Ek Mutthi Aasman 20th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Mutthi Aasman 20th December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 20th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Kalpi sits in the exam. Paki is busy in writing and so is Kalpi. Time is up and Kalpi is busy in writing. Examiner says I won’t give you extra time. Paki says please give her 10 minutes. Kalpi thinks she has left about 20 marks paper. Chances of topping the exams are toddling in the very first exam. Paki ask her in the end how much was left ? What was the problem you won’t be late if you came with me. Kalpi leaves.

Scene 2
kamla and Vitthal stops Varma. Vitthal says my wife asked me over and over again to read the papers but I trusted you blindly. Kamla says why you did this to us. Prem says he is my man. What would you have given him? Just a little money. You are poor helpless people. The way Poki dances on your orders doesn’t mean all the Kapoors

will. You have signed the papers which means you have surrendered the chowl to me. Vitthal and Kamla are standing hopeless. Vitthal holds her hand and they sit on the stairs. Kamla is in tears. Kamla lies her head on Vitthal’s shoulder. Vitthal gets a call from the site. He says that report to the site as soon as possible. Vitthal tels him that his house is about to be broken. He came to court for that. Vitthal says i can’t.. Kamla says you should go. He says okay Sir I am coming.

Scene 3
Raghav is playing snooker.Sammy comes in and says people can’t get one in. You threw 5 in. Raghav says I wanted all 6 to be in. in He says player is a player. By the way did I ask for something. He says I came to tell you. Raghav says then tell and leave. Sammy says I am your only friend why are you being rude. Raghav says whats wrong with you. Sammy says prem has got signs from the people of chowl. Raghav says I don’t care. Sammy says don’t try to act like you don’t. They are playing games with the people of chowl. Raghavs says for now leave this place. Sammy asks why ? Raghav points towards the other side. Prem and Sahil are there. Samyy hurriedly leaves.
Sahil and Prem sit there/ The man there says I am calling the other party. Prem goes with him and Sahil sees Raghav.

Scene 4
Kamla comes back to the chowl in tears. Pakiya asks whats wrong Ai ? Where is baba? kamla says we couldn’t save our homes. We have lost everything. Manda says who brought that lawyer ? What was he doing when we all signed it. Where is he I will ask him myself? Our houses gone and she is not even telling where is Vitthal. Pakiya asks Ai where is baba ? kamla says he has gone to work. Manda says wow. He has gone to work. What if i says that this is the trick of Vitthal dada. Who knows either vitthal was the man of Kappors or that lawyer. Pakiya says stop it Tai. Kamla says if he was dishonest he won’t have sit home all this time. Manda says we all trusted Vitthal. Kamla says we have to think how to save our chowl now. Kalpi gets in. Pakiya goes to Kalpi and tells her that everything has gone our house our chowl. We are devastated. Kamla says leave it Pakiya. Kamla asks Kalpi how was your exam ? Kalpi says leave that tell me how are you ? Kamla says was your paper all right ? You just focus on studies. You won’t be late by tomorrow. Kalpi think that God will surely take vengeance from a man like Prem Kapoor.

Scene 5
The investor has come but Sahil still has his eyes on Raghav who is busy in playing snooker. Prem notices him too. He asks Sahil do you know him ? Sahil says no I don’t want to. He is loutish man. Prem shows the investor party his designs made by the architect. Raghav is listening to all his plans. He puts the last ball in pocket.

PRECAP-Prem, Sahil adn Nettu celebrate their new mall’s plan. Sahil says this is the win of rich over poor. Suddenly Vitthal comes in.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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