Ek Mutthi Aasman 29th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 29th January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 29th January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Kamla says Ai kalpi will give the exams again and she has to clear this time. Pakiya says yes she will and she is the most intelligent girl. She asks do you know house hold / If not how will she keep her husband happy. Vitthal says she will become madam she doesn’t need to learn all this. She will get a guy who will love and respect her. She says just like kamla got you.
Ai says she is failed once. She won’t get any job. Vitthal says stop being angry Ai please. She says there is only one way get Kalpi married. She asks Pakiya to get her stuff. Kamla says I never forced your son to do anything. Everyone deserves a chance. If you think Kalpi can’t get a job and she should get married. Give her just 24 hours to prove herself. If she doesn’t get a job in that time I will get her married where ever you say. She says okay let me says who will give job to this college fail. Everyone leaves. Vitthal says to Manda you know how to spoil someone’s house.

Scene 2
Manda comes to Nettu’s house and says I am manda and I have brought you such a good news that you will give me a party. Theses sweets are of Kalpi’s wedding. Her grandma has come and she has said that Kalpi should get married. Nettu says excellent Manda now give this sweet to all the drivers and maid. Paki comes in and Manda gives her the sweet. Paki asks what are you doing here ? Manda says Kalpi is getting married. Paki says you are here to tell this ? Nettu says no she is asking for a job. Manda says are you going to the chowl ? Take me too, Paki nods. Nettu says Kamla’s dream is all shattered now.

Scene 3
kalpi is marking jobs in the newspaper. She thinks that sh will do these jobs she never thought of. But she will do this to prove that she is capable of doing something. Aaji is talking to her different relatives and trying to get some bot for Kalpi. Kalpi says i will get the job by this evening. She says you were about to clear as well and laughs.
Kalpi sees Paki down there. She leaves though Paki tries to talk to her. She says this is not good Kalpi looks tensed. She should not be married yet. I will ask kamla maa to stop this all. Kamla recalls nettu saysing her that all her dreams have broken. Paki enters the house. She says what am i listening you are getting Kalpi married ? aaji asks who is she ? kamla says she is Nettu’s daughter. Paki says of Kamla maa as well. Kamla says she is Vitthal’s mom. Paki says hello grandma. she says don’t call me grandma. Kamla says she is part of this house. Paki says don’t do this with Kalpi Kamla maa. Aaji says if agreed to what I said she won’t be facing all this and Pakiya would have been employed.

PRECAP-aaji asks kamla to do the arrangements. kamla asks who is coming ? She says the boy is coming to see kalpi. kamla is dazed. A boy in a car enters the chowl.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. neetu should be caught coz ek mutthi aasmaan is becoming stupid and kamla should pay some attention to kalpi also not only to paki and raghav must employ kalpi

  2. Varsha Bahadoor

    I agree. There’s no respite for those in poverty. It also shows how undemanding and stupid they are. Despite the education of Kalpi and Pakiya, they are unable to see that they have been used and abused. Raghav should be the knight in shinning armour. The Zee soapies start of well. then become boring and ridiculous. The tables should turn now!

  3. karmina Heeralall

    This is so true this soap was going so good now the concept of the show has change because of the grandmothet where was she all the time she spoils the show.

  4. I totally agree, neetu should pay for her wicked and cruel acts. Neetu’s life should be converted to kamla maa’s lifestyle. Thst is the only way she will understand what the poor are going through. As for kalpi and pakya, I think they have seen enough trouble and should be able to live a more prestigious life by now. It is about neetu…. look up at kamla and her family from down.

  5. You guys are all so right i tell you Sony is the best watch all the programs on Sony it is far better then what Zee TV has the only one that is the best is Jodha i love her and jala

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