Ek Mutthi Aasman 19th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Raghav says to Sahil you are right. He says you are cunning as always. Just now you were misbehaving with my mom and now she is madam. Now go and bring my mom the keys or i will kick you out. Nettu says how can i give it and how can I kick you. I am calling police. Raghav says yeah thanks for reminding me I will call police and reopen some new cases. Nettu says lets settle it by oueself. Raghav says okay then do as we direct. I am taking mo to her room and you bring the keys.

Scene 2
Kamla is going to pakhi. Vitthal stops her and says you are not going anywhere, kalpi needs you the most, Kamla says I raised pakhi. She is my daughter as well. She has been hurt as well. She needs me. Vitthal says when you should have been looking after kalpi you were looking after pakhi. Still she never moaned. She has been cheated this time and all kalpi has got is her mom. If kalpi doesn’t get you she will shatter. Kamla says please let me go.
kamla says just let me go and meet her once. Kalpi over hears them. Kalpi comes downstairs and says i won’t lose my mom if she goes to meet pakhi. I have felt the pain of Pakhi as well. she has been cheated as well. You should go and meet Pakhi. Vitthal says so you showed that you are kamla’s daughter.

Scene 3
Raghav says i feel relieved maa. I never felt this successful with all my business. I won’t stop. I will destroy them completely. Gauri says why didn’t you call police ? Raghav says I want them to die every day in front of me. Gauri says yes i wanna see thme shivering as well. Raghav says Sahik has no idea what i have planned for him.

Scene 4
Kamla is on her way. She sees a womna praying on a thread for her son. She plans on doing the same for her daughter. She takes two threads and starts the prayer, she says please God I want happiness for my daughter. I want justice for them. Suddenly the wind blows the threads. Kamla says what is this God ? Will you take your blessing from them as well ?

Scene 5
Nettu i packing he stuff. She says sahil you are responsible for this. Sahil says you were so willing to get pakhi and raghav married you asked me to sign the contract. she puts in some jewelery. Gauri comes and stops her. Nettu says this is my jewelery. Gauri says it waas written in the contact that you can’t take anuything from here except for the clothes. I will call police for stealing the stuff.

Scene 6
Kalpi is in the park and thinks about Raghav. pakiya comes and says i have been looking for you everywhere. Kalpi says its easy to write house on paper than to build it on lnd. For rich people its easy to destroy the houses but for people like us it is our whole life.

Scene 7
Nettu comes to pakhi and says whya are you sitting like that ? No one can do anything to you. Its your family that is with you. That Gauri said i can’t take anything from here. Today you have to stand with your family. Raghav can’t do anything to you. You are his wife and a half share holder in his property. Go and tell him that first you are poki kapoor then singhaniya.

kalpi come home and manda says wow you are so brave that you still go out. If you now find a guy let it be of your standard. Pakiya comes with afake snake and throws it on manda. She gets scared.

Raghav comes to neetu and says where are the keys ? Nettu says I have the keys but first let Poki come. Raghav says all right and make some arrangement for you mother in law. Gauri says no its not her fault. We are not like them she can live here until she gets normal.
pakhi comes there. Nettu says tell them what have you decided. Speak it out that waht Mrs Raghav want. Don’t be scared we are with you. They cna’t kick us out. Nettu says all you did was wrong and everyone pays for his mistakes. Whatever is happening had to happen. Now i have to suffer because of you. I am being punished by the one whom i loved the most. Raghav stand up and takes keys from nettu. Kamla comes there and is dazed to see whats going on. Nettu says Kamla they are throwing us out of our home. Please ask Raghav not to do this. Where will we go now. He has taken everything from us.

Precap- Kamla says if they are culprits then you are a bigger culprit than them. You broke dreams of kalpi and heart of pakhi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. i just want to know like everyone will be excited if raghav plan is relly some terffic like sab dhare ka dhara raha jaay revenge bhi hou jaae or payar ke value bhi apne jagha hou like marriage is fake raghav and paakhi will play this game together to teach lesson to kapoors and help raghave then it would be good one otherwise all things looks stupidity. sammy will come and fight with him and he is onl person who correct raghav’s mistakes and now he will be with kalpi even though paakhi as well.

    1. if it happens than it will be good ya by putting some suspense pd can create again interest of viewers in ema

  2. am thinking continously that koi itna dumb aur foolish kaise ho sakta kamla maa kaisi hai kapoors ka crime kuo naho samajh rahi hai kapoor ruined the life of singhanias for their lust and still she is standing with kapoors

  3. hone ko toh kuch b hoskta hai dear aur jahan PD ki baat ho vahan toh impossible b possible hoskta……

  4. i think they removed SAMMY character from EMA.come back SAMMY GURUJI. where are you?

  5. really ya…. miss him 2……. ek vahi toh tha raghav ko achi advice dene wala!!

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