Ek Mutthi Aasman 4th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Mutthi Aasman 4th September 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 4th September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Nettu is smearing at Kamla that you are here because you wanna show me that look Nettu i am poor and have milk to feed my child. Sahil’s mom says you always get angry and keep hurting either yourself or others. Nettu says that is why God is punishing me i wanna sie.

Scene 2
Sahil says to the workers that business is just for the profit. What will i distribute among workers when i have no profit. This mill is just a loss so is on’t open it. This is the same reason Singhaniya sold it. Mithal says this mill is our livelihood. What you wanna say, you won’t open it? No, says Sahil.

Scene 3
Kamla says to Nettu stop crying madam i understand your pain. No you can’t, says Nettu. Nettu says she is being born in seventh month is she okay?

Kamla says yes she is fine. Nettu gives her some money. What is the need of it you sent so many things with Dharminder. I didn’t send anything, says Nettu being a little surprised. Oh maybe Sahil has sent those things. He is right i have no sense how to take care of the people. Nettu’s child is crying. Kamla asks, can i go to see your baby? Nettu nods.

Scene 3
There at the mill everybody is angry with Sahil. You have done what you could in these 10 months. You livelihood was attached to this place i will give you work. Mithal says thank you for your time. What do you want work or just mill?

Scene 4
Kamla goes to see Nettu’s daughter in the room. Nurse says have to go to bathroom. Kamla takes her and sits on the bed facing the wall. Nettu suddenly realizes that the baby has stopped crying she wonders why?

Scene 5
You must have got the money no? Singhaniya and me had a contract whilst signing this mill that he will pay you from the amount i paid for this mill. What ever i start here i will hire you all.

Scene 6
Nettu goes down to the baby’s room. She sees Kamla sitting there. What are you doing on the bed asks Nettu and sees her daughter in Kamla’s hands. Nettu is startled. How dare you? She shouts and grasps her daughter from Kamla. Who told you to feed my daughter. Have you forgotten your class. She was hungry, says Kamla. So what you will feed her you milk, milk of a servant. Milk is milk, says Kamla. Nettus scolds at her shut up and get out.

Scene 7
Scene 7
Nettu’s child starts srying again. Sahil’s mom asks her what is wrong with you. Try feeding her with a dropper. Why don’t you, says nettu. The nurse comes and says i won’t work here anymore and leaves. The servant brings Nettu the milk she scolds at him too. Nettu is so frustrated looking at her baby crying over and over again. Nettu remembers Kamla feeding her milk to baby. Nettu starts running in the corridor looking here and there for Kamla. When she gets on ground floor she asks watch man if he has seen kamla ? He says yes. She says go and stop him please.

Scene 8
Mithal is home looking for Kamla eveywhere.

Scene 9
The watchman stops Kamla on the road and tells her that Nettu is waiting for her. When Kamla’ comes Nettu says you are taking revenge of what ? I can’t move out of the room and you pulled me out of the house now. Just few harsh words hurt you. Lets go now.

Scene 10
Mithal asks Kanta tai if she has seen Kamla. She says no. A lady says that no worries you have sent your wife to Sahil’s house again.

Scene 11
Nettu locks the door and says i apologize you again Kamla. Don’t tell this to anyone. Not even Sahil. I will pay you 1000 more to feed my daughter but don’t tell anyone. I don’t sell my milk, says Kamla.

Precap=The manipulating lady says i know where has your wife gone. Look she is coming from your back.

Update Credit to:Atiba

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