Ek Mutthi Aasman 6th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Mutthi Aasman 6th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
kalpi comes to the temple and says I don’t know whm have God decided there and had accepted the pooja. Whatever it is, I love Raghav.
Kamla enters the temple after completing the rounds. She says both are my daughters how can I take happiness from one and give it to other. I want Kalpi to mover on and do something with her life. I want her to be successful. If this is your decision too then I have no problem. What I was doing was right. You gave the same signal I have got my path. Thank you God. Kamla does the pooja afterwards. Kamla leaves.

Scene 2
Nettu is fighting with Sahil. She says if my mom knew hat this was going to happen to you she would never have got me married to you. Nettu is about to take the tea. Vitthal says I made it for kalpi. Kalpi comes in vitthal says will you go to market with me ? Kalpi says yes. Sahil says I have to go and find a job.

Scene 3
Kalpi calls Kamla. Kamla asks how are you ? She says I am good and tells about the 101 rounds. Vitthal takes the phone and says are you mad ? Why you got so tired ? Are you okay ? Kamla says yes I am fine. Vitthal says when will you be back ? Kamla says will reach by the evening I am the bus stop. She says bus is here I am coming. Vitthal says to kalpi she sounded s happy. I felt like she has got a new hope.
Kalpi prays to God and vows that she will live happily with her family this year.

Scene 4
Ragahv is in office. He feels like he sees kalpi at her seat. He goes out she is not there. He recalls Kalpi saying that their meeting will hurt pakhi and ai so much. If you love me then you should stay away from me for whole year. Sammy comes and says this is an important fle check it ? He finds Raghav in thoughts He asks what happened ? Raghav says sometimes I hope that I will make everything all right but then everything messes up. I can’t love anyone else but kalpi. She thinks we should stay away from each other.

Scene 5
Pakhi is in kitchen. She says I shuld make salad for Raghav before Gauri aunty comes. She will ruin my plan. Suddenly she hears Gauri saying where is my tea manda. She is coming towards the kitchen. Pakhi along with the lunch box hides behind the wall. Gauri enters and says no one is making tea. Pakhi runs out. Gauri feels like someone was there. She says what you want will never happen. Raghav will never be yours.

Pakhi goes to the office. Everyone congratulates her for the wedding. Ragahv comes ut and says why you came her. He takes her in the cabin. Raghav says I can have the lunch from cafeteria. Pakhi says you like home cooked food. Sammy comes in and says conference room is ready. Raghav leaves. Pakhi says this is my mistake is should have informed him.He has a meeting he must be busy. SHe says trying is all I can do. She sets his stuff in his cabin. She calls and orders some plates.

Scene 6
Kamla is on her way back to Mumbai in the bus. She looks peaceful and happy.

Precap- Raghav, Pakhi and kalpi are in the car. Kalpi is is on back seat. Its raining outside. Raghav sets the mirror to look at kalpi. The song tum hi ho plays in the back ground..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I think they should just end the show what impression are you sending to the youth out there no wonder the indians folk are giving up on these show a lot of people are poor you people are just wasting the youth time it simply mean that when you are poor you just have to give up on your hopes and desire what role are you letting shilpa act I never saw a mother that doesn’t want the best for her child or children you people are making fun of tradition you should just stop airing show like ema on tv and give show with meaning like. Jodha akbar

  2. Why cvs is straching this topic now they have to move on revenge part lagta hai 1year aise hi nikal jayega an we will beat our head bu seeing damla an pakhi face an their koshish of getting rahav ……………abe writers serial ko badao kya neetu yu hi mauj mai rahegi murder karne par bhi

  3. everthng is meaningless…..murders r free the most honest woman hv gvn them shelter……revenge is no where……tht happenz only at ragna marriage…..selfish paji is tryng to won raghav’s heart…..damla s usual is hurtng her own daughter…..poor ragna r helpless……bcoz their great moms cldn’t c their happiness……really story has gone to hell….

  4. avoid guyz don’t take EMA nw seriously…..chill & b happy…..gd nyt…..

  5. Thankx anshu

  6. Hi any1 up?

  7. Sammy should be the one to talk to Pakhi and make her realize that Raghav only wants to be with Kalpi. In the process of them helping Raghav and Kalpi they can fall in love. I think kamla acts the way she does is because Pakhi is her real daughter as well and she felt guilty for giving her up at birth so she is putting her happiness before Kalpi. Silly woman no mother would do what she is doing to Kalpi I think her husband needs to open his eyes on her and make her fix things

  8. i was so happy with Ema when raghav to fell in love with kalpana …they had given hopes to their fans about love…but that didn’t last for long…they split ragna, included idiot pakhi in a love triangle that no one cares for…dumbo kamla never changed always taking for pakhi…and now they trying to confuse people …first they made it look like god bless kalpi and raghav and now they make it look like kamla getting her wish for pakhi and raghav to be together….i haven’t watch this in a while but i follow the updates …i am one of the fans who are glad that there TRP have gone down….it is such a sad thing though ragna made a wonderful jodi….

  9. hello, mon, ek, net, anshu, girjaji, ash and other tu fans, guys kamla is doing her duity being a mother i think in this situation everyone think like that way we can feel kalpi and raghav love but no mother want that her daughter will be in pain her whole life as rahave already married thats why she wanted to move kalpi and forget him as raghave did lots of mistake and distroy all hope in previously to give lots of commitment. thats why kamla is not going to trust on him. i know she always think for paakhi fist but this tme she is thinking only for kalpna because she has faire that raghave will again destroy kalpi (hope and love) due to anothe circumstances and other. if u remember she told love is like to forget everything ut he slectd revenge so its showing there is no imporantce for love for him (but guys this is true) he can do anything withou marry with him. as we all knew that raghav see kalpi in paakhi as he did in thi episod and get close to her and she will ge pregranant then he cant do anything again helpless and we know he still loves kalpi but he did mistake again and again where is true love where is sacrifise’simportance. ganpati bapas assirwad where is…..i hope that pd will do any thing but will remain ture love purity adn brightness and god blessing withoug hurt to pure love. but no she is doing same thing what ekta kappors do in her serialy marry wih lots of girls and did mistake and then get back to 1st one and that 1st one always feel bad sad and her happiness comes to her in begging way. no way pd please think and do some creative not copy and follow to other u have o show your tanlet and will get inspiration from our fans who are rady to give u love but now you have to get that love and proof ur self that you are eligable for this love this is what you want. so do not destroy love prurityand do not get close to raghave and paakhi in any cost. now time to show that how raghav will take his revenge after loose his love and how kalpi will become successfullafter get all pain and her fight with her fate and how paakhi will realize that now this is the time to get out from her dreamland and realize it slowly slowly and kamla also realize what she always do unjustisewith kalpi and vithal realize he should takestrong stand toward kamla when she unfair wih her daughter. you have to stay back in name of the seral. but i dont think yo will listen anyone and do aain akta kappors woary copya and past notalent u have i think very sad

  10. when raghave soft toward pakhi and pakhi start think that he is again start to lover her i just wanted to slap her why is she doing this is she sas love love not like this payar to ho jata hai tum kisis ke payar ko le nahi sakta or na hi majboor kar sakte houn kisi ko tumshe payar karne ko and this stupid type of unnesary try when u kow that he loves someone else and she is close to her so called mom. kamla hamesh paakhi ke liye sochti hai and kalpi ko dukhi karte hai but see kamla paakhi asie selfish girl hai jo kabhi tere and tere parivar ke baare main nahi sochti sh knew that raghav love kalpi and kalpi love raghave where is she and kamla dukhi hai phir bhi wo raghave ko jitne maien lagi hai in coming monday pakhi is sitting into the care in fonth with of raghave and kalpi peeche and paakhi ralizing that raghave and kalpna love and feeling sad but still she is stupid and try to get her love. kamla sidoor dege vitoba ke assirwad ka pakkhi ko and kahege vithoba ne tum dono ko ek hone ka asirwad diya hai ab tum dono ek hou jaavoge………. vitoba baba pls show that un dono ko ek hone ka nahi 1 saal saath rahne ke liye haami bhari aapne after kalpi decision taaki jitna dukh and sacrifised ye couple sah chuka hai get happiness nd meet with pride raghave and kalpi …i want one day come when raghave slap to paakhi and say what she did and try after get to know everything and felt her guilt and kamine

  11. folks pls dnt watch on TV.. TRP has to fall if this Khi crap has to end!!

  12. oh my god!oh directors pls make our ragna couple to win.always true love have to win.dont make our kalpi to fail in her true love .all the viewers of this show just want back our ragna.do want rakhi.directors pls do something twist in this story to make our best n cute couple ragna to win at the end.always true love have to win.all the viewers of this show just want back our ragna.not rakhi.pls directors.pls pls pls.

  13. hi chocopie dd anshu ap girjaji mon an all tu frns just come to say hi to all busy schedule at work place an no hope from ema bye bye

  14. ya yaar! we all opened facebook account there we will discuss it .there will be no problem. i have my facebook accoount.

  15. yes guys i know there is no hope if in this way its going on and twist only give problem to us and our kalpi raghave now i am sure pd will do soething like pakhi get invovle be a part of raghave life by hook and by crook (as she get preganant) raghve will think its kalpi not paakhi and after that everything will be finish. i just want to know vitthal baba ka sindoor kiskko milta hai paakhi ko yaa kalpi ko kamla will give to pakhi thats sure but god is god no one can take his dicision kamla jo chahti the usne socha and get asirwad but vitthal baba ganpati baba ka faisle ko denie nahi karna chahiye. dambo paakhi knows everything that raghave loves kalpi and kalpi loves raghave still she is thinking and trying to get raghav love how stupid and selfish she is..in one interview se said she know we all fan do not like raghav pakhi marriage as we started loving to see kalpi and raghave but its not good to judge that raghav pakhi is not good. duffer pakhi kalpi is far better then you you live in ur imagination world which leading by kamla maa. but kalpi is soft hearted who really care kamla and her feeling and give respect for that she can do anything even sacrifise her love whome without it sher cannot live and you only thinking yourslef how we fan love you. u are the one who come in between raghav and kalpi becasue they love each other and u know still u r tryig to sneach raghav becasue he is married with you duffer think when ur love is not with you and you feel so much pain and trying but think about raghav and kalpi who loves each other and becasue of you they are feeling that much pain u r the big problem i hope you will get punishement by god and pd create that type of story. becaseu in real and reall life god faith is same and everygood hearted person get whatever they deserv and no one can distroy even though kamla who tell herself sh is very good she is and lady who just want to fulill her wish that is only for pakhi’s happiness andgiving pain to show that she is care for kalpi and pakhi is doing same hw fulish all of u god ke ghar maine kalpi ka parsad nahi le gayi bcasie sshe did notwant to give god indicaton for kalpi raghave arey god god hai tu mat leja but feeling is bold and they will give only their blessing to whom is right this is my fate on god and pd pls do not distory my faith on god otherwise you will be sad

  16. ganpati bapa moriya and vitthal bapa give ur all wishes to raghav kalpi forever. tis is my wish

  17. I think the blessing that get by god is to kalpi and raghav.and the sindoor is maybe give to kalpi by unknowingly.

  18. DD South Trini

    This is my first time on, kamal as a mother you say you believe in God you should not use God because God is a good God. Kamla is just as bad as the as Kapoors she should stop the praying and take care of her husband and rid of murders in her home call the police and join them, Please Leave Rgs And Kal Alone .They a big people, let them Be Happy Please let pookie take a high jump off the cliff not Rags. Rags please take care of Kal I can see the both of you are really lovers remember Kal show you about Caring for other people she soften you heart with Love she cook your first meal and you enjoy it. I don’t like pookie in my books she to ugly and pushie when it comes to you and Kal Rags this for you man when I look at both of your, face book man you guys got what it takes Love from straight from the Heart, Have a talk with your mom let her know from your heart that that 1yr is to long other wise you will loose Kal remember she got the smarts and her education to back her up don’t forget nutte paid off the teacher to get rid of Kal school papers and with your love and help that shows that you really cares for her,how quickly kamala forget the good things you have done .Hello Sammy the guru they really need your help Rags and Kal I just love seeing you three, this is bye not a good a Bye DD Trini DD South Please let that long face horse jump over the cliff Pookie HaHa,

  19. Im that if god said to let kalpi and raghav be together kamla would have been upset but i dont think god wants pakhi and raghav together ,kamla is thinking wat she wants to think -.-

      1. Im positive god didnt choose pakhi over kalpi

  20. I am Sorry I don’t have site

  21. EMA is disgusting disappointing full of CRAP
    Kamla is vicious Maa who even changes God as per her demands, She hear, speak & sees every thing ONLY FOR PAKHI, She is even making SCAPEGOAT OF PAVTRA RISHTA & SINDHOUR
    PAKHI has no shame or selfrespect her selfinfected love has no foundation ,She never matured she is in dream land playing with KEN & BARBIE SOOOO SUPID
    RAGHAV is also start behaving stupid & sick with optic illusion, He is HALLUCINATING & treat PAKHI AS KALPI soooo sickening…
    Sammy Pl. give a hard talk to your friend Raghav bring him to reality from illusion…
    Don’t mix up & confuse between Gracefull KALPANA AND cheap sick PAKHI, Don’t get sick & intoxicated & make Pakhi pregnant TAHAT will be low of lowest…..MENTAL HEALTH IS MORE IMPORTANT THEN PHYSICAL HEALTH….
    RAGHAV has be very carefull for next year if he really loves Kalpi. stop & don’t be soft to Pakhi so that she takes signals in her own favour. RESPECT THE SINDHOUR YOU PUT IN KALPANA FOREHEAD all the time….

  22. Ashish(Raghav) and Rachana(Kalpana) are great actors. Now that their talent has been brought to light they will succeed in any serial or movie and they do not need stay with EMA with a story line that has no basis, meaning or principle . All the viewers will follow any serial that has these two in it and it does not seem to be about EMA anymore. These 2 talents are an asset to Indian cinema. I am sure Tony & the writers thought it was a great idea and inspiration in EMA story line. Sorry to say it started out that way and not it is going down the drain hard and fast and with a disgrace. Kamala’s role is a shame to motherhood and Shilpa seems to think highly of her character. Just flaring the nostrils and tears in eyes does not make it a great acting. Kamalaa is like a child if one parent does not agree to what she wants, she is running to another. She could have told Vittoba god that I asked Ganapathi Bappa and he wants me to settle for Raghav and Kalpi so what do you think . Also with Vittoba God she only asked for the way she wants that is for Pakhi’s happiness & selfishness and for her to stay with Raghav and waited forever until the flower fell. All flowers on the statue will fall eventually ;-). She never said the other path that is for Kalpi and Raghav to stay together. The story has lost its edge, meaning and most of all interest of viewers.

  23. hello frndz…ek baat meri samj mei nhi aarahi hai cvs audiences ko kya samjti hai…….Firstly they hv shown us Bappa signals fr Ragna marriage u remember na in mahasungm whn damla wz in Temple shyl wz also there thn damla took kalpi’s & pakhi’s pic infornt of Bappa & Bappa signalz fr ragna marriage aftr means recently when raghav put sindoor on kalpi’s forehead & damla washd it hardly blood appeard in her forehead that wz also Bappa’s signal……nw they hv shown us Vithobba raghav aur pakhi ki taraf signal kr rahe hai……what is ths ya?? Honestly muje lagta hai cvs ko ek ache psychatr istic ki zarort hai….

  24. When Bappa blessed RAGNA it is not happened. Now Vitoba blessed RAKHI may be it will not happen. Because it is not God’s wish or blessings will happen in this serials only writers wish will work.


  25. competition b/w Bappa & Vittoba

    1. Hiiii all tu frnds
      Finally finally finally
      My exams are over
      Yeah i also felt this thing
      Bappa alys supported ragna and now vitthal baba will support ra…..khi
      Inhonme toh god ka clash krwa dia
      Matlab ek bhagwaan ke liye ek jodi aur dusre bhagwaan ke liye dusri
      I hate cvs of ema

  26. oh director pls make kalpi to get pregnant.then only ragna can be united.we really do want rakhi.we just want our ragna.pls directors.pls dont make our raghav to be affair with pakhi.

  27. Still voting lines opened , Raghan fans vote for Rachana & Raghav -Kalpi

  28. RACHANA wins the Popular Actoress with 50000 votes

  29. hi! RAGHNA fans! from today i stopped watching EMA.relaxed. no hopes.

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    Stupid Pakhi is fake & cheating & tricking Raghav ,She is pushing herself & has NO SELFRESPECT
    Raghv is under illusion & using Pakhi as KaIpi SICKENING
    How can an intelligent buisnessman can be so weak ,this is with out any drink….imagine if he is DRUNK….
    why does not Raghav moves out from BIG HOUSE to his AVANT GRAND con**mium .GOURI can stay in house & tortuer pakhi, their are servents to help GOURI..

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