Ek Mutthi Aasman 20th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 20th November 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 20th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Kamla goes to college and asks everyone about Kalpi. Paki says she is no where let us see in the changing room. The 200 m starts and the man announces Kalpana Yadav’s name too. Kalpi in the swimming costume walks to the pool and stand beside Kalpi in her lane. Kamla is dazed. Paki says what are you doing here ? We were looking for you, you can’t even swim. Kalpi doesn’t answer. Kamla remembers the drowning of Kalpi when they were going to Panjgani. Kamla is so worried as Kalpi starts swimming. She is a little behind Paki. Kalpi is trying hard and kamla is happy to see this and somehow dazed. The race is on going and kamla has her ever locked on kalpi. Kamla is bit in tears. Kalpi has done it before Paki and everyone else. Kalpi wins the race. Paki shakes her hand with kalpi congratulating her. Kalpi doesn’t do shakes the hand first but later she does.
The prizes are being announced and Kalpi is standing on the first spot having applause from everyone. Kamla leaves in tears. Paki says i can’t see kaml maa where is she . Kalpi doesn’t answer.

Scene 2
Paki comes to kamla outside and says where were you i have been looking for you. Kamla says when did she start swimming? I thought she will never go in water after that incident. Paki hugs her and says forget that just celebrate the win of Kalpi. Kalpi comes and says you must be sad because i beat paki. Paki says why would she be when i am not. Kamla says yes i was sad when i heard that you are part of this competition. When did you learn swimming? Kalpi says the day when it was about my life. Kalpi says you must not be sad about the lose of Paki as i am your daughter you gave her love but nothing is important than blood. Paki says but there is this one thing love which is important than blood. Kalpi says yes i know that. Paki asks do yoy have some problem with me ? Kalpi says yes. Kamla and paki are dazed kalpi says just you can joke not me ? Kamla says kalpi only you’ll fulfill my dream like you did today. You both are my daughters i want you both to be first. Kalpi says how can you pray that we won’t be first together one has to be second. Paki says take my prayer to kalpi. Kamla says lets go paki nettu will be worried.

Scene 3
Nettu and Sahil are calling their friends over the party when Prem will take over the business. Nettu says Sahil i want this party to be perfect. Kamla comes in the house Nettu says what is happening i know you are not the maid but this is your responsibility. Paki says relax nettu i took her to the swimming costume. Congratulations Poki i know you must be first. Paki says no kalpi is. Muumy ji says to Nettu that i am going to parlour and i will be directly in the party. Paki says another party i am not coming. Nettu says this is not just another party. We are gonna launch your brother. Paki says whatever.

Scene 4
Vitthal is being called by a man who tells him that there is job of super wiser in our construction project and i heard about you from someone. You were the leader of union of singhaniya mills. We want a loyal man like.
At house Pakiya tells kalpi that baba has gone to someone who called him I don’t know who was he neither did he.
Vitthal says i have never done this before. The man says it can be learnt. The man gives him papers and says these are you job papers. Vitthal can’t believe it.
Kalpi tells Pakiya that it was swimming competition in college. Pakiya says paki must have won. Kalpi shows the cup. Pakiya says lets celebrate today we will have party. Kalpi says don’t say this in front of bab he will be sad about money. Pakiya says the lets party in the houyse when ai will come we will ask her to make something good. Kalpi says Ai will she ever get time from Paki ?


Precap- Paki says to kamla that you won’t work you will just super wise. Kamla says sometime you have to show them how to work.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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