Ek Mutthi Aasman 28th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 28th November 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 28th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Investors are angry at the secretary of Prem asking to call him. They want their money back since they think they won’t be having any profit. Prem comes in and they all start shouting asking for their money. One says please gives us our money back. Prem says you must have forgotten that we have so many projects in the market and they have been so succeesful. A man says its raghav singhaniya in the market now. Prem throws his phone away he says raghav won’t meet you all he is just playing a game. What has he given by now just an advertisement. We have gven them a lot of buildings. Prem says i guess you haven’t read the newspaper i am selling now on 6 thousand per sq feet. If you still want your money take it from my secretary.

Scene 2
Paki is calling her friends asking fro notes. She says kalpi will be first and i will lose the bet kamla maa will go away from me.

Vitthal sees kalpi studying and PAkiya writing something on his arm. Vitthal says wow you are an atrist. Pakiya saya bab this is style all the girls will be impressed Vitthal says then they’ll ask for your proposal and i will tell them he just doesn’t have a job. He’s busy making the tattoos. Vitthal says this is the difference between you and my princess she is not like you. He asks Vitthal to come with him. Kamla calls kalpi she’s happy. She asks kalpi how’s she ? She says i was just studying. Kamla says yes study with all your heart. You are studying alone why don’t you call paki. You both will study together she needs your notes as well. Kalpi says she talked to you before ? Kamla says i have been seeing you both you teach and learn better and she learns a swell. Kalpi says yes its about learning.

Scene 3
Sahil shows nettu the news paper and says look he’s into drowning our business. Prem says business is mine and this is my project i can do it. Do you think i’d go for a loss. Prem says for now i just want to beat raghav i won’t let him win at any cost. He leaves.

Scene 4
Pakiya is showing the dance steps to the neighborhood friends. Paki arrives and pakiya sees her. Pakiya is moving to her he asks what she wants ? She says no thanks i am here to study with kalpi. His fiends say pakiya are you going to study with her too ? Vitthal asks why is paki here ? Pakiya tells him that she’s here to study with kalpi.
Prem’s secretary calls and tells him that your new scheme has made it through already.
Sahil says you are looking so happy doing the loss. Prem says i got a call right now that there is no one on raghav’s project now. Nettu says you’re my superman. He says superman doesn’t fear these little storms.

Scene 5
Paki knocks kalpi’s door kalpi isn’t opening. Kalpi opens the door and says sorry i couldn’t get you were knocking. Paki goes and sits on the sofa. Kalpi points at the floor. Kalpi gives her the water. Paki asks don’t you get bored alone at home ? Paki says will you teach me you promised me. Kalpi says stop using her. Paki says we used to have so much fun back in our childhood. Paki writes thank you on the paper and shows it to kalpi.
kalpi says i am not giving you any favor and when i’ll come first you won’t be having any excuse. paki says time will who’s gonna be second.

Precap- Police is at the chowl saying that we got a call from here that there is so much noise. A boys says to vitthal who called them. Paki says i did. He goes to paki and says madam saty in your limit otherwise.. Pakiya jumps in saying otherwise what ? She is the guest here. They start a fight. Police takes both of them. .

Update Credit to: Atiba

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