Ek Mutthi Aasman 6th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 6th November 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 6th November 2013 Written Update

scene 1
Vitthal is sitting near Kamla he hopes that everythings get well and arranges the money from somewhere. Kalpi comes and says Vitthal that the nurse has sent this slip. Vitthal says its your test tomorrow, you should go to study.
Paki reaches the hospital too. she goes to kamla’s room and what has happened to you ? That’s why you didn’t come to meet me. She holds her hand and is crying. Kamla holds her hand back and she gets back from her unconsciousness. Vitthal is looking at this all from the room. He calls nurse. He goes in and says that we all love you, you should get.. Paki completes get well soon.
The nurse comes in and she asks is this her daughter ? She felt good in seeing her. Vitthal says yes she is her daughter. Pakiya comes in too. Kamla how are you son? She touches his face. Kamla asks paki how she came here ? Paki says i came here to see you. Kamla says but madam.. she says i don’t care.

Scene 2
Mummy ji is making all the things right in the house. She says how will we manage without kamla. sahil asks where is my file? Mummy ji says all i can see is dust. All the stuff is out here. He asks nettu where is his file ? Sahil asks bhoshan to make tea. Nettu says he is on leave i will make tea for you. When she goes in the kitchen she sees a lot of rotten thin gs there. Her new maid comes and says i am here. Nettu says make this kitchen right first. She says i will charge extra for today. I will charge 1500 just for today. She says that’s why no one works here in your house. She leaves in anger. Nettu is sitting in living room, so frustrated where will i get this maid from.
Kalpi enters their house. Mummy ji looks at her. Kalpi says to nettu that my mom is so ill she is in hospital. I need some money. Nettu says this is not donation house. Kalpi says i will return the money. Nettu says how will you ? Your dad doesn’t work and now your mom too. Kapi says please don’t say no my mom is in such a bad condition. Nettu is quiet for a while. Nettu says okay but i have one condition. She gives

Scene 3
There is hospital kamla asks did she bunk her school ? Paki says i came to meet you. You are the most important thing to me. Kamla says but nettu madam must be worried about you. paki says i just want you to get well soon.
Nettu comes back in the lounge, her tone is change now. She says i will give you money for treatment of your mom but for that you have to work here of a maid. its better to work then asking someone. Kalpi thinks that Kamla would never like it but she has no other option. She says okay madam i will work here but just make sure that ai doesn’t get to know that i am working here. Nettu says all right. Kalpi says that you should give the money directly in the hospital. Kalpi has started worked already. She is cleaning the kitchen first.
In hospital, paki is giving kamla soup. pakiya thinks that she loves ai a lot. Kamla says that paki you should go home because pakiya and vitthal have to go as well. Kamla says go pakiya take care of baba and kalpi.
Kalpi is washing the dishes now. And dusting the grills later. Nettu thinks that poki must returning from school now. She will start screaming again if she sees kalpi here. she asks kalpi to go back home. Kalpi says but money ? Nettu says you asked me to submit it in the hospital so i will now leave.

Scene 4
Kamla says how will we pay for this hospital? kalpi says everything will be all right Ai. Kalpi hugs her and remembers nettu saying her rudely that you better work for your mom instead of begging.

Precap- Vitthal says to the staff the he will give all their money. The doctor says we can’t wait anymore he orders the staff to get the room empty.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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