Ek Mutthi Aasman 17th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Mutthi Aasman 17th December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 17th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Kamla is looking at kalpi from behind a tree. Pakiya asks her why she stopped there ? She says I don’t wanna disturb her. Kamla says Pakiya I saw so many dreams for you too bu I couldn’t accomplish them. He says you have made me a good man that is enough for me. Kamla says I don’t wanna leave kalpi alone but I can’t stay with her on all roads. Pakiya says she is so confident and strong. She can fight. Kamla says I am staying here go make a coffee for her.

Scene 2
Paki is with mummy ji. She says I can’t concentrate on my studies. Mummy ji asks whats troubling you. She says i am worried about kamla ma and other people in chowl. Mummy ji says God doesn’t do bad with good people.
Kamla calls Paki. She asks how was kalpi’s interview ?

She says i gave it to. It was weird but good. Paki says only one of us can top. Kamla says I wish both of you top the exams. She says I love you bye. Mummy ji asks paki are you happy now n? She says yes.
Paki is studying on her laptop. She says I can’t concentrate until I don’t get any solution for the chowl’s problem. She goes to Prem’s room who is sleeping. She rummages in his closet and finds a file. She is dazed. She syss yes this is the solution of Kamla maa’s problem. Your paki won’t let you come on the road.

Scene 3
Everyone is doing the pooja in chowl. Pakiya sees paki there and asks what is she doing here ? She says I wanna meet kamla maa. She says to Vitthal that I have brought something important for you all. She says can you see this file and tell her about it. Vitthal says no talk to her yourself. Pakiya goes to call kamla. Kamla asks has he brought the coffee ? He tells her that paki is there she has come up with something. Kamla asks him to stay there and she will come back after meeting her.
Kamla goes to the chowl and asks what is she doing there ? She says i was scared of being caught. She says I have brought a solution for your problem. I can’t see you in trouble. She shows her the file. Paki tells her that in this file its written that dad only has the power of attorney. Chowl is of singhaniya’s. You can live here. Paki tells her the whole story. Everyone in the chowl celebrates. Mamda says you brought such a good news. Everyone is so happy except kamla. paki says yes kamla maa i can’t see you in trouble. Kamla slaps her.

Scene 4
A jeep of street boys starts annoying kalpi. They say her mom works she will become a maid too. They take her book and start making fun of her books. She is asking them to give her book back. Raghav along with his friend comes their in a car and is looking at all this. They tear her books. She is looking at Raghav.
Manda says I am saying to tear these papers this will save our chowl. Kamla says have you gone mad? This is not easy. Court must have the record Kamla says this is a crime. Manda says who will tell police. Paki says I am sorry kamla maa please forgive me.
There sammy says to raghav that this is kalpana Kamla bai’s daughter we should go to help her. Raghav stops him. KKalpi slaps a boy and says what you think of yourself. You are so proud of yourselves right ? Boys like you think that girls can only work in the house. I don’t blame you for this because your mother’s have made you like this. She sys I am not alone there are so many poor people who want to study. I will still study with these torn bokks. All girls will study and I will take this initiative. You have failed in everything more than anything in being a good human. Kalpi looks at raghav and says he thinks himself too much as well. She goes to him and says you never helped me. You wanted to show in the interview that girls can’t do anything. He says then show what can you do. He leaves and she says I hate him

Precap-Nettu prem and Sahil come along with police at the chowl. Prem says this is the kamla bai who stole the file arrest her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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