Ek Mutthi Aasman 9th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Mutthi Aasman 9th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Ragahv comes in his cabin and sees all the lunch arrangements in his cabin, He says Kalpi used to do this. We used to have lunch like this. Suddenly he feels like Kalpi is there. Kalpi says food ? She gives him the plate. Kalpi smiles. He makes her eat. Kalpi makes him a bite too. he says the food is so tasty. He comes closer and says I like it when your hair are all over your face. And these hand that made this food are to be loved. He is about to kiss her hand. Suddenly phone rings and he looks at her. Its Pakhi not Kalpi. He goes out. Pakhi is so happy she smiles and says I love you Raghav.

Ragahv comes out and says what was about to do. Why I see you everywhere. You are so unfair to me. I don’t agree to any promise that keeps us apart for a whole year. I can’t live without you. I have to meet you.

Scene 2
Kalpi is about to go out. Nettu stops her and says are you going somewhere ? Kalpi says yes. She says yeah you must be frustrated in the house. Let me tell you that sometimes we have to choose the wrong path to reach the right destination. our neighbor fell in love with some her parents did not agree. So she ran away with him. His parents were so angry but later everyone consented. Everyone is happy now. It happens. I said to Pakki that if you love someone and we don’t agree for our marriage then you should run away with him. True love happens only one time. Kalpi says yes I am getting what you are saying. Nettu says oh you are so smart, Kalpi says Our ai told us that wedding is not just between two people its between two families. She has taught us that we should only choose the right path and she has always stood by with us. Nettu says This is all rubbish. Pakiya says you should never destroy the people who helped you. Nettu says what did I say ? Pakiya says I heard all that you said to kalpi. Nettu says you are so lout.

Scene 3
Kamla is on her way, she looks at the rain drops and says I know now that I was right. God has told me what to do now. I know what should I do to my daughters. Gos has shown me the right path.

Ragahv is about to leave. Pakhi comes and says can I come with you ? I sent the driver for Gauri aunty. He nods. Its starts raining. Pakhi is smiling. She says this is the first rain on this season. I love rains, do you ? Raghav turns on the music and recalls all his beautiful moments with Kalpi. He says in heart what should I do to see you once again kalpi ? Pakhi says in heart what should I do to make you mine Ragahv ?

Scene 4
Pakiya is worried for Kalpi. He calls her over and over again. Vitthal asks what happened ? Pakiya says kalpi went out she for interview she is not back yet. Vitthal says it happens she must be late. She will come back or we will go to see her.

Kalpi is looking for an auto. SHe says my phone’s battery is dead too. Baba must be worried. SHe says its the first rain I am not enjoying. I wish everything was same. Mine and Ragahv’s relationship too. She is under a tree and recalls all her moments with him. Ragahv’s car passes her by. Raghav sees her back and stops the car. He has recognized her.

Ragahv is starring at her. Kalpi turns back and sees him. He comes out of his car. Pakhi takes the umbrella and covers Ragahv. sHe says Raghav you will be wet. Ragahv takes the umbrella and goes to Kalpi. Pakhi is shocked. The song “Barish” is playing in the background. Raghav covers Kalpi with the umbrella. He says you won’t get a taxi in this rain. I will drop you. Kalpi says I can’t. Ragahv says non of us has met each other. Its the fate that brought me here. Ragahv holds her hand. KAlpi looks at Pakhi and leaves his hand. Pakhi is quite disappointed. She comes closer to them. She wants to touch Raghav but she can’t. Ragahv says come on Kalpi. Pakhi says if auto won’t come and iff you get sick I won’t feel good. Come you are wetting us too. Ragahv opens the front seat door for Kalpi but she goes and sits at the back. Pakhi comes and sits at the front seat. Raghav goes in the car.
The three are on their way. Raghav is constantly looking at kalpi from the mirror. Pakhi is noticing this. Kalpi swipes her tears.

Vitthal says Pakiya call kalpi again. Nettu says she is not a kid. Vittahl says she is a kid for us and we take care for her. Lets go our pakiya. Nettu says I should call pakhi maybe something happened there. She calls poki and asks how are you poki ? Pakhi says when did you start caring about me ? Nettu says blood relations never break. Pakhi says you better not talk about relations. Kalpi says pakhi tell Nettu that inform baba that I am with you and coming in a moment. Pakhi tells nettu. SHe asks is she with you ? Pakhi says yes she is with us and we are coming.
Nettu says oh this is the right moment, I should tell Vitthal that kalpi and Ragahv are together.

Nettu goes to Vitthal says I know that kalpi went to meet Ragahv. Poki told me that.Ragahv is so stubborn. HE is not leaving kalpi. He is making kalpi fool with his words. Kalpi is innocent. What will people say when they see kalpi with Ragahv. Vitthal says if there is one percent truth in your words I will kill Ragahv. Nettu says you better see yourself He is coming to drop her. And there is one more thing.. Vitthal shouts stop. Vitthal is so angry. Nettu is chilled. She says not the storm will rage with the rain.

Precap-Ragahv says to kalpi I can’t live with out for whole year. Kalpi says but we can’t meet Ragahv. Vitthal comes and says when my daughter does not wanna meet you then why are you annoying her. I told you to stay away from her..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Thank god pakhi note them

  2. oh my god!where is this story going on.raghav eat the food that prepare by pakhi.dumb raghav.n this stupid paakhi blind even cant see the love of raghav and kalpi in the road and in car too.wat a stupid crap.

  3. pakhi see this and she still want to pursue raghav…..how can I pity her now…she is selfish beyond words….do the right thing if u consider kalpi a sister and u love raghav so much let walk away….I pity raghav hes goin through hell tryin to please everyone and loosin himself in it….he made a mistake ok but hes suffering as well and I thought neetu wouldve helped but she is bent in her ways of hatin on kalpi….writers of ema u all are not creative at all tis is the best u all can do make love seem tortuous, I can see most of u all love life sucks…so make ur viewers feel love is overrated and mothers can be evil thnx I ve learned alot…..smh u all not paintin a good picture of ur culture for ppl like me whose was once intrigued

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  5. dump EMA

  6. Hello girija ji
    I m now following you on twitter

    1. i am relaxed , not watched EMA.just gone thru written episode.after sometime will move on with our life without RAGHNA. no hopes

  7. Wat a bullshit programme
    I hate raghav
    How can he imagine paaji as our fav kalpj
    Sharam nhi aati use
    I hate him
    And now epusides wighout sammy
    Are like
    Ek toh karela upar se neem chada
    Hey chocopie, mon, ap, ek
    Where are u

  8. this is totaly bullshit hw cn raghav c kalpi in pakhi….really hate this….

  9. hey anshu m here bt mon is missng frm last two dayz…..don’t knw where is she

  10. Rags your 1st step is to get a divorce before you take a drink and do the wrong thing and pookie and pook pookie and she get pregent then for sure you will loose Kal for sure I know you love your mom have a talk with her she knows Kal ,Kal use to walking with her and always asking her for advice and they get along very good if you show Kal picture she might remember and refresh her mormories because she use stay with Kal and her family in their apartment ,so get a divorce rent an apartment pookie and you can your easy you never sleep with her.So Please Don’t Make That Mistake. I just love seeing both You and Kal, let the produceser’s know that to stop the twist and to give us what we would like to see, Sammy Please help Rags with his divorce and show him how he can be HAPPY with Kal again ,Kal forget kalma and her fake God all she can think about is pookie pookie she is such a such fonnie $2.00 bill .

  11. i officially not watching this show on tv or online only reading updates

  12. Left EMA…n seriously speakin now I hate myself dat I watched dis stupid show for a long constantly. ….n DD u r absolutely r8…dis wod surely hpn ….widout drinkin rags is imagining paki as kalpi … one day he wil drink n wil imagin paki as kalpi n obviously…we knw wat wil hpn den…..n vn thing I couldn’t understand the lady in temple told kamla dat weddings r based on luv not on conditions. …n she knows ragna luv each odr….den how can rags n pakis wedding is r8……now if you urself r nt understanding n wil tease god 4 dis wat can god do den ?????? N PLZ writers don involve god in ur stupid creations……..which is actually not creation else its dumb. ….. bcz god only favours luv evn more dan wedding….jst lik radha n kishan ji…

  13. Stil if you r Hindu u must b knwin stil kishan ji is not married to radha but stil in every temple radha n kishan ji r being worshipped….not rukmini whoz actually kishan ji’s wife……so its unbelievable dat ganpati bappa wil favour a wedding rather dan luv ……….so writers stop dis nonsense. ….

  14. N sara n ahana paki is blin not wid eyes bt wid mind means brain……shez walking on a path shown by kamla…….n don thnk kamla luvs n cares for pakki….bcz as being a mother of 2 daughters u urself think a guy who left ur vn daughter on lagan mandap is wrong for her……obviously he is wrng ….bt same guy marry ur 2nd daughter for revenge. ….n u r pushing ur daughter in dat fake relationship. …wil u do dis to ur daughter ever?????so shez not fare to both her daughters okkkkk.. …she is mad n need a psychiatrist. ….

  15. Worst raghav cannot control if phone not ring. One day his phone will be switched of he celebrate his sr with pakhi by the time door bell rings it will be morning and he come to what happened and commit suicide. Raghav is not gentelman

  16. I official am not watching this any more really stupid.. it has to be raghav n kalpi to gather…. dam the show all rotten like others stretching with wrong persons n wrong relation and gets on dragging for generation…… chad yaar…..

  17. Hi mon,choco,anshu,girija ji, me too reading only WU and seeing parts i feel like later online… i can’t stand khi with Rags!! and man how they have butchered rags charcter!!!! hope rags take some firm decisions like a man now !! andyways am not watchin..


  18. gd morning every1 hi Ap hey mon where r u…..guyz v hv decided on twitter that v wl keep silence meanz nvr send any weet to ema or any other member of ema even rachna & ashish sir……no no v r nt Angry on ashish sir & rachna bt mounvrath is fr every1…..it fr 1 week….bt don’t much guyz wl kept pateince……jst hope it workss….m also tryng my bst bcoz m also bg fan of ashishsr rachna

    1. Gud m4ng chocopie

  19. I hav realised there are many better things than ema
    U knw wat foe me the most inconsistent character in ema is raghav
    He doesnt knw wat he wants yo do or wat he shud do..
    He is vry rash im taking decisions
    All the other charactera are consistent
    Pakhi…. dumb hai dumb hi rahegi
    Kalpi…….. strong , knws wat to do
    Kamla….. pta hai priorities kya hain aur usi ke peechhe rehti
    Paakhi ko zyaaa imp deti hai toh pehle paakhi ke baare mein hi sochti hai
    Vitthal…… agar kamla galat hai toh pehle gussa krta hai fir uski aakhon mein aansoon nhi dekh skta isliye fir baat maan jaata hai
    All in all now i dont like any character of ema except kalpana

    1. hi anshu u r right ……but i do not understand the character of pakhi kamla ignores her own daughter for her and always give her what she want an that thankless pakhi she knows that raghav luv kalpi and kalpi luv raghav both r in pain an than also she is only thinking about herself not even for kamla ma’s daughter…………..how mean she is ………………jabki ab kamla gives shelter to her parents ……………….tab bhi pakhi ko apni hi padi hai ………………………………what a dirty crap she is …..she deserves all the pain and neglegence

  20. how can raghav do that see paki as kalp…. makin matters worst …… that wil jus give stupid paki hopes

  21. Hello anshu ap girijaji choco
    Missing u frnds
    I m not watching ema like I use to watch just read written update when I m really missing raghna me YouTube par best scenc dekhleti hu

    I don’t have any word 4 comment

    1. Hi mon missed u a lot
      Mai bhi nhi dekh rahi
      Only written updates

    2. in tweeter they all stopped messages.full strike.now here also we can do that. stopped watching EMA -ZEETV. we dont watch ZEE TV thinking of cancelling those packages.since 3 months we are hitting our head,pulling our hair nothing happened.Better stop and we can meet Facebook ,tweeter. it is good to see you all there -interacting.DUMP EMA- it is going no where. day by day getting worst. they are showing RAGHNA Lollipop to us 2 or 3 scened that is all.watching PAKHI most disgusting ,our BP goes up. least interested other characters. best DUMP EMA & ZEE TV

  22. No comment on ema pakhi pd dumbo

    1. hi mon how u dont comment on ema but kabhi kabhi come to say us hello

  23. I haven’t commented in awhile BC I have no desire to watch this stupid show. Good people suffer and the bad are rewarded and I can’t stand kamla’s lectures!!! I don’t like the way the show is going- I just read the updates every few days. The fact that Raghav is seeing kalpi when paaki is around could only mean danger- accidentally he will sleep with her!!! Whatever!!!! Again, writers showing that true love doesn’t win or that kalpi will not only get a divorced man now but one with a kid too!! Did true love really win????
    Also when is this revenge starting?? The only ones suffering is ragna!! When will neetu and sahil suffer? Even paaki is not suffering!! And neetu doesn’t even know that gauri isn’t treating her well!! Dumb dumb dumb!!!!
    The only way the revenge would work is to put them in jail and ruin their reputation!! What kind of revenge is Raghav getting???

  24. correct description anshu…..hi mon happy to c u…..

  25. Yeah i m alys correct 😛

    1. hi chocopie mon dd ap anshu girjaji and all tu frns hey chocopie my twitter guru coulnt find you on twitter there are so many chocopie please help me i want to join all you on twitter if you wish…………………and about ema i have no hopes raghav kaise pakhi mai kalpi ko dekh sakta hai ab hume amajh jana hoga ki pd ko likhna nahi aata only she collect the story from here an there aur ema mai dal deti hai

      1. Aur chocopie ki id mein mai mil jaungi

    2. lol! Anshu :-):-):-)

      1. my face book accouunt name:girija Paramashivaiah. – Anshu

  26. hey ek….itz @chocopi85

  27. hehe! Anshu bt yes m agree with u….

    1. thax dear i will join u very soon

  28. frns there is nothing to watch in ema these days pd is only showing:-
    dumb and always weeping for nothing face of damla
    greed of pakhi for getting raghav ——bas mil jaye kaise bhi chahe sapna dekhte hue par miljai miljai miljai
    neetu playing games
    sahil and pakiya ———pata nahi ku rakha hai serial mai no role
    and last vithal baba———–joru ka gulam dont hav toungue to save kalpi and now also dont hav common sense jo neetu ne sikha diya maan liya bhul gya raghav ke father ke ahsaan …………………………………
    so mujhe lagta hai cvs dont know what they want to show

  29. Now I have started liking neetu as she wants to bring Ragna together

  30. Hello chocopai, girjajii, anhu, mon, ap, ek, net and other tu friends. i also dont want to watch this show but still that fever is in my blood i just want to see raghav kalpi scence and in everyt episod we have one doesnt mean its in dream.but i really really very sad and disapointed to think that one day raghav will do one big mistake in accidently and loose kalpi forever even though they will meet then still the love we all feel and scence will be wasteful no true love. not when i see previous love episod its looks empty from raghav side i dont know but still i am crazy to see them. yes guys u all are correct raghave did marriage to take revenge from kapoors and they are enjoying and neetu playing games and creating probelm for raghave and kalpi for her benefit as she doesnt care or her own baby pookhi she still thinking only for herself that is benificial for raghave and kalpi but see what neetu is doing still gauri and raghave think that pookhi is jariya to give them pain no way wakeup raghave and get ur persenality back roude intelligent predicatible and to jujge everything this war is for ur love now kapoors distroty ur parents family now urs also in role of poohi. she is so selfish girl she know raghav love kalpi and she can see and feel still she want to win his heart as she is wife of him. i just want rahave be stron and be a man pls pd purana raghave back kro revenge start karo paakhi ko paresaan karo now get and take a step for his love and mom raghave u have to be strong and take …dont give kapoors chance to distroy ur life again. paakhi is same as her mom and dad do nto predict her softhearted and good girl take her in onehand nd realize her she is nothin for him and he loves only kalpi.

    1. EMA -selling RAGHNA lollipop to viweres

  31. now u have to create story for ur love (kapi) and revenge (for ur parents) together for that u have to make plan so that ur love also be with u forever with bloosm brighness and god greace and painful or kapoors (all including paakhi) teach kamla how should be mother and paakhi to live in realityand forgive selfness try to give something instead to take. neetu take it by hook and crook and she is bad character but paakhi is doing same think but in good chaacter she is more dangers then neeu kapoor she has to pay for it i just want to slap her bahut saare b*t*h

  32. dont want to watch Cow faced Pakhi

    1. Seriously
      She is really irritating

      1. Hi anshu tell me ur id

    2. Her mouth looks like a dragon mouth so big raghav ko suit bhi karti

  33. Nat i totally agree with u if lies are seen at prevailing over love then the writers of the episode have made rubbish of it all,God as i know is not an author of confusion why shld they make even those that are not Indians watching feel when they pray to god he doesnt answer,if love is pain then God shld bring the smile on ragav and kalpis face we dont have to see things that are not true

  34. Ema writers celebrated their victory too early- now they have upset everyone. I find them to be rude. Mockery out of the poor and god.

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