Ek Mutthi Aasman 30th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 30th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 30th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Kalpi comes with holding Raghav’s hand to introduce him to Gauri. Netttu sees them and gets worried. She wonders how can she stop him. She goes near Gauri and gets a waiter tripped over her. All the juices slip on GAuri. Nettu says oh these stupid waiters, you can go and wash. Gauri goes towards washroom and says they have no training. Suddenly she sees Sahil in a mirror. She is shocked. She turns to him and syas oh my God he will kill me. Suddenly she starts crying and shouting. She runs out.
Kalpi and Raghav look for her, Raghav says relax we’ll find her. Now we have to meet in order to build the relationship.
Gauri goes in a room and hides behind the furniture she says he’ll kill me call the police.
Sammy comes and asks Raghav and Kalpi is the

wait over ? He gives the cake to Raghva. He gives the cake and flowers to Kalpi. Raghav says this is your favorite cake. Kalpo asks how do you know about my choice ? Raghav sasy when you like smeone you have to figure out thheir likes and dislikes. There in the room Gauri is screaming with fear. Kamla asks her who will kill you ? Gauri says the same man i saw on Tv. Nettu thinks I asked Sahil to leave why is he still here.
Raghav asks the waiter is the cake ready ? Kalpi says what does it mean ? he says just like you show face in wedding here is a ritual of showing cake.
Kamla says i think she should go home. Nettu says i will call my driver and ask him to take him to my place. Vitthal says why would she go to your place ? Nettu says try to understand my place is near she’ll feel better there. Kamla says i will go with her. Gauri says its a big day for Kalpi you should stay with her. I will go with Pakiya.
Sahil says to Nettu thank God I am save. You are such an intelligent woman you saved me. If you were not here Raghav would have met his mom. And its good that you sent her to our place. She should not go back. Nettu says yeag I know how to handle Kamla.

Scene 2
Raghav is holding Kalpi’s hand. She says please leave my hand someone will see. kalpi says Ai baba. He leaves her hand suddenly. He looks back they are nowhere. she laughs and says you are scared of them so much. he holds again and says I am not gonna leave it anyway now. Kamla and Vithal actually come. Kalpi says they are here. Raghav says wont leave this time. Kalpi says i am not joking. Suddenly Kamla and Vitthal come and Raghav leaves her hand. Kalpi asks where is tai ? Kamla says she wasn’t feeling well so Pakiya has gone to take her home. Kalpi says I wanted Raghav to meet him. Raghav says i will meet her some other time.

Scene 3
Nettu says to sahil how is your son in law ? He is my choice as well. Sahil says I accept your wit and choice today. Why Vitthal and kamla are being around him so much ? Nettu says he is kalpi’s boos so they are trying to flatter him. Kalpi likes sammy. Its better that she chose a guy of her standard. now tell me how can we start talks about poki and Raghav’s marriage. Sahil says its upto you.
kamla says to Raghav we are so happy that kalpi has got such a good life partner. Raghav says did kalpi tell you everything ? Kamla says she tried to conceal but we are her parents. Vitthal says she caught her.
Kalpi is going with the flowers. Sammy stops her. She says please let me go. he says I wonder what should I call you kalpana or bhabhi ?
Kamla says to Raghav i wanted to ask you something ? How is sammy as a guy ? is his job permanant. Raghav says he is my best friend and his future in company is so bright. Kamla asks what is his pay ? Raghav says he earns in lacs. Vitthal asks who is in his house ? Raghav wonders why are they asking about sammy so much ? Pakhi comes and takes Kamla with her.
Sammy comes there and sits. Vitthal says we will like you a lot.
Pakhi says Kamla maa look at me. kamla says wow you gotten so weak. she says no I wanna show you that I have grown up. Talk about my marriage with Raghav. Kamla says no this will hurt nettu. Its you mom’s decision. Pakhi says you are my mom. Kamla asks is Raghav ready ? Pakhi says you have to figure that out ? Kamla says okay i will talk to him.

Scene 4
Vitthal says its awkward for men to talk about wedding and all. Sammy says but the family has to figure out about the guy. Vitthal says you have no idea how hard it is to gove hand of a daughter in some other man’s hand. Sammy says lets have some drink. Vitthal says no Kamla doesn’t like it. Sammy says look Raghav uncle is giving a tip. Sammy takes him with him forcefully.
Raghav is alone. Kalpi comes and asks where has sammy gone with baba ? he says he is trying to flatter him. Raghav holds kalpi’s hand. Kalpi says Ai is coming. he says let her. I will talk to her. She comes and Raghav says kamla maa I wanna talk to you. Kamla says I wanna talk to you too. Raghav says yeah go ahead. Kamla says no you start first. Kamla says I guess we both wanna talk about the same thing about the relationship. he says its weird to say it myself but what can I do I have no elders. I guess you know everything already. Kamla says I am a mom I know. Raghav asks are you ready for my proposal ? Kamla says i wanted to asks you the same. Raghav says of course thats why i talked about it. Kamla asks so do you like my daughter ? Ragahvs says yes a lot. Both kalpi and poki smile. Raghav says believe me Kamla maa I am never able to say what i fee like. You are mom you can see in my eyes you will find the answer that I love your daughter a lot. I have always respected you. I never said tahnks to you but your place will always be the same. Life filled in me all that bitterness. Since your daughter came in my life she told me that what life is. I can’t say anything more. I can just promise you that i will love her more than anything. Kamla says i will cry with happiness. I just pray that you get a lot of happiness. I am so happy today. All of my dreams have fulfilled. My daughter is first in university. Kalpi got a nice guy and you got your happiness. Pakhi says why is tear in your eye. Kamla says let me look for Vitthal and tell him.

Precap-kalpi says to raghav I wanna say something. This is what I couldn’t say by now. I love you Raghav. Everyone is shocked. Kamla grasps her hand and takes her away..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. hi!chocopie! your words console as you are convincing me like my daughter.

  2. how sweet girija thank u so much….can u tell about urself if u don’t mind….

    1. iam living in bangalore with my husband ,both worked in HMT.my real name as – girija paramashivaiah.my mother tongue is tamil. but i never watched any serials in that language as it is also dominated by EKTA.i have one daughter.

      1. thank u girija……

  3. hi! iam 68 *yrs old and my husband is 72. recently he had open heart surgery.as we both are living alone as our daughter away in europe. we are not interested to watch any Tv programme. that too ZEE TV–never. boring Ekta years together serial.our fate -we started watching EMA -we addicted to this – as wecan say- RAGHAV n KALPANA. now we are repenting why we started watching EMA at all.we thought it is different from other serials. as me being a mother n grandmother to 2 beautiful kids -i feel kalpana like is my own daughter.one more thing – Rachana resembles my daughterespecially her eyes-why poor can not come up in life? kamala is not only dump ,dabba .

  4. I am from bangalore married living with my husband.only one daughter.basically from tamil nadu and married to kannadiga. we speak kannada at home . i was working but not now. i like travelling , reading books, like supernatural,

  5. hi mayaji…..it is nice to c u here……

  6. iam happy to see you – all young lot . may be i am the oldest of all.but feelings are same as whether old or young. what is right is right.

  7. u r 100% right every1 has same emotions feelings whether sm1 is young or old rich or poor black or white every1 has same & equal emotion….

  8. hai mayaji it is good to see that you also feel like as we all does

  9. can not see them separated , my husband just recovering from open heart surgery is depressed after watching the EMA goes.but helpless.i told my daughter to watch EMA online but she told she have no time now as she is handling 2 kids. better if she dont watch it online. i dont want her to depressed after watching EMA.if all goes well according to our wished then i will ask her to watch online.

    1. Hello mayaji
      I m 1 of the youngest here
      But still we hav same feeling 4 ragna

      1. we are good human being first -whether old or young it doesnot matter.we should respect others feelings and love for eachother.that is humanity.love is eternal. it dont see age,caste,colour,region etc.it happens. we are different part of india and from other country but we feel the same way even we dont know eachother well .one bond between us -RAGNA – so we are all here.

  10. Girls now i want to leave yhis programme becoz it is affecting me too much
    But woh bhi nhi ho paayega becoz now i like commenting with all u people………i m addicted to chat here..
    The song for my situation
    Mai kya karu mai kya karu
    Iss dil ka kya karu

  11. Hi chocopie
    I m wid u…
    Totally agreed if story continued like precap then more chances are of ragna wedding
    Girija i dont think that dey (sahil & neetu ) can blackmail kalpi by taking gauri’s advtage becoz we all hav seen kalpi vry maturely handles difficult situations…. if we talk of alibagh project or at foreat night when there wer leechhes on raghav’s back or even when raghav didnt come to meet her parents she showed her trust on him
    So lets see wat will happen but i dont want to se wat will happen
    Waise guys hav noticed there is no aman’s comment nowadays….

  12. Can any1 watch this video & tell me wat is in it

  13. somebody pls tell me if there is any new of repeating telecast of ema

  14. sorry its news not new

    1. Its just that they might showing up repeat telecast by this friday
      But no confirmed news

  15. there is facebook page-Ek mutthi Aasman- Raghav and kalpi.you can also post your views there. but this forum become a bonding with each other even if we dont know much about each other. this is the beauty of this forum. if RAGNA marriage happens we will be here.otherwise we all go away from this forum.who want watch EMA if RAGNA is not united in marriage.

  16. you can also check out -Ashish choudhry -twitter and facebook page and also Rachana Parulkar face book page

  17. I hav an idea if ragna marriage does not happen or raghav paakhi marriage happen we all will follow some other show but a common show….
    Wat say???????
    😉 😉 😛 😛

  18. m addicted to guyz plz don’t go……Anshu AP Mon girija m closely attached to u…luv to chat with all of u…. Plz plz don’t go……

    1. U all r the only reason y i m still watching the show
      Othervise i wud hav left it long time back
      Chocopie m alwo addicted of chatting wid u guys

      1. Yes girja anshu we all stay here with all ragna fans but i think all these comments on common topic made this forum interesred and it is look like that we all knew eachother from long time

    2. Hey choco i come here everyday for you guys… 🙂

  19. He’ll ragna fans…just want to add…is Kamla n paaki cross eyed, can they not see that Rag looks @ Kalpi when he talks…Ragna confusion is driving me insane…but as kamala said in other episode…Alls well that ends well….might be the only positive thing she said…so lets hope writers see if Ragna does not goes well then they will loose a lot of viewers….like Qubool Hai….what are the writers thinking…20yrs later…just end the show.

  20. kamla pakhi r dambo blind…hw cld they c….

  21. what the hell promo is this….
    why kamla is NOT WITH HER OWN DAUGHTER ohgod… HATE KAMLA AND PAKHI so much hope ragna get married

  22. Hi
    Chocopie ,anshu and other raghna frnds,I m up its 5:37 am, I went to bed about 1:am can’t sleep anymore
    Just worry and nerves what will happen
    Me too I m addicted to u all my raghna frnds , plz don’t leave this website warna I will miss all off u
    How much I love raghna same way can’t wait to chat with u girls
    My name is Monica

  23. Aur me usa Indiana se hu,I don’t work
    I don’t work full time mom and housewife

  24. Full time house wife and full time mom hu

  25. No mon noone is leaving the page
    Plz sleep well dont waste ur brain on this tension
    It doesnt worth this much
    This is an indian daily soap jahan gande & illogical twist & turns aqte hain
    Dont tqke stress
    This tym it is not joke but an advise

  26. Frnds i was watching sslk (sapne suhaane ladakpan ke)..
    There shail wasntelling a boy who is stalking her duaghter that a mother can do anything 4 theirchildren.. she is really a gud mother as she treats all her xhildren equally whther hunjan who is her sis daughter & now she has adopted her, rachana & pihu who r her real daughters..
    I wish she come & shud give a nyc lecture to kamla to treat her children equally…& also gunjan is also cuming in the show so i dont think any injustice wud happen…
    Lets see wat happens
    This is specially 4 u mon so that u dont get tension

  27. ye mon sleep wel anshu is right indian daily soaps mein koi b shaadi twist & turns k begair nahi hosakti agr ragna ki shaadi mein koi twist nahi ayega toh Indian daily soaps ka itihaas badal jaye ga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Thank u frnds
    After 5:37 mene try kiya sone ke but long time ke bad so gai ,just wokeup
    Gym time now it’s 7:07 am
    C u soon
    Miss u girls

  29. I am also depress & Kamla is putting MOTHERHOOD which is highest relation is puttig
    in danger,We all got addicted to EMA & now writers are playing with our emotions.
    We all young or old have same feelings for Kalpana & Raghav whohas strong bonding.
    Stupid Pakhi is causing is nothig but trouble,She is also the reason of emotionl blackmail of DUMBO Kamala, Who does not understand her own Daughter,for the sake of spoiled stupid Pakhi, Kalpana reminds me very genuine classic example.May be somebody will remember NUTAN indian actress, & Andrey hepburn English actress.
    I really love her acting ,she saya a lot with her expressions , eye & smile.
    Pl. writer don’t make her cry,That breaks our heart. Iam sure Zee Tv & writer wants
    loyal happy audiance, I only wish Raghav Stands up as Man & take care of KALPANA
    Who deserves the BEST Of BEST,because her MOM. will listen to somebdy else daughter & Veethl her DAD will not stand up for her & will do what Kamla says./
    I know Veethal does love Kalpana But some time in life U need More then LOVe IS Positive support & action from your father, I just wish today writers change the precap to better one otherwise we all will have a BAD WK/end.
    Pl.Pakya Take Gauri toChowl NOT at Neetu’s place where she will get hurt By Kapoors

    1. Sneh,

      exactly what I thought she reminds me of Nutan and also shades of Jaya Bhaduri, her eyes

      1. Madhubala- such a classic beauty with beautiful eyes ,smile Rachana reminds this classic beauties

    2. Andrey hepburn English actress.

  30. Ok bye my Ragna friends. I am stopping watching this serial it’s getting dumber and dumber

  31. more comfushion today. precap- sammy bring his parents to kalpana’s home

  32. kamala maa in this serial showing her character like jagat maa jo saba bhala karti hai par apne beti ko hu nahi samajhti. i cant understand a women who think everyone and showing good heart but not able to feel what her daughter want and what going on her eyes and heart. he easily understood whats going on in paakhi heat but not kalpana. U know guys she gave her mile to paakhi and give other milk by bottel to kapli how stupid she is but still kalpi saying she is her garur and want to do anything for her. kab kab kamla ye samjhege ke wo galat hai neetu jo ussebaar baar ullu bana rahe hai phir bhi uski baat maangi hai sab jaaneke baad. i think raghave will start to hate kamla and will say u are one other person jisne mere apne ko mujhse door kar diya nd she is only one jiski vajah se gauri ko intna jhelna pad raha hai she is not ready to listen anyone how dumbo, bevkoof lady how cheep

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