Ek Mutthi Aasman 21st November 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 21st November 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 21st November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
The man gives Vitthal papers of his new job and the advance payment. Vitthal is bewildered advance ? The manager says you don’t want it ? Vitthal says no you abruptly gave it so i was dazed. Vitthal’s eyes are wet. The man says we have learned one thing in business take care of your workers and they’ll take care of your work. We have found out where you live and what you have done before. He gives Vittjal advance payment of 25 thousand he asks Vitthal to count. Vitthal says you respected my loyalty and honesty how can i doubt on you. Vitthal says thanks to the man and leaves. The man calls someone and says i have given the money to Vitthal.
Vitthal sits on stairs of the site and stares at the money. He recalls when pakiya was very young he said to kamla i can’t do anything i guess God is so angry with me. Kamla said until we are together everything will be okay. He is crying. He says thank you my Lord.

Scene 2
Kamla is angry at the chef and says what have you done paki baby doesn’t eat spicy food. Now go make salad for her. I will do this. Paki comes and says what are you doing kamla maa. This isn’t your work. You will just . super wise. Kamla says sometimes you have to show these people how to work. Paki says if they can’t cook ask them to hire a new cook. Please come in my room. Nettu is looking at all this. PAki takes her to her room. Paki says you get angry at me when i don’t listen what you say. Kamla says okay i am sorry. Kamla asks what are you wearing in the party ? Paki says i don’t wanna go there. There will be all of Nettu’s friends there. You know how they talk like hey cupcake nice earings. Kamla says but its important for you to go. Nettu is listening all this. Paki says okay will go only if you come along. I will be bored if you want me to be bored ? Kamla says okay.
Sahil is talking about the presentation to someone on phone. Nettu says why did we hire kamla ? Just as a maid. Then what this maid has done to her. She makes fun of our class she behaves like a lower middle class girl. She has no importance of her class. Sahil says i don’t wanna be between you and kamla. Its a huge launch for me today. Nettu says i am just looking for a chance to kick her away from life of my daughter. Sahil says i want paki to be there she is my lucky champ.

Scene 3
Kamla calls paki and tells her that she will be late paki is asking her to be in a party. Kalpi just says okay a disconnects the call.
Nettu says to kamla ask paki you won’t be coming in the party. Have you heard about the story of child who grew up in a jungle with animals. He used to be like those animals but when he grew up he felt alone and then even animals realize that this human needs human. He is not part of them. You have taken care of Poki but she can’t live in your society. She belongs to the class that will be in party and where you are not needed. Kamla says she will be there without me i make sure that. Nettu says good i knew you will understand.

Scene 4
Kalpi recalls the way Paki cared about kamla nd kamla about paki. Pakiya thinks why kamla do this to kalpi. Pakiya says i am making hot tea for you
. He says plan has changed lets go. Kalpi says i don’t wanna go i have to study. Pakiya says i feel like you are sad after ai told you that she will be late. You have won a competition we should celebrate. A woman informs kalpi that water is just available for two hours. Fill it. Pakiya says sit i will fill it.

Scene 5
Kamla says to paki that she won’t be coming with her in the party. Paki says no you have to come. Why are you not coming ? Kamla says because kalpi won the competition today and i want to celebrate with her. Paki says then you must go, spend time with kalpi. Soryy i get a little selfish today.

Scene 6
Pakiya is filling the water along with all the women. They make fun of him. A lady says all men in their house are like that they work in the house. Pakiya says he is vishnu. She says look he has been doing work of women since so long. Pakiya says why are you saying like that about my baba. She says singing in temple doesn’t make anyone Vishnu. Pakiya says stop it otherwise.. A man boy comes and says stop saying like that to my mom.He shove Pakiya. Pakiya says talk from the tongue Pakiya starts hitting him. The lady is stopping him but pakiya isn’t stopping.

Precap-The lady has called police. Kalpi is begging not to call police but she already has. Kalpi tries to call Kamla.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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