Ek Mutthi Aasman 20th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 20th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 20th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Kamla applies the color on the lday’s face. Kalpi applies on Kamla’s face and says happy holi. Suddenly there is a lot of noise. The lady says this noise is killing me. Kamla says yes do rest I will close the windows and doors. Kamla asks Kalpi won’t you play holi ? Vitthal suddenly calls Kamla and she goes down.
Pakiya applies black color on Mnada’s face and says happy holi. Manda says you could have put red or something. Kamla shouts at Pakiya. He hugs her and says happy holi. Kalpi is just smiling at people enjoying the hooli. Pakiya looks up at her and goes to her. He says what wrong with you ? Let me apply you the color. She says no I will play later. Kalpi says to Kamla that I am not in mood to play. Kalpi says I think he won’t come suddenly she

sees Raghav entering the chowl. He sees her with a plate of color in his hand. He comes upstairs and puts color on her face. He says I wanna color your life with mine. SHe smiles. He fills his fist she says no sir and runs downstairs he chases her and suddenly Kalpi comes out of her daydream. He is no where. A car stops by its Pakhi. She applies colors on Kamla. Kamla has made drink ready for Kamla and Vitthal. They both drink it. Vitthal and Kmal put some moves on the holi songs. Kalpi is smiling at them. Manda waits for them to be out of control./
Pakhi comes to Kamla with colors and says happy holi. She asks her not to color her she is not in mood to play. Pakhi says where is Raghav. Kalpi says he won’t come. Pakhi says he will. Kamla maa asked him to.

Scene 2
Sammy put empty on Raghav’s face and says Happy holi. Raghav says you know I don’t like colors sammy. He says where are the colors ? Sammy says when will enjoy ? Its holi. Lets go to the chowl they must be waiting for us. I know why you are not going. Raghav says this is not related to Kalpana. Sammy says yeah I know you are just avoiding colors. Raghav says yeah you are right I am not going there because of Kalpana where should I go to the place where no one is waiting for me.

Scene 3
The lady has also come in the balcony. Vitthal and Kamla see her. Everyone else is busy with the dance. They go up.
A car comes and Raghav and Sammy are in it. Kalpi sees Raghav and the song ‘tum hi ho’ plays in the background. Kamla comes down with a plate of colors. Her dupatta blows with the with and gets to Raghav’s face. He comes upstairs and returns it to her. She says you hate colors why are you here then ? He says you people called me and I always fulfill my promises. SHe says oh that’s the reason. He says yes what else can be the reason ? She says how would I know. Now take care colors will spoil your mood more than you clothes. He says I don’t like colors but you do why don’t you go down and play or you’re waiting for someone ? Pakhi sees Raghav says tells Kamla. Raghav goes downstairs.

PRECAP-Manda calls Nettu and says your holi is going to be happy. Raghav is here. Nettu says I am coming.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nimikumar kuala lumpur

    Tq atiba gd night

  2. Thanks a million for your quick updates!! I read it everyday without fail.. Appreciate ur efforts!!

  3. Plz let kalpi tell raghav she love him today plz plz plz

  4. mytwobitsworth

    Thank you Atiba

  5. Kalpi is taking it too far now. She was so eargerly waiting for Raghav, but she refuses to accept it and show her happiness when he finally arrives… If she continues like this Raghav may get fed-up and go away from her..

  6. thank you soooooo much Atiba for your written updates….

  7. kalpana is taking too much time she has to say yes to raghav in the holi function otherwise pakhi will come between them with the help of kamala then she has to cry … kalpana loves raghav but why she is not saying yes to him for what she is waitting for

  8. I wonder if Raghav will flirt wit pookie and make Kalpi burn wit jealousy………………

  9. Rag should flirt with pookie,so kalpi will get jealous,and she wil tel him that she love him.plz let raghav change his ways of thinking and be little romantic and loving toward kalpi.

  10. The flirting with Pakhi thing is too old school , too much like all the other serials. We need innovative and real ideas…plz. Although I am annoyed with Kalpi, I can understand her he situation. Prior to his confession of love, Rags treated her like crap! She must be confused. Nevertheless, she is in love with him, so she needs to get over her fears and let him know how she feels. Plz don’t drag this out! Rags needs to be more patient. It is not a business deal. It is a relationship. I wish the writers could read our comments. I want to see Kalpi and Rags become a strong couple – invincible in love and business because we know that the trials and tribulations are coming from the Kapoors.

    1. Nimikumar kuala lumpur

      I very much agree with yr comment thats how the story should be not the old way again n again

  11. Ya very ryt…..i am agree..

  12. Its a very different show ..let them on screen ..love btw rags and kalpi…both of them should undstand each other..keep pakhi apart….unless it will spooil everything…

  13. wow…this episode was really good especially d dream scene of rags n kalpi…did u guys notice hw he spoke wit her in her dream abt hw he wil color her lyf wit his….wow….
    as much as i want rags n kalpi 2 b 2gthr…it shudnt surprise ny of us tat in d coming episods d writers wil mak rags n paki 2gthr just 2 annoy us…harrrumph!!!!
    wel here is hopin n wishin n crossin fingers tat its rags n kapli til d end……

  14. i agree with Fay. the flirting and jealousy track is ole school….and boring to the point the story becomes predictable killing the story……i want kalpi to confess and i want to see the progress of both raghav and kalpi….i want to see his reaction……..she needs him right now……..she needs to get back to writing her exams and passing the exams……….he can help her get back on focus………remember kamla did ask raghav to make kalpi successful as him…….and i am guessing why the creators have the age gap between raghav and kalpi….he is suppose to be mature to guide her………..if he was her peer then he could not guide her as their thinking would be immature……..and sometimes the mature needs to be with the immature………..to have balance…

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