Ek Mutthi Aasman 29th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 29th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com
Scene 1
Aryan get suhana up and says I am sorry you fell because of me. He covers her with his coat. he starts the bike but its not starting. he says what to do now ? We can’t find a rickshaw here. Suahan says lets walk.
He takes the umbrella and they start walking.
Aryan says are you worried for massi me vowed her that I will prove her innocent. he says I will be with you.
suhana goes to her house. Aryan comes to the chowl to bring kamla.
Manda wonders where is kamla going ?
Suhana says I have called massi ma here to remove the misunderstandings. SAnjay says suhana you called her ? suahan says yes papa I did. Massi maa can’t do this anyway. dheraj says what is this ? We all saw the bangles in her purse. suhana says you saw wrong I have the proof of what happened. She tells when meethi gave her the thing she found in her mom’s room. She says you knew where did I find this purse ? in dusheli’s closet. Dusheli says she is lying I bought this purse. Suhana sys what is massi maa’s family photo doing in your purse ? there should have been your family photo. suahan says truth is dushela brought the same purse as massi maa and put in the bangles. then she replaced the one with kamla’s purse. sanjay says what is this dushela ? is this right ?
Dushela says to kamal when you came here suhana stopped talking to me I thought you I will gain my importance when you go.
Sanjay says dushela you can leave. I am forgiving you seeing your serving to us for years. kamla says pardon them please. How will they run their house ?
Sanjay says what can I says to you kamla ? what happened shouldn’t have. I apologize on behalf of everyone. kamla says no don’t be sorry. he says if you have accepted our sorry then please stay here for suhana. Kamla nods. Suhana says thank you.

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Scene 2
in the morning suhana and Aryan are home. Aryan asks where are rest of the people ? kamla says they have gone to sanjay’s friends place. Kamla serves the breakfast. Suahan starts fainting. Aryan and kamla asks what wrong with you ? She says I took the medicine and I am not feeling well after that.
kamla takes her to the room and asks Aryan to call the doctor. He calls Mehta but he is not in the hospital. Aryan calls another doctor.
Arayn comes to the room and says suhana doctor is coming in a few moments you will be fine.
Dushela brings the lemonade for her. Doctor comes in and checks suhana’s pulse. Kamla says suhana was fine before taking the medicine ? Doctor says show me that drug. Kamla shows her. Doctor says what ? who recommended this medicine ? Sanjay comes in and asks what happened to you suhana ?
kamla says suhana started fainting after taking the medicine.
Doctor says this medicine isn’t good for health. dheraj says what are you saying ? doctor Mehta is such a renowned doctor. how can he recommend wrong medicine. suhana says actually I don’t like this medicine so I used to trash it. today I had to take this. Doctor says you did good, if you had taken it regularly your condition would have been worse.
She recommends another medicine. Dheraj calls Mehta. Sanjay says how can Mehta give her the wrong medicine ? He says if something happens to suhana I will sue Mehta. Mehta comes in. Sanjay says what kind of medicine have you given to her ? Doctor desh said this medicine is dangerous for suhana.
Mehta shows him the file and says I never prescribed this medicine.
Sanjay says where did this medicine come from ? Chachi says kamla went to chemist to bring the medicine. why did you send he sanjay she is uneducated. Sanjay says its mistake of all of us. we know she is uneducated why did we send her? Aman could have gone. I will go to but her medicines from next time. he says kamla you won’t go for any such thing onwards. kamla says forgive me suhana. You are in this condition because of me. suhana says no its not your mistake.

Scene 3
Dheraj calls Mehta and says there is a trouble. Mehta says I am in trouble along with you. My license will get cancelled if sanjay comes to know.

Kamla says education is so important. She gets a call from pakiya but it disconnects. she doesn’t have credit. She says let me call from landline.
She take the receiver and hears dheraj and mehat talking. Mehta says no one should know that we are giving wrong medicine to suhana. kamla is shocked she says who is giving the wrong medicine ? who is this ? Dheraj throws away the phone.
kamla says who was it ? who wants to harm suhana. I have to figure out.

Precap- kamla says there is someone who is trying to harm suhana in this house ? who could that be ?

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Wow! nice episode every secret is revealing smouthly

    1. what secret? no secret at all?1st of all wherez the neccessity to create a secret when previous one was very goos . now it is a dustbin with shilpa . not to blame asha she is no way responsible for this tragic end.maid servant daughter also have right to go to height that was the message -as per Production house – when the show started. where is the social message gone ? this way .bull shit. better it goes off air- this is the end of EMA written by mental asylum writeres

  2. this show is really stupid i am going to stop look at it the writers change up the whole story line with these new characters an its not exciting like the way it used to be with the old Kalip n Raghav

    1. Have patience

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