Ek Mutthi Aasman 2nd January 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 2nd January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 2nd January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Vitthal says why are going on a hunger strike we are all with you. Your family. Kamla says I know you are with me and my Kalpi is busy with saving the chowl.
Kalpi roams around the city and looks tired.

Scene 2
Nettuy asks Poki where are you going ? She says chowl. Nettu asks whats in the bag ? She says food. Nettu says why do you always think that we are wrong ? This is what your Kamla maa shows you. Kamla says if you can bribe people with money then i can bribe them with good deeds.

Scene 3
Kamla asks everyone to bring in what they have in their house so they can cook the food together. Kamla asks Pakiya is kalpi okay ? Everyone brings food and Manda starts cooking. Vitthal asks Kamla who will take care of you ? Kamla says Gof will, lookinbg at the courage of these people I am sure we will win. Kamla wonder how time flies. Kalpi is in another city all alone. God please take care of her.

Scene 4
Kamla walks around the cities but she can’t find any hope. She stands in front of a building and starts moving towards it.
Paki brings in a man in chowl and says that this is my friend’s dad. He is a lawyer. Manda says look another lawyer is here. The lawyer says I am not giving you anything bu my time I am just going to get you guys a stay order so you can stay here for longer. Paki says till then we will find some proof. The lawyer says there is nothing better than Singhaniya’s son being the witness. He says I can get stay order for just 1 or 2 day. Kamla says we will never forget this favor of yours. Kamla thanks Kalpi. Paki has brought her college friends there too. She says I have uploaded it on interner. It will be discussed in media. Vitthal says we are not alone look. Kamla says we will do this all with peace. Vitthal says to Paki I am so worried about kamla she hasn’t eaten anything since the morning. Paki says I will be with her. Kamla feels weak. Paki asks is she okay ? She says yes i am fine but don’t say anything to Vitthal.

Scene 5
Kalpi strikes with Raghav. He says look you are here. Looks in a hurry are you going to make some coffee ? She says you look so idle but I don’t have time to argue with you. She leaves.
Kalpi goes in the hotel and asks her is Raghva Singhniya staying here ? She says yes he is.. He has gone out. She asks can you give me his number ? She says no its a rule. Kalpi waits for him in the lounge.
Nettu is calling her friend and asks her that if her maid can arrange some maid for her ? She says the movement of Kamla bai has wide spread now. No maid is going to work in your society. There is a protest too around your house. Paki is the admin of all this. Nettu disconnects the call. Jessy comes and asks Nettu to make her son hot chocolate and Pakoray for her.
Kalpi requests the receptionist to give her the number of Raghav. She says can I talk to your manager ? She tels him that its so important for her to contact Raghav. Please give her his numb er. He says I can’t give you is number but I can call him myself. He calls him and says Sir miss Kalpana Yadav is here. He says he will be late.
kalpi calls him from her phone but he doesn’t receive. She waits for him.

Scene 6
Nettu arrives at the chowl. She says I need a maid. Kamla says madam.. Nettu says i am not talking to you. I used to gave Kamla 10 thousand. but I will give the maid 25 thousand and a room. If you want work then go with me. Kamla says you can’t breach our unity madam. We can understand your tricks.
Kalpi calls Raghav and receives. She says I am Kalpana Yadav. She says look Raghav Ji he says call me Raghva S. She says I wanna talk about the chowl of your father you spent a night there. He says I am not interested in history. She says its about present we need your help you have to with me to Mumbai. He says i don’t have time for these stupid issues of yours.
Kanta comes forward and says I accept your job proposal. Everyone is dazed. Kamla ask why are you doind this ? Kanta says you can’t buy respect from money but respect is dependent on food. I can’t see my children hungry.

PRECAP- Vitthal says its time to go to Kapoors’ house. The protest starts.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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