Ek Mutthi Aasman 25th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 25th November 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 25th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Pakiya says sorry to kalpi that he spoiled her winning. He asks her to show tha award. She remembers kamla saying that she won’t come early. Kalpi says Ai doesn’t have time for me. Dharminder comes and tells kalpi that mummy ji went to parlour and there was an ememrgency so kamla bai has gone there. Kapi says what ever the reason is she will be late.
Vitthal tells Kalpi and Pakiya that he’s got a job on a site. Kalpi and pakiya are so happy. Vitthal says i have got job because of my honest. BOth of them hug him. Vitthal gives sweets to everyone in the chowl. Kalpi syas that after a long time i am seeing this smile on your face, Vitthal says its because of love of kamla. She never let me broke. She took care of and everything. Vitthal asks them to go in.

Scene 2
Vitthal gives a gift to kalpi. She opens it. Its a laptop. Kalpi says this is so expensive. Vitthal says i have bought first time more than chocolate for you. Kalpi says you have spent a lot on me already. Vitthal says i ahve bought it in sale don’t worry and i will get pay next month as well.
Vitthal says that i have bought for my daughter. I have bought it that’s why you aren’t happy. Kalpo says baba i am so happy you that you gave me this laptop but more than that i am happy about your job. Pakiya says will there be any celebrations ? Kalpi says yes lets make something special. Pakiya says no i want to go out. Vitthal says yes lets go ready.

Scene 3
A lady meets paki at the party saying her that she will ask her parents about the wedding of prem and her son. Nettu comes and asks her where is her husband. She says as always busy in making money. He asks where is prem. Nettu says he’s busy in a video conference he’ll be coming.
Prem’s cat strike with another car and the guy asks him to pay for it. Prem gets out anf hit his car with a stick and says pay for it me now.
Pakiya, Vitthal and kalpi are there too. Kalpi says do we have to go here too? Vitthal says yes there is no problem about money.
Prem meets sahil an kalpi. Nettu announces that this is our most important day our son is introducing his first project to you. Kalpi starts the presentation prem says i hope my sister is as lucky for as she’s for dad.
Kalpi, Pakiya and Vitthal go in the restaurant.
Outside the celebration is on going. Everybody hugs and wishes luck to prem.
Vitthal and his children are asked about their order. Kalpi says i don’t want you to work here pakiya. Its must bill to 4 thousand and the service tax. Pakiya says kalpi please at least order yogurt. Vitthal says kalpi lets order yogurt for him.
Paki comes in and sees kalpi. Paki says please come in the party you’re my guests. Kalpi says this we are here on a family dinner baba’s got a new job. Vitthal says and kalpi came first in the competition so we planned to celebrate. Paki asks Pakiya has he tried chiken butter of this place. Vitthal says we don’t eat all this. Kalpi orders vegetable along with cheese. Paki says okay let me leave before nettu comes here. Paki goes to the waiter and says him something. Kalpi sees her.

Precap-Kalpi sees someone outside the party. She asks vitthal isn’t it the same raghav who stayed in our house ? Vitthal says yes he’s the one.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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