Ek Mutthi Aasman 5th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
manda comes to kamla and says I wanna talk to you kamla tai. Look its been thirteen days I think we should do the funerals of kalpi. Kamla says stop it no one does the funerals of a person who is alive. My kalpi will come back. manda says when ? kamla says I don’t know. she says I am going to temple vitthal and leaves.

Scene 2
kalpi and her dad are on their way.
kalpi looks at the beggar. Suhana’s dad give her the money and she gives it to beggar. They are heading home. kalpi is looking out she says is there any temple near. He says yes. kalpi asks can we go ? He says of course we have to go to temple. he asks the driver to turn the car to temple.

Kamla is at temple she says I worked so hard still couldn’t find kalpi. You didn’t help me and now even vitthal believes she is not coming. They are praying like dead for my alive daughter. I will not take off my hand from this candle of yours. kalpi enters the temple. She is coming upstairs. kamla says You have bring my daughter back. You have to make me feel like kalpi is in this world. I wanna show them all that a mom can never be wrong. My daughter is alive. Kalpi comes upstairs. She touches the floor sacredly. She is standing right behind kamla. Kalpi comes forward, kamla takes her hand of the flame and looks at kalpi. kalpi looks at her too. After gazing at each other for a while they look away and pray with closed eyes. Kamal looks again at her. kamla says in heat I feel like I know this stranger. Like I have some relation with her. Kalpi says they all feel unknown to me but this woman feels like known to me. I wanna hug her. Suhana’s dad come in and prays. he says suhana if you are done can we go. Kamla says wait a minute. You should never leave the temple empty handed. Pandit ji is gone let me give you parshad. she gives them parshad. Kamla says your daughter is beautiful. He smiles. He says suhana I have brought some stuff to be distributed among poor people I want you to distribute in them. kamla says looking at this girl make me feel like my kalpi is alive. Kalpi syas please od give me my memory I wanna go to my people who loved me.

Scene 3
Dheraj is with the doctor. he says we will be in trouble if her memory come back. Doctor says give this medicine to suhana once or twice in a week. She will forget things. Over dose can be dangerous for her. He says thank you Mehta. Mehta says no one came to ask for her its better to be sanjay dewan’s daughter than to live an unknown life.

kamla greets pandit ji. he says I felt bad when I listened about kalpi. Don’t lose help she will be back. kamla says if there is anything to do for temple let me know. he says there is just work of donation. he gives her a thread and says bind this with that tree and pray for kalpi. Kamla binds and says bring my kalpi back. Kalpi comes and asks what are you doing aunty. Kamla says if we bind this thread to this tree our wishes come true. Kalpi asks can I do this as well? Kamla says yes and gives her the thread. She feels the warmth of kalpi when she touches her hand. kamla holds her hand to get her up. Kalpi binds the thread and comes back down. sanjay comes and asks for suhana. kamla says your dad is calling you. She smiles and says yes I should go. kamla says she reminds me of kalpi I don’t know why. Suhana is distributing among the poors. Sanjay gives one box to pandet ji. He gets a call from dheraj and says I want a good maid to take care of my daughter. pandit says God has listened to you. I know a woman who can be a good maid. he points at kamla and says she is the one. Sanjay says I met her. Kalpi comes with one box to kamla and says this is for you. Actually its the sweets for you as a gift. kamla says my kalpi likes sweets as well. Kalpi says I like sweets as well. She says eyah that’s why I came to give it to you. Don’t know if I will ever meet you again. Kamla says if God wants we will be meeting anytime soon. kamla says you look worried is there some problem ? Kalpi says I lost my memory in an accident. I am just confused I am trying to find my self. That’s all. Sanjay comes and says lets go suhana. Kalpi gives the box to her and says we will meet again if god wants now I have to go. Kamla gives her the parsad and says God will fulfill all your wishes. She is about to leave but looks at kamla, kamla smiles.

Precap-Kamla says to vitthal you left the work and oakiya has no job. Vithhal says I wanna work but I see kalpi’s face all the time. kamla says I carve for kalpi too but that doesn’t mean that I will be irresponsible. now I will handle this house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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