Ek Mutthi Aasman 1st May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Mutthi Aasman 1st May 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 1st May 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Tha dance has started. Kalpi, Raghav, Pakhi and sammy are dancing. Kamla says to Nettu that I talked to Raghav about Pakhi. She was asking me to ask him. Nettu is dazed. Kamla says Raghav is happy with it. Nettu asks did Raghav say that > Kamla says yes. He will keep Pakhi happy. Vitthal and kamla congratulate Nettu. Nettu is on cloud9. Nettu says get Kalpi married first. There will be a lot of work in Poki’s wdding.
Nettu tells Sahil and they are both so excited.
Vitthal says Kalpi’s wedding will be remembered forever. Vitthal says I have asked Sammy to bring his parents. Pakiya comes.

Scene 2
Kalpi is dancing with Raghav. They are so close. Everyone is shocked to see them that close. Nettu says to Kamla wow your daughter is dancing with him so close. Its really disgusting. Raghav comes more closer to kalpi. He says why are your eyes wet ? Aren’t you happy . Kalpi says I have nevber been this happy in my life. She says i wanna says something sir. He says not sir again. she says i mean Raghav. I want to says the thing I never said before. I love you Raghav. He says repeat it please. I couldn’t hear Kalpi says I love you Raghav and I wanna spend my whole life with you. Raghav holds Kalpi up. A sudden shock spreads on everyone’s face. Kalpi goes and grasps Kalpi’s hand and drags Kalpi. Raghav and Kalpi are sgocked at Kamla’s reaction.

Scene 3
Kalpi comes home and says why are you doing this ? Kamla says why you crossed your limits what would people there say thart you were trying to make him fall fr you. You are about to get married. You will do as I direct.
Vitthal says your Ai is right Kalpi. I don’t want people to talk about you on your back.

Scene 3
Sammy asks Raghav to stop. Raghav says whats wrong with Kamla maa. She just said yes and now she is behaving like that. Sammy says I think she wanna meet your elders. Raghav says let me call her. Sammy says she os upset so not now. They are people of chowl they don’t find all this good. They don’t meet before marriage. If she wants you both to stay away before marriage then whats worng with that. Raghav gets a call from kapi. Kalpi says I am sorry Raghav I know you are hurt with what ai did. Raghav says no don’t be. i know why she did this. Raghav says I know she doesn’t find it good. Kalpi says Ai thinks I got you stuck. Raghav says she is right I guess. I know what she thinks that we should not meet before marriage. Kalpi says maybe.

Scene 4
Kamla asks Vitthal if he wants to eat ? Vitthal says I think you scolded her more than you should. Kamla says she is about to be married. She should stay in her limits. Sammy was there as well. What would people say. That Kalpi made sammy fall and then Raghav. This is not good.

Scene 5
Nettu says Pakhi I felt so bad. She was trying to make Raghav fall for her. Pakhi says shut up nettu. Nettu says you are so innocent. She is so clever. Pakhi says I was dancing with Sammy as well. Nettu says why was Kalpi upset when Kamla dragged her. You don’t know girls like Kalpi. She c an do anything to fulfill her dreams. Pakhi says stop it nettu you are so disgusting. I love Kalpi and Kamla maa. She talked to Raghav about me and you aere saying that about her daughter. You are jealous because i call her maa. Nettu says no matter what you says I am your mom and think about you. You were blind in Kamla’s love and now in Raghav’s. Keep all girls away from Raghav. Till then me and your dad will talk to Raghav.

Scene 6
Next morning, Sahil and Nettu come to Gauri’s room. Sahil says lets kill her. Nettu says no we can’t do her nay harm here. People will doubt us. Kepp her here and work on her memory. It should not recover. You should not come in front of her. Just 10 injections to be injected and she will not recall anyting ever. Sahil says okay I leave this all to you. Nettu goes in and Gauri wakes up. She says what am I doing here ? I have to go to Kamla. Nettu says yeah sure you have to take the medicine first. A nurse comes in. Gauri says I don’t need any injection. Nettu says this is better for you. Nettu holds her and the nurse is trying to inject. Kamla comes in. Gauri shouts please leave me. The nurse injects it and she falls unconcious. Kamla comes in and looks bewildered. Nettu is feared.

Precap- Pakiya comes in and says Ai baba Sammy has come with his parents. Kamla says he should have informed. They start cleaning everything. Sammy comes in with his parents. Kamla introduces Pakiya to them. Kamla says I think I should tell you that I was a maid before.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Chocopie I have good memory thats everyone telling me in my family and other than that I belive u as my litt sis so your litt bro is mine baby bro 2
    I have lots of experiences ,me bhai apni sis ke sath ladhti jagadti raheti , meri mom muje kaheti hai ki tum log kabhi bade nahi hone wale

    1. mon:: aur mein tumhare kids ki mosi….waise meri b humse yehi kehti v wil nvr growup….heheeeeee

  2. hai guys we all are very depressed with ema but kaash aisa ho jaye ki sammy kalpana ko bhabhi bole sabke samne aaj to kya ho,ya phir vithal ko pta chale ki ladka ragav hai this all only my imagination par agar aisa ho jaye to maja aa jaye pa par par ye hoga i doubt aur gauri neetu ke ghar hi bheji in writers ne disgusting……………..

  3. Ek don’t keep so much hope confussion will not clear till next week,rem maha epi sslk and ema.
    We all have super looooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggggggwweeeeeeekkkkeeenddddd

  4. Tomorrow is friday, i hope the confusion clears & we see Raghav & kalpana happy together,otherwise we all will be upset & will ruin our wk/end
    this show was different thatswhy we all go addicted,& take this to our heart,
    Don’t let it fall like other stupid dramas,

  5. Guys inthink now i hav to start sumthing refreshing to lighten ip ur mood… 😉 🙂
    I knw we all are having tension abt mu goin in ema
    So i hv an idea so that we all knw eacj other more
    We all will share 1 mu that happened wid us & caused some little or big prob…
    Wat say?????
    Can we start

      1. misunderstanding

    1. hey anshu m nt shrp minded kuch yaad nahi araha hai…… Bt mein ek funny incident batati hon…..i already told u na i wz mb(madhubala) fan ek bar muje mb ki vaja se boke sona pada hai…….seriouly ya……

      1. bt nw ab meri lyf mein bs EMA ragna ragna aur srf ranga hai 24 hrs srf isi k bare mein soonchti hon……

      2. Boke sona pada hai?????
        Smajh nhi aaya????

  6. Hi my Ragna friends,

    I was thinking on lines of dd’s theory. At the end of the day this show is about Kalpi’s dreams to become big for her mother – and that is really not fulfilled with her getting married to Raghav right. I think Raghav and Kalpi will get married eventually – not now – dont know if marriage iwth Paakhi will happen now (quite possible with the way TV serials generally happen… but the track has to shift to two things –

    1. Kalpana’s growth as a individual
    2. Revenge against the Kapoors

    Lets see

  7. Revenge against the kapoors can happen even with ragna married but I think DD is right, kalpi will try to make it on her own which she has already done anyways. What does Kamla think that a married daughter can’t excell professionally? She can’t be married and have a career or dreams? I’m tired of Kamla!! No sympathy for her!! Mother’s Day is coming and she deserves a slap!

  8. yes guys i hope what i am thinking its happen i just want to see kalpi raghav together wiht love eiather they married (if its possible now show is about to end) so its not going to happen but yes if raghave not marr to anyone this time and loving to kalpana as same then lots of story may come like neetu nd pakhi will met and create problem for kalpi so that she cnnot get success and rghave will save her and raghv motherwill be safe by kalpi so that thy both do soething for each other and sammy will be with them and teach lesson to kappors and Kamla maa. i think definetly happen after next week raghav again come that rude way and start hate to kamla maa as well stupid lady

  9. i just want to see only kalpi and raghav eiather as husband wife or girlfrind boyfriend. doest matter for me this time they got tie up with marriage but yes they both be with each other no one come between them at any condition. so pls pakhi get aways from there life spcially raghav

  10. So how many of you are with me and say that the confusion will not end today – and all of us are in for a horrible weekend??

    The CVs and writers know how this program affects up – so thanks for making sure we have a horrible weekend!!!

  11. Ema bahut peeche hai vote 4 it

  12. it is a long story bt i will tell u in shrtcut ek bar meri mom ghr pe nhi thi srf mei aur mere dad thie toh dad ne 8.20pm ko kaha dinner kr leyte hai obviously muje mb dekhna tha…. dad ko baad mei kuch kaam tha iss leye mei refuse nhi krpaye bt muje mb b dekhna tha toh meine bahana mardiya aur kaha mere stomach mei dard horaha hai mei kuch nahi kha sakti hon aur jaldi se tv k pas baith gaye mb dekhne k liye 8.35pm baj chuke thi pr show nhi aaraha tha jst then i remember it was sunday….lol….mei vapss dad k pas chali gi unhonne muj med. Di kaha ja kr sojav bt honestly muje itni bok lag rahi thi kya batavon……iss leye muje boka sona pada…….

    1. Aweeee
      Vry bad
      Achha thaa 😛 😛
      Mere saath aisa hote hote bach gya
      I take dinner at 7 pm to watch ema
      It was sat & on sat i take dinner at 9pm to watch katron ke khiladi or any other reality show
      But i forgot it was sat & just asked mom to prepare food at 7 pm but when go my sister wasnwatching roadies & then i remember ohh no aaj toh sat hai.. mjhe bhuka nhi sona pada but mera khatron ke khiladi miss ho gya

  13. iam giving the following link.you can go through with it.
    and tell me friends what do you feel about this latest news

  14. MUMBAI: Adding an extra punch to the weekday primetime entertainment for its viewers, Zee TV brings a dhamakedar Mahasangam of two of its popular shows, Ek Mutthi Aasmaan & Sapne Suhane Ladakpan ke. In an interesting innovation in the GEC space, the Mahasangam will be a week-long special where the pivotal characters from both the shows will cross paths and the tracks of the two ongoing shows will seamlessly blend in to one. Promising to be a sheer delight & thorough entertainment for ardent viewers of both the shows, this Mahasangam will be replete with romance, misunderstandings, dilemmas, a search & startling revelations which will lead to a major turning point in both the shows. This week long amalgamation will be telecast for an hour daily from Monday-Friday at 7 pm only on Zee TV starting from May 5th.
    The Mahasnagam will start with Kamla Tai (Shilpa Shirodkar) & husband Vitthal (Mohit Dagga) of Ek Mutthi Aasmaan searching for the engagement ring they lost for Kalpi’s fiancé. Gunjan (Roopal Tyagi) of Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke helps them find it. Gunjan who has come to Mumbai in search of Pihu (Akansha Gilani) who has been kept captive by her stalker, Vicky, comes to the chawl with Kamla Tai on her invitation…Amidst all this, kamla and family have been thinking of Sammy as the groom for kalpi which is later revealed and shocks the entire Jadhav family that kalpi’s groom is none other than Raghav Singhania. Kamla is caught in a dilemma of choosing the happiness of Kalpana & Pooki but with the timely intervention of Shail (Vaishanavi Mcdonald) & Gunjan, she is convinced that Raghav & Kalpana truly love each other and should get married. The celebrations of Raghav (Ashish Choudhary) & Kalpana’s (Rachna Parulkar) Sakharpuda ceremony are in full swing. In the meanwhile, Gunjan gets some clues about Pihu’s whereabouts but will she make it in time to find her and save Pihu from her captor, Vicky?
    The much in love couple Raghav-Kalpi manage to surpass the odds and finally look forward to tie the nuptial knot with everyone’s blessings. The Jadhav household is gearing for their marriage and there’s naach gaana galore…But there is no love story which is completed without its fair share of complications…as you head into the finale of this Mahasangam week, the audiences are in for a surprising turn of events that they would not have imagined in their wildest dreams!
    With so many parallel stories and nail biting twists & turns happening in each of the character’s lives, viewers can look forward to some high octane drama for a week with their favorite characters.
    On being a part of the Mahasangam Shilpa Shirodkar says “I was extremely thrilled to shoot for the week long Mahasangam that brings together artistes from two shows, blending their tracks in an interesting manner. It is the first time that I am a part of something like this and I am thoroughly enjoying shooting with the star cast of Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke. I hope viewers will enjoy the double dose of entertainment”
    An equally excited Roopal Tyagi says “This Mahasangam will spell entertainment galore for the audiences as they will witness the intersection of the two most intense gripping tracks from two of Zee TV’s popular shows. The fact that it will not be executed for just a stand-alone episode but run for a week is surely going to enhance the entertainment quotient for the viewers. I had an amazing time shooting with the cast of Ek Mutthi Aasmaan”
    Will Gunjan succeed in her search for Pihu and save her from Vicky’s clutches or will she return empty handed? What surprise fate has in store for Raghav & Kalapana…Will this celebration culminate in a blissful marriage for the couple?
    Watch your favorite actors coming together in a unique Mahasangam of Ek Muthi Aasmaan & Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Kefrom Monday-Friday only on Zee TV at 7-8pm.

  15. i hv mixed feelings…..if confusion wld cleared before mehndi ceremony or any other cermony before mandap neetu must create any problem then ragna ki shaadi k chances bohot kam hosate hai bt if it remains till mandap then ragna’s marraige is 100% possiable……it is my opinion……

  16. I dont know why they should care what people think success is not only acheiving money wealth and being a memsaib(whatever that is).success is define as being happy and at peace…Raghav said it well he had everything he accomplish everything yet he was unhappy until he found love and that is what made him happy. on kalpi’s first confession he told her if she loves him he would have his EMA. A woman could be married and still be successful…i dont understand why she has to leave working for him to be successful…he has been the one to made her successful….he gave he all opportunities when the odds were against her…if anyone is responsible for her success is him….because he could have say no to kamla when she ask for a job for kalpi…so why separate them…why have them sacrifice eachother…for once can we not see people getting married and living a normal life….there were already so much misunderstandings that is turning the fans of …if i was kalpi i would not care even if everyone thought i married raghav for his money because deep down that is not the story and raghav knows that….so to hell with what the world says about me….to relate this to real life situation if a woman get a promotion everyone inthe company says she is with the boss but guess what no one will say she is a great employee that is why she go the promotion….and in reality she was a great employee and was recognise for the job she is capable of doing….
    so here was my real life experience….i work in a manufacturing organisation i am at good at what i do and hence when our original company was sold to another company i was one the first they retained….i did my job to the best of my ability and was succeeding at everything i attempt….i was on a high…my manager supported me in everyway he could as well as my fellow collegues….all the other managers in the group as well appreciated the work i did….they thought i was great but then came two new individuals in the organisation and the could understand why all these managers liked me….there was nothing like i loved anyone i dealt with everyone professionally….so the new individuals could not understand why these managers would not change the things i did on the job even when they requested it.. so decided that i should have extended hrs and i disagreed….for months the made trouble and my manger and his superior would have to fight for my rights till i got fed up and handed the resignation…the day i did that all hell broke out…you see my managers stood by me because of my work as well as the leader of the group of companies…but the individuals did not stop there they went on character assination….so i was a woman and the rumours started….that they would like to know what hold i had on the men of the company…u see i work with predominately men so i was an easy target….so it hurt really bad and i told both my mom and husband and my husband laugh but said that he will not care what people say and i should stay prove them wrong and my mother said that i also stay and prove tehm wrong…..both said people just have mouth to talk so let them and everything will fall in to place….so i had there support…i did not give up because of them and i did not leave my job and i still love it and still do well….i still manage to impress new managers but i always let them know its not me all its the team i work with…so kalpi dont have to leave raghav to be successful and we need to come out of that type of thinking….and i thought EMA would depict this…..success is also happiness and love…and really those two things are kalpi’s EMA…..

    1. Hai ashrana i apreciate that you have not resigned bcs logo kya hai vo to kuch bhi khange par hum womens itni strong hoti hao ki kuch bhi sambhal sakti dekho tumare hubby tumeh kitna samjhte hai so good bus yahi matter karta ki aapke apne saath hai ya nahi aur i hope raghna bhi saath rahenge

  17. Aweeee
    Vry bad
    Achha thaa 😛 😛
    Mere saath aisa hote hote bach gya
    I take dinner at 7 pm to watch ema
    It was sat & on sat i take dinner at 9pm to watch katron ke khiladi or any other reality show
    But i forgot it was sat & just asked mom to prepare food at 7 pm but when go my sister wasnwatching roadies & then i remember ohh no aaj toh sat hai.. mjhe bhuka nhi sona pada but mera khatron ke khiladi miss ho gya

    1. This is the reply to chocopie

  18. khatron k khiladi….yepi……also lyk it….who is ur fav. in kkk……also lyk bigboss…

  19. I was right – the confusion is not going to be sorted today for sure!!

  20. And more added to it …….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hmmmm

  21. Angie I was telling u yesterday don’t keep so much hope confussion want clears till next week and next week mean not Monday after
    We have long weekend and week

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