Ek Mutthi Aasman 19th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Mutthi Aasman 19th December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 19th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Kalpi says to Paki that I will top the exam and will make my Ai mine forever. Paki says so you are telling me what to do in my own car. I am not scared of you Kalpi. Car stops on a signal and Kalpi says thanks for the drive Paki i will go by my own from here. Kalpin gets out of the car.
Kamla drops her phone in the water. Vitthal says thats okay is your hand burnt ? Kamla says i don’t know why my heart feels like something wrong is gonna happen. Vitthal says don’t thinks too much everything will be all right. Kalpi is on the road looking for the rickshaw. She sees the lawyer Varma stops by and telling Prem that he has got the papers and will get their signs. They are poor innocent people. Singhniya chowl is about to be ours. Kalpi listens all this. She

understands that he is the man of Kappors. She calls Kamla but she isn’t receiving her phone. She says i will be late if I go back chowl but I won’t let this happen either.
Varma arrives at the chowl while kalpi is running on the road trying to contact Kamla. Varma shows Vitthal the papers. everyone looks contented. Vitthal says you are too fast. he asks all of them to sign the papers. Kalpi is roaming on the road. Everyone has signed the papers just Kamla and Vitthal are left. Kalpi drops her bag on the road and her pen falls too. Kalpi gets a rickshaw. Kamla asks what is written in the papers. He says I have told you that this is your request in the court. Kamla says I don’t feel it right. Lawyer says I am wasting my time for you people and you are doubting me. Vitthal signs the papers. Kamla’s rickshaw is stuck by a two cars clash. Its kamla’s turn now. She holds the pen and signs the papers. Varma says thank you so much. I will fire the appeal in court. He is moving towards the car he sits in his car and KAlpi stands by in front of his car. He asks the driver to drive. A man of chowl gets kalpi to a side and asks what are you doing. Kalpi gets home. Kamla asks what are you doing here its your exams time. Kalpi asks Kamla did varma come here and asked you to sign the papers ? He is the man of Kapoors. Please do something. You have to stop him. Kamla says I will stop him you go and drop her to the exams. Kalpi says no I will go by my own. You both go together.

Scene 2
Everyone reaches the college. Exam is about to start in 10 inutes. paki wonders where is Kalpi.

Scene 3
Prem make sNettu sit on his chair. he says to her that i will make you sit on the tallest building of the world. The man who made me a loss I will make my mall on his own site. Nobody can stop us from demolishing that chowl. I will teach Raghav the consequence of fighting from Kapoors. Sahil comes in and says can I disturb the mom and son. Prem says I have learnt all from you. i wanna be like you in fact a little more than you. Sahil says yes you will. He says I have a good news we have an investor. Nettu is so happy. Prem hugs sahil and says I love you dad.

Scene 4
Kalpi reaches the college and Kamla reaches the court. Vitthal says please get us to that lawyer my lord. Vitthal asks her to look on one side and he looks on the other side. They ask different people about Varma. Kamla looks at him she screams his and says don’t get those papers in the court. Varma runs. Kamla tells Vitthal she is following him and Vitthal is following her.
Kalpi gets to the hall and the examiner says sorry you are too late i can’t allow you so sit. Kalpi says I am sorry sir there was an emergency. Kalpi begs him. He says don’t waste my time go home back. She says if someone is has the last ray of hope of saving his house. You won’t understand. You must have born in your own house built by your dad.
Kamla asks Vitthal where are the papers. He says I acn’t do anything it has been submitted. he says I can’t do anything. Vitthal says what about our chowl. Our house will demolish.


Precap- Kamla asks lawyer why you did this to us. Prme says he is mu name. You are poor helpless people. better be that. You signed the papers and surrendered the chowl to me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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