Ek Mutthi Aasman 18th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Mutthi Aasman 18th September 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 18th September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Kamla asks Vitthal to go back home and take care of Vitthal.

Scene 2
Sahil trying to save Nettu says in front of Guru ji that she made no difference between a servant’s daughter and her own. Guru ji says its okay. It was all meant to be. She says ko Kamla that you are so lucky to have a daughter like this.

He tells about Nettu’s daughter that she will be stubborn and cleaver. She will get what she wants. The future and fate of these girls is inter related.
Guru ji suggests that her name should start from ‘p’, ‘Pareeniti’, says guru ji. ‘Pooja’ says Sahil. Guru ji denies both of the name and says ir shoild be more beautiful. ‘Paki’, suggests Kamla. Guru ji is impressed he says Sahil from today your daughter will be

called ‘Paki’. Sahil says lets go to arrange meal now.

Scene 3
A man comes along with his son, Sahil is dazed. Guru ji says i have called him here. The man says says to Guru ji this is my son. Guru ji says he wont be like his dad. sahil says your son reminds me of Prem always, smart, intelligent and peaceful adds Guru ji. Kamla over hears that Singhanya is there.

Scene 4
Nettu says to Mahraj to make good food. She talks to the boy and asks his name. He says Raginder Singhanya. Nettu asks if he wants something he sasy no. Nettu leaves and the boy is playing with Kalpana. Kamla says looks like Kalpana likes you. Kamla gives him Parshad. He asks why on baby is in cot and other not. She tells him that this is my baby i wo
rk here adn that one is of Nettu madam.

Scene 5
Singhanya says to Sahil that i gave you all the money of mill and you have the responsibility of my workers and don’t forget that is sell this mill to you on low rates because of Guru ji.
He turns to Guru ji and asks him to suggests, Guru ji says you have to pay all of the workers money i am saying this because you owe them not Sahil. And Sahil whatever you make on mill’s place you have to give 1% to Ragnder. Raginder over listens everything. Singhanya sees him.

Sahil calls him in and confratulates him for being his partners. They both meet guru ji and are leaving.

Scene 6
Downstairs Kamla stops them for meal Singhanya says have tried Parshad not need to try food. Still thanks for asking. When they leave, nettu says to Kamla who are you to invite someone on food in our house. kamla leaves.

Scene 7
Kamla is serving food. They all start the meal. Guru ji starts first.
After food Guru ji meets everyone. He asks Kamla to take cae of her daughter and tells her that your daughter is the queen of destiney and fate.
Mami ji, Rajji and prem sits to eat the food. Kamla is helping Mahraj.
Sahil says i am so hungry.
Nettu calls out the baby with some other name Sahil is not happy at this. She says you know maid has named her not Guru ji.

Precap-Vitthal is doing Pooja. Manta says wow dad is doing pooja while son is stealing from others’ hose. Vitthal says i will not leave him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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