Ek Mutthi Aasman 2nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
kamla comes to the hospital and asks sister she wants to meet Mehta. sister says she has gone out. he must be coming. kamla waits for him.
Mehta comes in and sees kamla. he says she must be here to ask me questions. Kamla sees him too and follows him. Mehta sits in his car. Kamla stands in front of his car. Mehta says what is it ? Kamla says I wanna talk to you. Mehta says u have an emergency. kamla says you have to talk to me.
Kamla says tell me why you want to hurt suhana ? Who is with you in all this. Mehta says I am saying truth I don’t know anything. Kamla says why are you not looking in my eyes then ? why your conscience is not with you ? Tell me who wants to harm suhana in that house ? Doctors save lives. You have kids too. what if someone does the same to your kids. Please tell me who is behind all this ? There must be someone in that house. Someone who doesn’t want suhana to live. I beg you tell me. Mehta says I beg you please leave me alone I know nothing about all this. I never wanted to harm suhana or anyone. kamla says your eyes are saying that are lying. what is the secret tell me. I can’t belive that you’re a doctor and you are doing this for money. Mehta says I am not doing this for money and I have given all the money I have got in charity. kamla says why you wanna do this to suhana then ? Mehta says I am not harming suhana I wanted her to come back. kamla is arguing with him, suddenly a car comes from back. Mehta shoves kamla and the car hits him. he is on the road and bleeding. kamla says don’t lose hope I am getting some help. he writes on the road with his blood kalpana is suhana. kamla says I am uneducated I can’t read. The blood flows with the rain water.

kamla takes him to the hospital. Mehnta is going throw the treatment. kamla is worried and waiting outside. kamla says what kind of justice is that. Mehta wanted to tell me the truth. I want to know who is harming suhana in that house. what will I do now. how will I figure out. You have never disappointed me. I know my kalpi is alive and she is well. Don’t test me this much. Vitthal comes there. kamla tells him everything. kamla tells him.
Doctor comes out and tells her that Mehta is dead.

Vittahal says I am with you in this fight. we won’t let anyone harm suhana. I have seen kalpi in her. Vitthal says now you are working in dewan house. you have to be careful.

Scene 2
Dheraj says to aman Mehta had to die because of your mistake. aman says I saved us. I saw kamla going to hospital and called you. dheraj says he was a sentimental kind of man. I knew he would say all this to kamla bai. You did right he had to die.

Aryan comes to suhana. Suhana says what ? is there anything important ? He says no just wanted to say good morning. Its raining. There is too much water outside and autos are on strike. suhana says so you wanna go somewhere ? he says no I am talking about massi ma. how will she come ? suhan syas I will pick her up. Aryan says no I will. suhana says she is my massi maa first. So I will come with you too. Aryan says in heart thank God I will spend some time with her this way.

on the way suhana says lets surprise her. Aryan says yeah we will go directly to her doorstep. Suhana says you have become intelligent.
on the way they see kamla coming. some thugs come on a bike and snatch her purse. Aryan hits the thugs. kamla says whats the need of that ? Aryan runs to her and asks are you okay massi ma ? kamla says take Aryan to doctor. Arayn says will drop you and will go after that.

Sanjay tell dheraj that suhana wants to join the office. dheraj says that’s a good thing. dheraj says ask Aryan when is he going from here ? dheraj ays I will.

Aryan scares seeing the injection. he turns on suhana’s side. he says I am having the pain because I have a bruise why are you crying ? suhana says nothing. I a going out. he smiles.

Vitthal calls kamla. He says I met the cop today he told me that Mehta knew something about kalpi. You were right our kalpi is alive and Mehta wanted to tell us. kamla says for the first time you’ve believed in this. I know we will find kalpi soon. kalpi will come back to us soon.

Precap-Sanjay says on call what are you saying ? Dheraj stands up in shock. kamla stares at him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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