Ek Mutthi Aasman 4th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 4th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 4th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Kalpi is outside Raghav’s cabin and then she goes to her place. They are both is thoughts and the song ‘tum hi hi’ plays. Raghav says I can’t do this anymore. Sammy stops him and says why are you spoiling in the end ? Have a coffee and relax. We have a lot of work today. Raghav says tell me how many meetings do we have for today. Sammy says to a lady employee that I am mailing you a letter for the people who will receive their first pay. Draft it. Raghav asks what are you doing ? He says working on my plan. They both look at Kalpana. Raghav stares at her, Sammy says focus on work our plan will work out. Kalpi says what should I do now ? i said him that I will leave if I don’t get the promotion. I forget it but he never did. Does he really want me to resign. Why

did he say that he loves me and now stepping backwards when I want him. What should I do now ? Pakhi comes and sees Kalpi is thoughts.

Scene 2
Kamla is puting pickle in a bowl. Instead of it Kamla is dropping in on the floor. Vitthal asks where is your mind ? Manda is there too she says pickle had to be wasted Vitthal. I have an advice for you leave your job because you handle the house much better than Kamla. Vitthal laughs and says you really enjoy stalking others ? I have another advice for you why don’t you join CID. MAnda leaves. Kamla says why you do that to her? Kamla says I am worried about Kalpi. SHe is doing weird things these days she is not focused. Vitthal says there is no such thing she would have shared it with me.

Scene 3
Pakhi sits in front of Kalpi and says hello but she is not listening. Pakhi says what are you thinking ? Kalpi says nothing. Pakhi says I have a friend who is not focused like you all the time she loves someone but she is not sure whether the guy loves her or not. Kalpi says yeah men are like that they never say anything clearly. Pakhi stares at her with judgy eyes. Kalpi says I mean thats what I have heard from everyone. Pakhi says and what does your heart says ? Kalpi says what can I say. Pakhi says you never loved someone ? Kalpi looks back at Raghav and then says stop it Pakhi whom can it be. Pakhi says but I have someone, then she says I mean I also know very little about men. Kalpi says let me work please.
Raghav comes out of cabin pretending like he is talking on a call. Kalpi gazes at him. She is about to stop him but he leaves. She wonders what can she do. Should she tell him that she doesn’t wanna leave. She says thank God I didn’t tell Ai about him. I never got him.

scene 4
Kamla gets a call from Pakhi. SHe says I have talked to Kalpi. She told me that she loves someone and said don’t tell it to you. Kamla is shocked. Pakhi laughs and says there is no such thing she is boring as always.
Kalpi goes to cafeteria for coffee. She recalls Raghav saying accept my love or reject it and then the way he colored her. She recalls what Raghav said to her earlier this day. The coffee is full and her hand go burnt. Raghav comes and says where is your concentration. Stupid girl. He holds her hand and cleans the coffee. Raghav thinks I never want you to leave me. Kalpi says in her heart why did you ask me to leave. He says why didn’t you get angry at me and said you wanna stay with me forever. Kalpi says I am angry I never wanna leave you, I want to be with you always. Sammy comes there and says Raghav someone is here to meet you lets go. Raghav leaves the handkerchief on her hand and leaves. Kalpi says he didn’t even say a word why should I says something when he is no concerned about me. I don’t wanna leave anyway .

Scene 5
Vitthal says to Kalpi look I told you kalpi will never conceal anything. I know her so well. Kamla says you were right. I know you know her better. Forget it.
A van comes and two men come out of it. They pull out a carpet and start moving upstairs. Kamla asks who are you ? They says we had to deliver this stuff. Vitthal says we didn’t order anything. Why are you coming in when we didn’t order it. They show the receipt and its Kamla’s name on it. They says maybe they wrote wrong house number. Kamla and Vitthal go downstairs and ask differnt people if they have ordered something. THe two men go in and make gauri unconscious. They bind her in the carpet and start leaving. Vitthal stops them and they say it was wrong chowl no. Kamla and Vittha go inside the house and get scared by not finding gauri there. Kamla says have they kidnapped her ? They are so worried. Vitthal runs after them but they have left.

PRECAP- The kidnappers arrive at a place with gauri and Nettu and SAhil come there too. Suddenly police arrives as well and Sahil is scared.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. whole day i was curiouly waiting for today’s epi but it sucks

  2. cvs are running this track very slowly and again turns on gauri’s side

    1. Today’s epi dispoint me
      Can’t wait 4 next week what will happen

  3. All of you interestedin watching EMA next week,they will drag into another 4 months

  4. I swear,…. even though sammy’s idea sucks… i wish it works just so that we will have raghav and Kal together madly in love with each other…. i hope he does not try this in his real life… uski tho band baj jayegi

  5. Although sadly it is looking like they are leaning towards making this another stupid love triangle by the way
    Pakhi is talking to Kalpi and other similar scenes.

  6. Guys don wry vl get ragna romance next week as per the new spoiler!!btw todays episode was perfect fr Friday and I loved it<3i taut sammys idea might backfire but thank god its wrking a bit as kalpi s on the track of confession…check India forums guys ul find more info there!!

    1. what is the new spoiler ?? pls put details here pls

      1. Zee TV’s Ek Mutthi Aasman recently saw Neetu come face to face with Gouri. However the former does not know that the latter has lost her memory and can’t recall anything related to the past.

        According to reliable sources, the upcoming episodes will see Gouri being kidnapped by some goon. With Neetu and Sahil plotting to get Gouri out of their way we are not surprised that they resorted to such means.

        So do they succeed?

        No! Sources also reveal that Kamla (Shilpa Shirodhkar) will save Gouri just on time and will eventually take her to the chawl.

        For all the Raghav (Ashish Choudhary) and Kalpana (Rachna Parulkar) fans out there, stay tuned for some really beautiful romantic sequences in the show with the upcoming episodes.
        dis s exactly wat v got in tat article!!

    2. alfiya do u hav d link of d details?

      1. waitng for that happen soon! how she looks so beautiful with her expressive eyes!!!!! Rachana you are so beautiful.and your eyes speaks and Ashish – i dont want to say much about you and you are always our favourate since the days we used to watch -hum pardesi hoghaye- a decade ago.

  7. today i like jst one thing that is at least ek RagNa scene toh dekhne ko mila Raghav has so cutely caresses her hand BG music(tum hi ho) makes it so romantic….. Just luv this scene overall epi was as usual in average

  8. hope so this article will come true

  9. There needs to be more of Raghav and Kalpi and Sammy needs to stop getting involved

  10. I think so kalpi is kapoor’s daughter and paki us jadav’s
    If u guys remember there is 1 epi neetu by mistake uski baby girl kamla ko deti hai after that I haven’t watch ema , if anybody have idea about exchange baby’s??

    1. she returned the baby next day when they came to know – while naming ceremony was going through- neetu came to know and also kamala returned the neetu’s baby n named her Pakhi.

  11. Plz give some past episode update

    1. I think u r confused y kamla is so close to pakhi
      Actually when pakhi was born on the same day kalpibwas also born. Neetu was nt able to feed her so sahil brought pakhi to kamla and plead her to feed pakhi & as we all knw how gud person kamla is, so she then accepts pakhi as her own daughter and feed like her kapli.. she used to feed bith kalpi and pakhi but sumtimes she gave more imp to paakhi than kalpi becoz neetu was a neglected mother & srlfish person… so dats y whenever paakhi needs her mother she alys found kamla wid her not neetu so she started calling kamla as her mother… kamla is not bad mother sumtimes it happens that overgood people take their own people for granted and care more 4 others….. this hapoens to kamla to give her mother love she forgot that kalpi also needs the same love and attention which she nvr got

  12. sammy’s plqn is wrkin…. Kalpi doesnt want to leave rags…. I dont know how will she say this bt she shud say this

  13. Can’t wait for ragna scene….

  14. No, Mon thy exchangef d baby nxt day wen kamla reachd hom she realiz she had brought neetu’s daughter by mistak n nxt day it waz name ceremony n she goes n chang babies….so kalpi is kamla bai daughter

    1. thanx for clear this…….

  15. Hop so yaar really misin ragna scenes hop so nxt week romance wil b der….n hop so kalpi wod shoutly say to rags I don wanna leave u ….realy hoppin so..plz end this silence writers….odrwise serial is gettin boring…..

  16. U ppl shud visit india forum fr latest news,pics,updates,spoilers on ema where v actively post..nd sry fr adver tat here:Factually tellyipdates ly has update fr serials not discussion threads!!

    1. Agree that a lot of action happen in India forum and though I did register there.i come back here coz this small group in tellyupdates have a charm and simplicity of its own… Let. Me just say i just got used to Girija,chocopie,trini,mon,aman,anshu.. I like hearing from them

      1. Thank you AP!

      2. same here
        i also like commenting here

      3. me too………..

  17. Thank u priyanka
    Baby exchange aftern i stop watching ema, and mene 3 week se raghna ke liye ema suru kiyt, me too can’t wait for next week ,love to see raghna 2gether
    Good night

  18. pakhi only good for kapoor’s

  19. Hahhhaa
    46hrs to go

    1. Seriously i m also waiting 4 the epi

      1. Jusg watching old epi
        Good ones like that of party & on raghav and kalpi scenes

  20. Guys feels bad break the bubble but I have no hopes atleast about monday… The cvs have made us bakras more than once. But I really hope they come together without delay and also Sammy apologize to kal for making rags do all this ignoring funda

  21. Girija – what do you think… i feel the ignoring game has gone too far and though i hate it.. i want it to succeed so that Raghav and Kalpi become a couple two ways officially.. we know both loves each other but the confession is pending… Monday is going to be horrible so am planning to skip that … but how long will they delay the confession and also will this stupid plan split them :(.. i am not able to guess what next !!!

  22. Now better sammy helps Kalpana to come out of her shell -telling her to go and talk to Raghav about her feeling before it is too late – that big nose Pakhi comes in between them mistook Raghav’s caring a-It is time for Samm to be a peacemaker instead of advising Raghav – if really care about Raghav and kalpana be togethe he is the person to do . if not so Then again it will go the way all other serial goes.then I will stop watching this serial altogether.

  23. Ya AP…. I also want that happen atleast tommorow neglecting is too much.If i were in Kalpana position i stopped eating till i faint infront of him.may be kalpana better do that.so ice will broken in between them.hope for best.atleast this week..this serial is distrubing me too much.i dont care much about any serials but this one gave me sleepless nights as if they are my own..sammy is always interfering he even doesnot allow them to talk .then how it is possible that kalpana will express her love for Raghav. this is too much.

    1. Seriously Girija even I have not cared much for any serials till date…have never got into any forum or discussion on any serials…i have no clue what has hooked me into this !!! Now day in and out I think about this

  24. hope this silence will break tommorow and kalpi will confess her feelings

    1. If kalpi confess by coming friday atleast .. it would be great sigh!!!!! tomorrow is going to be dud !!! i know ….so plan to get late from office … if i am home .. i end up watching it and the disappointment is big!!!

  25. Keep hope friends and cross your finger ,that’s only we can do
    C u tomorrow

  26. yaa……..bcoz v hv no other option

  27. I can’t stay away from your comment my friend’s and raghna
    Miss raghna

  28. i jst hope confession will be tommorow…..it is too late to wait for more days

  29. iam sssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooo haapy to see them together!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Am stuck in office… what happened today ?? Should I stay awake till 11:30 to watch ??

  31. pls pls pls … what has happened??

  32. lol…….i also miss today’s epi

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