and my heart doesn’t live in your house. Sahil says my heart cries when i see you i lost my parents at the same age you did. Sahil says that maybe you are feeling thati am imposing this upon you, i used to respect your father. When he gets home kamla is doing his arti. He remembers what she advised him. Nettu comes and says hi raghav welcome home she gets the arti from kamla. She says come in son, how weak you have become. Nettu says that i have missed you a lot in these 7 years. I am so happy now you won’t be uncomfortable here. just ask anything you want. Feel free to get fresh. I have to go to an important meeting we will talk when i come back. CAn i go? I you say no the i will cancel. Sahil intrudes and says you can go nettu. Nettu says to kamla to take care of raghav she has to go to a kitty party. kamla sasy to raghav that i am kamla bai ask me when you are hungry. He asks for his room. Kamla says i will show you, come. He meets Paki on the wat. She shakes hand with him. She says come i will show you your room. Kalpi is looking across the door at them.
Vitthal calls agaian and mummy ji asks kamla to receive the call. He says i was missing you so much. Mummy ji asks who is this? she says its the same saari dealer. He asks how are you? She says the way you left me. She says no disconnect the call mummy ji will get to know if she sees my face, i am being shy we have never talked to each other. He says that i wanna talk to kalpi, kamla says she is in. He says i love you kamla says yes me too.

. Precap-Kamla says that i realize looking at raghav how children get down when they lose parents. I will make him believe that he is not alone.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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