Ek Mutthi Aasman 23rd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Mutthi Aasman 23rd December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 23rd December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Nettu Sahil and Prem celebrate their new project. Prem says a new mall on the place of Raghav. Win of rich over poor. Suddenly they hear Vitthal’s voice. He is saying we are weak not helpless. I will meet Kapoor today what does he think of himself. He says you are partying here after snatching our home. You are animal. I won’t let you grasp my home. Security men are trying to stop him. He hold Sahil’s collar. Prem get him and says how dare you to touch my dad. Sahil says remember that day when you came begging to my wife. Paki is there too. She sees all this. Prem goes after her.

Scene 2
Kamla recalls Prem saying that they have surrendered the chow to him. And Mand saying that its the trick of Vitthal.
Kalpi says why Ai is always worried

about my exams. Pakiya says because she loves you. Kalpi tells him that she was so late for the exam she had to leave 20 marks paper. She says don’t tell it to Ai I will cover up. Pakiya asks how was Paki’s paper ? Kalpi says I don’t know. Kamla comes there and says let me make you something. Kalpi syas no I don’t need anything. Kamla says why don’t you sat there for 3 hours you must be hungry. You have been studying since so long.

Scene 3
Security men throws Vitthal out of the house and start hitting him. Paki tries to stop this but Prem grasps her hand. She runs and goes to Vitthal and asks guards to go. Vitthal is unconscious and bleeding so bad. Paki calls Kamla. Vitthal asks Paki to take her to kamla, she says yes I have called her. Kamla and Pakiya reach there. Paki calls driver. Kamla is in tears. They take him to the house. Kalpi asks what’s wrong with him ? What happened ? Kamla says nothing Pakiya is calling doctor go and study. Kalpi says how can I go he is my dad. Kamla says don’t you hear what I just said. Vitthal says to Kamla we will not let our chowl break. Doctor has come.
Kamla prays to God and says this will be the proof of your existence save our chowl please.
Kamla is withy Vitthal late night. Paki brings the teae in the ground of the chowl. She gives everyone tea. Everyone blesses her. Kamla and Pakiya take Vitthal in the house. Kamla says we have 48 hours no one can take our house from us. Vitthal syas we will make it through.

Scene 4
Next morning Manda says they will win on the basis of all this and we will lose our chowl. Kamla gets out of the house. She looks down at everyone. Manda says wow its out of my mind what are you made of we are all so upset and look at you. You are going there have you forgotten what they didi to Vitthal yeterday. I thought you are on our side now. Kamla says this is my responsibility to do my work. Kamla says wow you are amazing half on our side and half on theirs. kamla says I don’t need to let you know that how I wanna live my life. Mangesh says but they will think that nothing has changed. Manda says she wants the same. Everyone is on Manda’s side and they start yelling at Kamla. Kaloi and Pakiya get down. Kamla shouts stop it. Nothing will be changes by skipping the work. Kanta syas this is not about work this is about support. Mangesh says why should we support the people who did this to us. Kamla says okay if I don’t go to work nobody else will too

PRECAP-Paki sees a car on the road. Raghav gets out of the car. She asks driver to stop the car. Where as he is busy with some construction at the site.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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