Ek Mutthi Aasman 26th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 26th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 26th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
The lady falls on the road. Pakhi stops her car, she has hit her little. People are so angry at her. Pakhi asks are you okay ? She says yeah I am okay.
Kamla, Pakhi and Kalpi come to the police station. Sammy calls and says that the pay can’t be paid. Raghav says but I can’t come. Kamla says no you should go a lot of houses depend on the salary you giove them. We will fire the report. I will call Vitthal if we need any help. Raghav says no I will come with you. Kamla says no you should go. He says okay call me if there is some problem.
A guy asks Pakhi that her treatment will cause 20 thousand give it to me. The lady says ;leave. I don’t need any help.
Kamla enters the police station they say that you have to eait its lunch time. She says but its

3 pm. He says what when you call us at 3 am isn’t that sleeping time. Kamla says please its too urgent. The inspector is so rude. Kamla says 20 years ago we met a lady. SHe tells the whole story to the inspector. Kamla stas 4 men attacked her I tried to save her but she is missing since then. Please find her. He asks what’s her name. She says I don’t know. He gets angry and says you know nothing what can I write in the report.
Pakhi syas thanks to the lady. She says I wanna go home. Pakhi says yeah let take you. The lady says turn on the AC. Pakhi asks where is your home. She syaus there. Pakhi asks where ?
The inspector is so rude to Kamla. Kalpi says how dare you to talk like this. I will go to higher authorities and complain them about you. He says does you know about this what higher authorities mean. He asks a lady cop to make them sit and says don’t let them go until we find that lady. Kalpi says this is illegal. How can you blame us. He says this is our duty. Now see how this english will get out of you. You will be here until we don’t find that lady. Kamla says you are wrong. She is in danger. A cop says these small people are so after money.
Raghav comes in and says let me call the authorities. He says please sir forgive me. Vitthal comes with him as well. He begs Kamla to stop him. He is so scared. Kalpi is so disappointed. Raghav asks Kalpi are you okay ? She says yes. Kamla says Vitthal I am so worried for her. Where can she be.

Scene 2
Raghav comes to Kamla’s home with them. Kamla thanks him. He says don’t be please do some rest. Kamla says let me bring biscuits. Vitthal says I asked you stay away from all this now see what has happened ? Kamla says she is in trouble I can’t leave her alone. I am so worried about her. She serves biscuits to Raghav he says please sit. Don’t worry I will talk to commissioner we will find her. He says I have to leave now, take care.

scene 3
He finds Kalpi downstairs. SHe is remembering all the accusations of the inspector. She is in tears on the way he insulted them. Raghav comes and sits beside her. He says I am planning on taking your ai baba on dinner tomorrow. It will diver theri minds. SHe says please sir. He says we will go in your favorite bus. I can go now I am uses to of it now. Kalpi stands up and says do you find it easy / What you think that our worlds are so different. THe same cop who insulted us started begging when you came. You don’t know how he saw me, what he said to me. Because I live in a chowl and they respect people like you. You can’t come in my world neither I can’t be in yours. We are like two different ends that can’t be bridged. You are my boss and I am your employee and that’s our truth that I face today.

PRECAP- Pakhi asks the lady where are you going ? SHe says where can you take me ? Pakhi syas there is one place. Sahil calls someone and syas find her and kill her. Pakhi takes the lady in her car.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Back to square one !!!!!sigh !!! am tired of this!… Am done here and Kalpi is behaving just like any other girl not the trace of the initial portrayal of her !!!

  2. Nimikumar kuala lumpur

    Kalpi why you hurt raghav again with yr words so sad episode

    1. she is so adamant.she should not combine every day life incidents – to Raghav.s love for her…self respect is important for everyone – what about Raghav’s self respect here?

  3. i wish paki takes her at kamalas house

    1. Nope .. she is taking her to her won house in preview… anyways i am not watching it tomorrow… hated today’s episode… Kalpi so fragile … huge let down…

      1. mytwobitsworth

        If Raghav really loves her, and is not merely attracted to her he should understand and reassure her..and Persevere….He is also doing a good job. Its two worlds colliding… he does not realise that fact in all his smug luxurious life, but Kalpi faces that reality in her everyday life…

      2. yes i also feel the sameway .gradually losing interest in this serial.kalpi should not adamant till Raghav leave her.

  4. mytwobitsworth

    Actually, this is one aspect where I respect the creative guys behind EMA. What Kalpi is saying is the reality. This is India with all its class divides which never merge. Raghav has to be ready to support her through this. For that he has to be sensitised to that aspect of her life. Only then the relationship can mature.
    I reality unless she is ready to swallow her self respect, she would find it very difficult to cope with the designer world of the uber rich. Here we are talking about a tycoon and a girl from chawl..I feel the story is progressing logically here. Huge respect to writers…

    1. Why does she has to swallow her self respect… If you believe in yourself and knows that you are not after his money.. why should one bother about what the world think… That is what you say self confidence and self respect… Self respect is not something that crash down like a castle of cards which tumbles in a stroke of wind… if it does , you never had it on the first place..!!! While i do understand the difference of world’s between Rag and Kal..and on the self respect aspect i would say.. she needs to accept her love for Raghaav to him and ask him time to prove her mettle to walk into his life as his better half with pride… pushing him offf like now just shows how silly she is!!!

      1. mytwobitsworth

        I would soo love that to happen.

        But remember a few episodes ago, Raghav himself was talking about covering up her humble beginnings in the genda flower episode. Grated Kalpi has to change..but Raghav has to change a lot too..The show in that aspect is progressing logically showing their mutual understanding and emotional growth.
        Then again look everyone close to Kalpi has failed her. her mother..then she lost out in the exams…Give her time.But Raghav..persist..

    2. best thing if Raghav really love her – he has come n live in chawl to assure her there is nothing is more important in life when real love happen.either one of them accept it .

      1. wah!!wat an idea sirji!!!! 😉 😉
        bt on a serious note it shudnt surprise us if d writers do create d scene wer ragav decides 2 stay in d chawl 2 prove hw much he loves kalpi n is not influenced by der 2 diffrnt worlds…… n convince her also likewise 🙂

      2. Pavitra Rishta again. Arjun and Purvi again. Deja vu. Not good. Not good at all. Still I would not be surprised if the writers go there. The situation would be fertile ground for drama. Not good. Not good at all. 🙁

  5. I dont think dat pakhi vl tak her to kamla…. dats d twist in d story…. n kalpi plz except u luv raghav…. he is changing bcoz of u n u r behavin lyk a stupid girl who has closed her eyes n thinks dat since i cant c d world, d world cant c me….. wake up girl…

  6. going back to square one.Raghav must assure her there is nothing like rich can marry rich n poor can marry poor.she has dual mind. kalpi want to become madam and other side she want to stay the way she used to be..

    1. exactly the point -“kalpi want to become madam and other side she want to stay the way she used to be..”… i don’t get what is she trying to prove her – she just a pushover , someone who is rattled by words of others.. who don’t believe in her own emotions?!!! am lost …

    2. Really agreed…she must come out of all this unless whats use of hardwork in life if she thinks about thoughts of world ..i think if both love eachother then should come on same track and forget anout past unless kapoor will be dominating in the serial…

    3. AGREED. Still, there is another perspective. On the road to success and wealth, failure as a poor single girl would be painful, but failure of the dream and a marriage to a man she loves would be earth shattering. She may just be trying to manage the potential pain involved in her efforts to succeed. ‘One thing at a time and that thing done well’.

  7. Oh kalpi plzz think like a educated girl living in 21st century people do all the effotts in the world to remain happy and u have got raghav as good opportunity to pro e urless nd u r having just stupid talks…already soo many stupidity u have done plzzz donot ignore raghav…he is sooo much trying to decrease the diffrences between 2 family..

  8. Plzz kalpi come on ryt track….nd raghav keep it up u have to win the fak
    ith of kalpi.

  9. Kalpi need to give raghav a break

  10. come on kalpi. wake up. there is someone who loves you .why cant u just execpt him. but i hope there will be one incident that willl make kalpi really fall in love with him…pls

    1. mytwobitsworth

      Exactly…there has to be one incident that proves to Kalpi beyond all doubt that Raghav means what he says..I am looking forward to that and hope that happens..

      1. unfortunately… i think writers will take the safe route.. Vamp/schemy plots has worked for ekta ..so they too want their share of success and takes the same path… the fact is audience is tired of the ekta plots.. it worked earlier coz it was the first time !!! I don’t see any ekta kapoor serials these days !!!EMA, Jodha, Beintehaa and meri bhabi were the ones i liked but i guess EMA and meri bhabi will go out of the list soon.. if it is going the current route!!!

    2. nw tats an idea…..hop d writers can com up wt a scene tat wil make kalpi 2 realise hw true n deep her feelings 4 ragav r dan her insecurities abt dem bth comin 4m difrnt societies…

  11. Y is kalpi behaving dix way…am getting tired of dix show,shes pissing me off

  12. i understand kalpi’s view but why not take the support of someone who can actually assist you in your cause…..this is the 21st century kalpi make the difference and take the support of raghav..stop feeling sorry for yourself because of your situation…..when the east indians came to the caribbean they were very poor and most of them are successful entrepreneurs lawyers doctors……what if we taught the way kalpi thought then what would have happen to us……then kaplis thinking is not fit to become anything other than a maid…………when opportunities presents themselves then take them………as for raghav i do hope he dont give up on kalpi he needs to guide and support her as his character is the mature one……

    1. Ya very ryt…i hope atleast raghav will make her understand….as he is mature enough…

    2. so wel said…..hopfuly d writers wil use ragav’s maturity 2 help der love story succeed

  13. I think Aman should directing this serial……. So sad…..

    1. Oh not my view its idea that others have the same view…everybody is tired of same concept……

  14. Honestly I feel Kalpi is acting stupid she should accept Rahavs love but also gain her own respect I don’t understan why pride matters so much for kalpi but I just want to see how everything plays out

  15. oh!yeaah..
    but u’l noticed this women never meets raghav ,i guess she is his mother…,
    i so very hope this doesn’t follow lyk arjun purvi

    1. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL. Not good. Not good at all. 🙁

  16. Pavitra rishta tho bakwas tha… i had left seeing that from the time Hiten came in place of the firts guy!!!satying away for 20 years and calling it pavitra rishtha is bakwas for me !!! Hope they don’t kill Rag and Kal also like this….horrible

  17. Kalpi need to step up and accept raghav.he is doing everything he could for her,she need to stop wit her foolish act.writer plz change her role.rag do not give up on her.

  18. Back to d same place which I didn’t want .. Oh god writter y u makin this show lame now

  19. Its a serial..so obviously it will take some huge time to reveal if she loves raghav or not..besides that i think..kalpi will get to know that paakhi also loves raghav..after that she will sacrifice her love for raghav.

  20. Folks watch beintehaa in colors…. Man what a level headed serial… No bakwas twists… Protagonist is aware of her antagonist and takes on them with confidence and the love growing between her and zain! The lead lady is poor in that show too but not stupid like kalpi!

  21. Oh I hope rags prove his love soo strongly and kalpi fell in his love soo depthly…i am waching this show bcxz I am curios about rags character as he is changing as…also want to see kalpi changing her view…….

  22. Can’t explain the disappointment i feel about this show !!!! creative team will have to come up with some magical to get my interest back !!!

  23. Oh frnds dont be soo disappointed I hope the story will take interesting turn…keep watching…

  24. why she is doing like this she is hurting raghav . I don’t like kalpana behaviour. Raghav is always helping kalpi when she is in problems but she is blaming him. i dn’t like this story now this show is also going like the other serials … iam sooooo disappointed

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