Ek Mutthi Aasman 27th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 27th November 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 27th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Kalpi says to Vitthal that i wanna meet him once. I wanna say him thanks we should thank the people who help us on time. Vitthal says how’ll you find him ? Kalpi says i will. Vitthal says then ask him to meet your Ai too.

Scene 2
Prem is angry at his secretary fro not making any contact. He asks to make a call to Mr. Gupta who is the president of builder’s association.

Scene 3
Kalpi says to the receptionist of hotel that is they can give some contact detais of Mr. Raghav who came here. He says sorry madam i can’t say you anything. She is about to leave when a waiter tells her that if she reaches in some cafe at right time she’ll get to meet him.

Scene 4
Vitthal goes to his office and his boss says that the work hasn’t satrted yet but he’ll keep getting his pay. Vitthal wonders what ind of job is this.

Scene 5
The butlers asks Nettu what to make in the lunch. She says i don’t know. Kamla just needs lame excuses to skip the work. Sahil says she has gone with mummy ji. Nettu says she has taken her with force. Paki is smiling. Nettu says why are you smilig do you even know what is household. Paki orders bhoshan what to do and what to make in the lunch. Nettu says i know what was happening kamla made you like maid. Paki says you just need patience and observation to handle your house.

Scene 6
Prem goes to Mr. Gupta that he wanna meet raghav. He says they can’t give details on any member. Prem says if wanna compete me then i am ready but he has to make it clear what he’s trying to do.

Scene 7
Kalpi goes to the coffee shop but the waiter there tells her that there is a message for her and gives her some card.

Scene 8
Pakiya is praying God to give him a job and help him making through his interview. He asks Vitthal what’s wrong? It was your first day at the job. Vitthal saya the manager asked that the work at the site hasn’t started they’ll tell me when the work will start but they’ll keep giving me the money. Vitthal worried is there something wrong with this job. Pakiya leaves for the interview.

Scene 9
Scene Prem is at the office of Raghav and his manager says that Mr. Raghav doesn’t wannna talk to anyone. Paki arrives there and says to the secretary that she wants to meet Mr. Gupta. She says Mr. Gupta doesn’t meet anyone without permission. Kalpi gets in there. Prem is already there. Prem stops at the door. Mr. Gupta calls him and gives the phone to kalpi she says i wanna thank you for the money i will return it to you as soon as possible. How did you know that i will reach on time ? She then gives the phone back. Prem says he can to talk to ths worthless girl but not me. Tell him that he’ll have to pay for my insult.

Scene 10
Pakigoes to kalpi and apologizes her for the way prem talked to her. She says what happened has happened. Kalpi says i know that my mom work at your house and we are so same. Paki says i never forced you to be my friend nand never will. Kalpi says i am sorry. Paki says its okay. Kalpi says i wanna have a job at campus so i can asks Ai to leave her work. paki says okay i give you challenge i will come first in the university. Kalpi says okay if i come first then Ai won’t work at you house if you come first then i won’t stop her from working at your house.

PRECAP-Paki is calling all her friends asking for notes. She worries that kamla will go away from her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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