Ek Mutthi Aasman 1st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 1st May 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 1st May 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Tha dance has started. Kalpi, Raghav, Pakhi and sammy are dancing. Kamla says to Nettu that I talked to Raghav about Pakhi. She was asking me to ask him. Nettu is dazed. Kamla says Raghav is happy with it. Nettu asks did Raghav say that > Kamla says yes. He will keep Pakhi happy. Vitthal and kamla congratulate Nettu. Nettu is on cloud9. Nettu says get Kalpi married first. There will be a lot of work in Poki’s wdding.
Nettu tells Sahil and they are both so excited.
Vitthal says Kalpi’s wedding will be remembered forever. Vitthal says I have asked Sammy to bring his parents. Pakiya comes.

Scene 2
Kalpi is dancing with Raghav. They are so close. Everyone is shocked to see them that close. Nettu says to Kamla wow your daughter is dancing with him so close. Its really disgusting. Raghav comes more closer to kalpi. He says why are your eyes wet ? Aren’t you happy . Kalpi says I have nevber been this happy in my life. She says i wanna says something sir. He says not sir again. she says i mean Raghav. I want to says the thing I never said before. I love you Raghav. He says repeat it please. I couldn’t hear Kalpi says I love you Raghav and I wanna spend my whole life with you. Raghav holds Kalpi up. A sudden shock spreads on everyone’s face. Kalpi goes and grasps Kalpi’s hand and drags Kalpi. Raghav and Kalpi are sgocked at Kamla’s reaction.

Scene 3
Kalpi comes home and says why are you doing this ? Kamla says why you crossed your limits what would people there say thart you were trying to make him fall fr you. You are about to get married. You will do as I direct.
Vitthal says your Ai is right Kalpi. I don’t want people to talk about you on your back.

Scene 3
Sammy asks Raghav to stop. Raghav says whats wrong with Kamla maa. She just said yes and now she is behaving like that. Sammy says I think she wanna meet your elders. Raghav says let me call her. Sammy says she os upset so not now. They are people of chowl they don’t find all this good. They don’t meet before marriage. If she wants you both to stay away before marriage then whats worng with that. Raghav gets a call from kapi. Kalpi says I am sorry Raghav I know you are hurt with what ai did. Raghav says no don’t be. i know why she did this. Raghav says I know she doesn’t find it good. Kalpi says Ai thinks I got you stuck. Raghav says she is right I guess. I know what she thinks that we should not meet before marriage. Kalpi says maybe.

Scene 4
Kamla asks Vitthal if he wants to eat ? Vitthal says I think you scolded her more than you should. Kamla says she is about to be married. She should stay in her limits. Sammy was there as well. What would people say. That Kalpi made sammy fall and then Raghav. This is not good.

Scene 5
Nettu says Pakhi I felt so bad. She was trying to make Raghav fall for her. Pakhi says shut up nettu. Nettu says you are so innocent. She is so clever. Pakhi says I was dancing with Sammy as well. Nettu says why was Kalpi upset when Kamla dragged her. You don’t know girls like Kalpi. She c an do anything to fulfill her dreams. Pakhi says stop it nettu you are so disgusting. I love Kalpi and Kamla maa. She talked to Raghav about me and you aere saying that about her daughter. You are jealous because i call her maa. Nettu says no matter what you says I am your mom and think about you. You were blind in Kamla’s love and now in Raghav’s. Keep all girls away from Raghav. Till then me and your dad will talk to Raghav.

Scene 6
Next morning, Sahil and Nettu come to Gauri’s room. Sahil says lets kill her. Nettu says no we can’t do her nay harm here. People will doubt us. Kepp her here and work on her memory. It should not recover. You should not come in front of her. Just 10 injections to be injected and she will not recall anyting ever. Sahil says okay I leave this all to you. Nettu goes in and Gauri wakes up. She says what am I doing here ? I have to go to Kamla. Nettu says yeah sure you have to take the medicine first. A nurse comes in. Gauri says I don’t need any injection. Nettu says this is better for you. Nettu holds her and the nurse is trying to inject. Kamla comes in. Gauri shouts please leave me. The nurse injects it and she falls unconcious. Kamla comes in and looks bewildered. Nettu is feared.

Precap- Pakiya comes in and says Ai baba Sammy has come with his parents. Kamla says he should have informed. They start cleaning everything. Sammy comes in with his parents. Kamla introduces Pakiya to them. Kamla says I think I should tell you that I was a maid before.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Hi frnds…… I am back but busy these days BC of exams….

    1. hai aman wich class r u studying????

  2. Very bad episode……just misunderstanding increasing…like typical daily soaps….I was thinking that it will be cleared……but every thing is going to be boring…..kisi ne kuch nahi kaha….Sab kuch hawa me…..

    1. Hai aman i am new on this forum how was your exams if it is not over than donot follo ema bcs u will become mad

    2. ya aman u will becum maad if u see tat serial…. yar tooo disgusting kamla and paakhi and neetu and lso sahil……. i juzzz hate them….

    3. Ek ..ankitha….dont be sad ,wait till marriage scene….I know ragna will marry….Even then if writer spoils the scene and our demand is not full filled… We will definitely stop watching this…..till that be patient…. Don’t take all bad drama seriously..I am doing same unless except ragna and sammy scene all come to spoil our mood….

  3. Guys todays epi horrible aur i want beat kamla andhi hai dikhta nahi use kalpi ragh ko lv karti hai aur dava karti hai ki apni beti ko samjhti hai an what language she is using faca liya koi maa apni beti se asa nahi kehti never anf mr.writer aapne dikha diya ki aap kitne mahan in creating confusion

  4. That’s it I’m done watching this show….. Bye guys……….

    1. Trini! wait till next week.then we will decide. we all be here whatever happens- we become so close to eachother because of RAGNA.who knows we all start writing our own RAGNA story- if it not going to happen the way we want. wait till marriage scene .

  5. If Raghav has to marry paaki BC he is blackmailed to meet his mom. This is just the typical storyline of scarfing love. This will drag on and then years later they will get together like pavitra rishta. Why would Raghav want to marry paaki? Also we keep dissing paaki but she is really good. She is happy for kalpi. But now neetu will poison her mind. This sucks and writers should hate themselves. Why can’t love be a theme in shows? Why always spoil it???

    1. No rag will marriage kalpi….no one else even if he is blackmailed BC his love is not so fragile….

    2. Raghav is so influencial -he can do to findout kalpana ki mausi. and all knows where she is. so no problem kamala will take her home.neetu should let gouri go.

  6. I’m mad! Drama, drama drama! Why didn’t Raghav come with sammy and his parents? I would think he would love to see kalpi.
    Also, why did fauei sleeping over at neetu’a???

  7. stupid creatures…….

  8. Trini plz don’t leave
    Nat paaji is good with kalpi till she don’t know about raghna ,she is zididi
    And later in ema she’ll be like her mom neetu
    Remamber pen epi ,usko pen leni thi kalpan se kamla ne samjana try Kia par usne kamla ki bhi nahi suni
    Aur woh neetu ki kabhi nahi sunti par that time she was listing to her own mom
    So they’re kapoor’s not good 4 no body’s
    When time will come paaji will forget about kamla 2

  9. hi aman welcm back…….anshu aaj aap k hi bare mein baat kr rahi thi……she wz telng us where is aman…..

    1. Hii chocopie……saare ragna fans ,Sab bahut upset hai….we all know twists hai …but ragna will marriage……not paaji…

    2. agree aman i also thnk so….

  10. Paaji is selfish and zidi , neetu shahil greedy kamla is body and brain wise big dumbo
    Vithal is nice pan always joru ka gulam

  11. guyz i wanna share with something…..i thnk cvs shrina singh(pakhi) ko negatv role dene wale hai isi liye itna confusion create kar rahe hai bcoz jab ragna ki shaadi hogi means jab mandap mein raghav paji ke saath shaadi karne se inkaar karega ga thn paji ko neetu ki baatein yaad aye gi usse lage ga kalpi ne raghav ko fasaya hai aur usse cheen liya hai then she must b vamp……

  12. hi trini plz don’t giveup…

  13. If ragav and pakhi gets married show become so bad I stop watching this show

    1. dont worry. it wont last long. do you watch – DO DIL EK JAAN – life ok. beginning it was very good.but once antra marry another guy – lost interest and went off air with a month.

  14. Todays episode is really so stupid. I’m not going to waste my time watching this serial again. I had hope that this show would be different but it’s getting to be as silly as the rest. of the Hindi serials.

    1. we willl wait till next wk end.

  15. Wat a stupid episode!!!!….y does the writers have to create so much confusion???guys except it or not its gng to be lyk other serials only,where da actress has to sacrifice n bla bla bla….hate the writers!!! Love u alwys ragna,just bcoz of u two watch ths serial otherwise all lyk typical indian soaps character.

  16. I hate todays epi.whts rung wit raghav.will it b sammy dt will b duin evrythng???wat are sammys parents duin dere…y didnt raghav cme….annoying

  17. HORRIBLE, Show is Getting BAD to WORSE.
    There is limit of misunderstanding & confusion, which this show has crossed….
    I am very disappointed , Some time little bit mystery is good to hook the audience in suspense but not this way,its only causing heartace,in old & young all viewer are in pain, So why are whaching Becuse we love Kalpana (My NUTAN & ANDERY Hepburn) KAMLA as mother a failure, disgusting shame on MOTHERHOOD which is strongest Pavitra Rishta all over the word Here we celebrate MOTHERDAY & mother like Kamla WHICH is A SHAME……I hope Raghav stays on KALPANA’s side ALL THE TIME

    1. I agree with u sneh.this show crossed limitations in creating misunderstandings and confusions.

  18. I have an idea we all us should protest to ZEE TV & writers ,in a way they should not cause so much pain for us, Specially young one who are so vonreable,
    This show is going to give also wrong impression of openness & feelings beyound any conrol How to do that…..?If they will not show Kalpana & Raghav together, it will kill the show….They should clear the misunderstandind A.S.A.P. tahat Raghav& Klpana are made for each other,Kalpana is Cindrella of Raghav & Raghav is Prince charming in Kalpana’s life……I wish it happens SOOOOOOON

  19. We shall have to be patient! Before everything gets sorted out, things will get totally mixed up- let’s just bear with it and wait…RAGNA will get married

    1. theri mooh me shakkar!!!

  20. Hello frnds mughe pata hai aap log kitne upset ho ye episodes of MU dekhkar…..per aapko to pata hai ye daily soaps aise hi hote hai….aur ham sab ragna ko like karte hai…. Aur mughe pata hai lastly marriage ragna ki hogi….so mai bas dekhkar jaada sochti nahi hun….. Aur frnds aap bhi mat sochiye…. Aur vaise bhi mahasangam ka promo aa raha hai… So I think Shail Aunty aur Gunjan di aa rahe hai… So ragna ki marriage ho hi jayegi…..

    1. theriiiiii mooh mein ghee anu shakkar!!!!!!!!

  21. Wat d hell…kya ho raha hai…why is kamla maa sooo føolish….uska bs chale to sachhai jaanne ke baad bhi wo apni beti kalpi ki jagah pakhi ki hi raaghav se shaadi karva de….aisa hua na…toh m nt gona see dis show….shz is real a foolish character…can a mother be really so!!!

  22. Guys i m remembering pandit’s bhavishyavani on paakhi’s name ceremony. He said that she will beclever, intelligent & will do anything to get wat dhe wants…..
    Guys but wat a dance of ragna

    1. Hii anshu….how were ur exams??…yes very nice…I loved the scenes of ragna….

    2. Dont call my exams wer
      They are still going yeqh that exam was okay
      Ithink i will qualify 1st stage
      I athink u knw abt medicql entrance exam
      I m giving them
      Just 2 are rone 8 are still left

  23. Now i want precap to happen
    Maza aayega dekhne mein

    1. my frnd anshu wich class r u studying yar…….? 🙂

    2. Actually i hv given my 12 class boards

    3. finishd ur board exams hw ws it??????

  24. Yes girija watched that serial and stopped after her marriage

  25. ……..also lyk RagNa’s dance…..yepi!!!!!!!!!!!! ……….duo hv really really sizzling chemistry………

  26. Hiii evry one
    I’m New here
    i dnt understand why kamala is soooo concerned abt that phaki n y nt her own daughter
    kamala will not let kalpi n raghav be happy she will be first to separate them than Kapoor’s
    expected at least this story be completely a love story but no its even with that same old stupid drama

  27. Guys… am tired of this!!! so true bad to worse… i have big presentation to finish tomorrow.. so signing off… just came in to say hi to my dear friend… am kind of done with EMA.. i just saw the recording and just saw the dance and phone call part… fast forweded rest !!! by end of next week i guess i can make a decision to completly stop watching this ! Feels bad for Ashish and Rachana though… hardwork of 2 terrific actors going down the drain !!

  28. i saw the new promo and i am afraid that kamla will emotionally blackmail kalpi to leave raghav

    1. hey plz say wer wil we gt t promo????of ema

  29. Poor kamla and vitthal apni beti ko kabhi thik se nahi samajhte…..soo I think sslk guys are coming ….they will be family of kalpi and make her to marry raghav.. Bcz as promo…..sslk guys were knowing that its ragna wedding but poor vitthal family…..still they were blind as kamla brought his fav beti…pakhi….what u think fronds why sslk guys r here…????????

    1. to make ragnas marriage simple am i right?????:)

    2. RAGNA – Run away from home ,get marrige registered and come and sit at home as if nothing happened.then pajjai and kamala ,kapoors wont do anything.!!!!!!!!!go to alibhag!

    3. Ankitha raghna marriage wont be simple bcs kamla maji hai na kaam kharab karne ke liye aur aaj to vachan bhi de aai hai neetu ko that paji an raghav will be together aha i hate this lady

  30. Thanx aman for giving us some hope we will watch ema few days more par koi batao rishta ase kiye jaate hai bina kisi ka naam liye aapki beti meri beti n all aur dekhna kal bhi samy raghna ka naam nahi lega writer ne kha dekha aise rishta hote huye aur kamla màaaaaaa pata hai neetu tumhe kitna dumb samjhti hai joy ki tum h9h

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