Ek Mutthi Aasman 19th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Mutthi Aasman 19th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Raghav is in his room. Pakhi comes and asks if she can come in. He nods. She gives him coffee, he accepts. Pakhi says Kamla maa has invited us over for dinner. Ragahv Is shocked. Pakhi says we can go there as friends Raghav. Raghav says I will contemplate. Pakhi leaves.

Raghav says God has given God chance to remove Kamla maa’s misunderstandings. If I deny she will be hurt.

There kalpi says what is this God. The more I wanna go away from Raghav the more he comes in front of me. How will I see him with pakhi. I can’t see him with someone else. He filled my mang in front of you how can I see this. I don’t know what happens to me when he is in front of me. She me come path. She takes the sindur and puts in her hairline and hides under hair. Kamla comes and asks didn’t you wash the vegetables. Kalpi says I have to go ask for somegoods for hotel. We have to do it today.
Kamla says I told you yesterday and I am telling you today that we have to face the reality. My kalpi has to move on and go forward. You have to go ahead that much that when you see Raghav you feel like he is much behind you. For hotel we need soa many support. That’s all I think kalpi. You should be strong enough to face Raghav. Rest is up to you. She leaves. Kalpi steps forward.

Scene 2
Nettu is downstairs. filling water. She sees manda buying the vegetables. Nettu goes there and says give me one kilo potatoes. My daughter ad her husband are coming. I have to make paratha for him. Won’t get the chance again. Nettu leaves and says take the money from kamla. Manda tells the whole chowl.

Scene 3
Pakhi is getting ready she is so excited to go. But she says where is Raghav. Does he wanna go or not. Kamla maa won’t feel God if Raghav doesn’t come.

Kamla says to kalpi I have made all the dishes. Kalpi says what about yogurt ? Kamla says oh I forgot it. Can you make it. Suddenly they look at each other.
Netu says you know all about Raghav. You could make a good couple with him. But poor kalpi you have a bad fate. kamla says did you say something. Nettu says oh yeah I was saying poki and Raghav are so lucky that you care this much about them. Nettu says its 9 pm Raghav is not here. I think he won’t come. Kamla says I have invited him over. Nettu asks where is Vitthal ? Kamal says he will come late. Nettu says oh he should have come earlier. It would be fun.

Scene 4
Pakhi is anxiously waiting for Raghav. Its 10 pm. She calls Raghav but his phone is off she calls Sammy but he isn’t receiving as well. Pakhi says I better go alone.
Kamla says wher are they ? Nettu says I told you that they won’t come. Lets eat I am hungry. kamla says we will eat together. I trust pakhi she will come for sure. Kalpi says In her heart its better that they are not coming.

kamal goes out to look. Mada says you daughter and her husband are coming. I have placed water in my fridge. Haven’t they come ? How can they. Pakhi must have stopped. She knows that her husband love kalpi. Suddenly Pakhi says kamla maa, people move aside its pakhi with Raghav. Kamla is happy to see them. They both touch kamla’s feet. Kamla says I knew you’d come. She asks kalpi to bring the arthi plate and does the arthi of both. She asks them both to come in. Kamla makes them both sit together. Kamla tells pakhi what has she made for both of them. Kamla asks kalpi to bring cold water. Manda and some ladies are looking in. A lady says look pakhi and Ragahv look happy together. You always lie manda. Nettu says you look so good in saari poki. Pakhi says kamla maa there is so much peace here. Kamla says peace is
all we poor people have. We can’t get happiness easily but we reach out for them.

Pakhi goes to kalpi and asks how are you ? Kalpi says good you ? SHe says I am good too. Kamla maa told me about your restaurant idea. Let me know if I can help you in any way. She says Kalpi what is this red thing in your hair line. Everyone is shocked for a moment. Kamla says she went to temple some sindur must have been put in her hair. Kalpi is making the drink. Pakhi takes the glass and gives it to Raghav. Nettu says Raghav you must have been enjoying in that house. Nettu says I am enjoying here too. Nettu says kamla put some black on pakhi she should be saved from bad eyes. Kamla says its not needed Raghav will save her from everything.

Nettu gives Raghav the glass and throws some on him. He says what are you doing ? Nettu says oh I did this by mistake. Go out and clean it. Kalpi will help you out. Kamla says to pakhi go and help him with washing. Nettu stops pakhi and says no you are a guest sit here. Pakhi wanna go but nettu is not letting her. Nettu says go kalpi help him. They are guests. Kalpi goes out with the water.

Outside kalpi is helping Raghav to wash it and says why you came Raghav you could have said no. Raghav says kamla maa would have been hurt if didn’t come. He holds kalpi’s hand and says even God wants us to meet kalpi. I didn’t come by my own. Vitthal sees them holding hands and grunts kalpi. Kamal Nettu and Pakhi go running out.

Precap- Kalpi, kamla, Vitthal and neetu are in the band for lone. The manager gives kalpi the form. Kalpi looks at it and says its Raghav Singhniya’s name in the guarantee section. I didn’t write it. He says you wrote it. We got the form this way. Suddenly Raghav comes in.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hurry up please i cant wait to see pook with raghave in front of the warld

    1. R u damn out of your mind

    2. see at home with pookhi ,nooone want to see Raghav with pookhi, so THE END for EMA.

  2. i want see raghav back with kalpi

  3. These is too much why kamala could not tell about sindoor to paki.raghav-paki is Bakwaas pair.we could not see them together. don’t make audience fool.If raghav-paki fall in love then TRP going to be ZERO.

  4. i just want to see raghav back to kalpi. and i also do want to see raghav talk nicely to pakhi,its irritating to watch.

  5. I am so happy that Raghav saw the sindoor on Kalpi’s forhead and now he knows she really loves him.

  6. There was no doubt that they like each other but seeing him being nice to paaki well, where is the revenge? Neetu is ruining kalpi’s life so if anyone is giving revenge it’s neetu! When the heck will neetu suffer and why do they have to wait a year to show their destruction? Was that written somewhere when Raghav made sahil sign those papers?? I don’t think so BC that was gauri’s idea afterwards!!! So what is this show showing???? Bad guys get away with murder and the poor have to suffer BC as Kamla says they are poor so they suffer but with respect!!!! Bull shit!!!! I only read updates now and slowly I will lose interest in that too. A show has never made me more mad than this stupid one!!!! Why do I keep giving the writer’s a chance?? What the hell is sammy? Raghav should tell him to take care of kalpi and then slowly they should start caring for each other. I know it’s the same old story but at least viewers will keep watching!!! Raghav and kalpi’s love story is going nowhere and slowly it will be forgotten and stale!!

  7. With Mothers like Kamalaa will drive their kids elope and do what they want. BTW writers why have you made Kalphi so speech less. She is supposed to be like a spit fire, who studied in street light and fought the goons to top the university and who was sent to Pune alone to bring Raghav alone when the chowl was being destroyed, now she can’t say a word other than nodding head.

    Kalpi is better not getting any blessing from a mother like Kamlaa. If there is a category for “Wo…rst character of a mother any movie or serial”, Kamalaa should get . She is well deserved.

    BTW today’s episode Kamlaa invites the couple and not Gauri. Is this a behavior of a mother who is planning to get her sainthood ?. Also in yesterdays episode could not ignore the audacity & arrogance she showed when she enters Raghav’s house as if she owns the house & shows the anger on him. For God’s sake she lives in a property that Raghav owns. Writers (Ms.Pawandeep) you guys are such hypocrites. Get your thoughts strightened out. Are you writers this confused in real life? Mr.Tony and wife you guys need better writers or take your current writers to mental institution.

    Then you have Dr.Gauri who is taking revenge on Kapoors by becoming a member of the kitty party and replacing Ms.Neetu’s job. While Kapoors in Manipulative Kamalaas house causing trouble and having domestic worker Kamalaa do her domestoc chores for them .

    Sorry Ashish, Rachana and the director saab. You should start looking for another job and maintain your standing. While Meesha Gautam and creative team Pawandeep khwathra can get some mental treatment :-))))))

  8. Poora Aasmaan Bhar kar BAKWAS

  9. Story line is just going sad…direction is sad no practical facts. . Where is the revenge. I think saas bahu serials are much better. …I think….started very nice but now it’s really sad

  10. Maha bakwaas

  11. mytwobitsworth

    Hi Guys….

    I don’t watch this serial anymore, No written updates and I don’t even know the story now.. I just saw a few familiar names on the side bar and popped over to say something.
    Just think about the Character of Raghav Singhania, forget Ashish. If you look at it, he is one character who is self centered, egotistic and arrogant.
    He was always belittling and insulting Kalpi. What kind of a person does that to someone less privileged that him?
    Throughout, he has followed Paakhi’s lead, remember the Holi sequence?
    Knowing fully well how Kamla has given Paakhi priority over Kalpi. he has akways taken her for granted.
    What kind of man dissappears without giving reason at all, after promising Kalpi that he will come and talk to her parents?
    What kind of man, knowing that a poor family has poured their savings into their daughters wedding, would go and marry another person and show up there again in front of all the invitees.
    What kind of person lets his lover be punished so that his mother can have her saw called revenge. which really is not happening. the Kapoor’s daughter got what she wanted anyway. and she will get too in the future.
    What kind of an idiot marries to take revenge. That too for one year. A legally wedded wife can hold her husband by his balls. That is if he had any to start with.
    These are just some instances in the characterisation. The plot itself is beyond stupid.
    You don’t just sign away anything at home like that. A man on the street can tell you that Sahil can approach the court saying he was made to sign under threat. Its legally void then.
    A big businessman like Sahil is not missed in his office? Does the CBVs have ant idea of what goes on in a business,the process of getting signatures and approvals etc.

  12. mytwobitsworth

    The fact is we don’t like Raghav, we like Kalpi and are sad for her.
    If the production house hands this serial over to me today and tells me clean up the mess…I would introduce a character like Arnav Raizada of IPKKND. Angry arrogant, but decent to the core. Human integrity is non negotiable…

    As of now I have fallen in love with Dr. Raahat in Qubool Hai. Till the CVs screw that up, I will watch him.

  13. Kamla makes me sick. I really hope kalpi and raghav end up together. If pookie ends up wid raghav I think we all should stop watching this show

  14. So far with the series I have seen I think Jodha Akbar will carry lots of trophies, the writers are very enlightened and precise, it’s worth watching.This ema is a complete flop, pls fold up.

  15. Hi I will like to now when will nutte and sahil will be moving out off vitthals home, why can pookie help them fine and apartment it is time for them to move on camala place. I think its time small, ema start changing the story around Joda Akbar ,Kumkum is the going right now. Kal keep smiling .

  16. I don’t find kamla’s reaction bad.for God’s sake raghav is already married so kalpi should leave him alone and move forward and if raghav and his mother truly love kalpi they would have forgotten about their revenge and chosen kalpi but were bent on destroying pakhi’s life and now instead of ruining pakhi’s life raghav is ruining his life so I don’t blame pakhi and kamla

  17. I think paakhi is the one who is taking revange poor raghav bcoz paakhi is taking revang on him

  18. Hate ema pookie vithal and dumbo
    Like neetu right now
    Raghav merry pookie for revange but right now raghna is unhappy ,so where is revange??
    Dumbo is pushing kalpi do that do this not understanding her own daughter and worry about her pooki baby
    Raghna know they love eachother
    But what next ??
    Pooki is using friendship drama I never remamber if raghav and pookie had a bonding like frnds so where they bring this all drama

  19. Shame on pookie she knew raghna love eachother , jab kalpi pooki se pucha tum Kesi ho pakhi tab woh kalpi to batati hai
    Me bahot Khush hoo
    Hate every body from ema manda dady pooki dumbo vithal
    Just love raghna

  20. Hello all, guys i am little bit happy to watch yesterday’s episod anyone noticed that god vitobba’s blessings in sindoor used by kalpi she put that sindoor in her hairline so its clear that god always with raghave and kalpi and they will be together we all know that but the thing is when dont messup their love do not give eveything to paakhi, she already got everything but dont get ragahva love care and all. ema is really bad now.

  21. but i know raghave starts love and care to paakhi as per writerthoughts and bad luck of kalpi but how muchgod will punish her she will get good soon with raghave pure love

  22. Mytwobitsworth!! You are so right. Raghav’s character is so bad. He totally doesn’t care about kalpi BC otherwise he wouldn’t do the things he does to her! She is getting in trouble everyday from the chawl persons, her parents, neetu, s*x perverts. Etc. All the while he now gets to be nice to paaki. Where is the revenge and isn’t he smart enough to have figured it out!! Where is sammy, looking for another job??? He should!!

  23. Raghav&kalpi love is love hai.but understanding story ,story not a strong

  24. Too much bakwas – How stupid is Kamla – she says she loves her daughter but trying to keep her away fromthe person she loves. This is all rubbish – not interested in this show any more. Bull shit!

  25. whenever kamla talking about love for her daughter infornt of anyone even its kalpi as well her intention always for pakhi . see old episod and heck in future wheater she will do and show her care for kalpi that all benefit and love goest to only pakhi not kalpi she alwyas hurt indiretly. kamla is very clever and paakhi also

  26. Dumla look very happy in yesterday epi when her pookie baby came
    With mr ragahv shinganiaji
    Don’t understand why pookie hold raghavs hand and why he let her hold his hand

  27. Think so ema with end up with rakhi
    No more hope for our raghna

  28. check out TRP of EMA this week
    Twitter / TheWittyKitty: @tellychakkar @TellyTalkIndia …
    @ tellychakkar @ TellyTalkIndia @ tellytadka @ PinkvillaTelly The viewers’ gift to cast & crew of Ek Mutthi Aasmaan pic.twitter.com/ffWYCvIZZa

    Falak Khan U r ryt padma…..ab inhe malum hoga ki hm fans kya kr skte hn…
    Like · 1 min
    Girija Paramashivaiah

  29. ek mutthi rubish

  30. i really think this serial ia annoying,for god sake how can kalpi frgt about wat her parents did to her,how can she frgt about d values they instilled on her for a man who trully doesnt love her,i tink its tym she shuld frgt about him nd starts a new life afresh,nd also shes disobeying her parents too much,wat if he falls for paakhi,i tink kalpi deserves som1 better than raghav

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