Ek Mutthi Aasman 17th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 17th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 17th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Raghav opens the door and Kalpi is there. She is wearing a pink sari. Pakhi gets ready. Nettu comes and says why you smile when you think about Raghav. Pahi says there is no such thing.
The party has started, Raghav is with sammy and looking at Kalpi. Pakhi wonders where Raghav is.Kalpi comes in front of Raghav bu Pakhi comes in between. Raghav says beautiful. Pakhi says oh thank you. He realizes that she is between him and Kalpana. Raghav asks Sammy to handle everything while he wants to spend time with Kalpi. Raghav asks Kalpi to come with him. He holds her hand and takes her with him. He has covered her eyes and takes her to poolside. He says this is all for you. I want to make everything special. The poolside is decorated with lanterns. He says before you there was nothing in life but today I wanna open my heart in front of you. I love you Kalpi. Its written with some lights as well. Pakhi is looking everywhere fro Raghav and Kalpi. He says everytime you hold back your feelings. Doesn your heart feel the same way mine does. Kalpi holds his hands and says sir.. He says Raghav not sir. She says someone will come, He says no one will come until you don’t answer Raghav. I see love in your eyes but I wanna hear from you. The whole sky will be in my fist once you confess your love to me. Kalpi recalls every moment they have spent together. Raghav asks do you ? Kalpi says yes I do. The fireworks start in the sky. Raghav hugs her and lifts her up. He says I have everything in my fist today. I love you kalpi. He holds her closer and kisses her cheek. Pakhi comes at the pool side looking for Raghav. Kapi goes a little far from Raghav. Pakhi sees him and says Raghav sir I have been looking for you all guests are there. She sees JKalpi too and asks what are you doing here ? Sammy says I saw it already we can’t party here. Its against the society rules. Kalpi is talking to Sammy and Pakhi says wow my guess was so right. Raghav and Kalp are smiling at each other. Sammy asks did Kalpi like your surprise. He says yes. They both go fro drinks. Raghav gets a call, Kalpi comes and drinks from his juice.

Scene 2
Kamla is waiting for Kalpi. She thinks about the way she talked to sammy. Vitthal asks what are you thinking? Kamla goes in. He says why don’t you take the food. Kamla says its something to worry about. I think Kalpi loves someone. He laughs and says she is a kid she doesn’t even know the meaning of love. Kamla says sammy is the guy. Vitthal says there is no such thing. Kamla says he is rich and we live in this chowl. Vitthal says trust your daughter a little. Kamla says I do but I still fear.

Scene 3
Raghav is drunk he holds Kalpi’s hand in front of everyone for dance. Pakhia asks sammy what is he doing. Sammy says he is drunk I guess, let us dance. They go fro dance as well but pakhi is looking at them with jealousy.

PRECAP-Raghav says to Kalpi I always lost the people i ever loved. My dad left me and my mom left both of us when we needed her the most. Mummy ji says to sahil that I will reveal your crime to police i am going right now.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. ya.after party everyone left.Pajji told that her car ir repair thinking Raghav may drop her.instead raghav told sammy to drop her

  2. That’s all 4 ema epi??

  3. neetu and sahil were talking abt how they killed Raghav’s father and how they create misunderstanding between Gouri and singhania.how they beat Raghav without knowing him who hit him.,gouri saw her husband killed by kapoors, she ran away from the place to escape from gundas who were following. Sahil mother heard each and every word and confront neetu and sahil,& threaten she will expose them and tell the police what happened.other side raghav told everyhting abt him and parents to kalpana . kalpana huggs him with tears in her eyes/while arguing dadi slipped and fallen from stairs – same time Pakhi came home to see her dadhi fallen/

  4. just now it is over .after watching i came here to give the story

  5. Thank u giri… here in south africa its 6.30 pm

  6. i love raghav and kalpana bounding and want to see more pls writer do it

  7. Hey…guys this is aayat….I just wanted to say that raghav…o my goodnees… raghav how can u looking always sooo dash….raghav u sooo cute in serial… whenever I c ur romantic episode… soo much blash on my face…u r just fab…n really missed you in weekends….kapli n raghav u guys look like just..make for each other…perfect chemistry… in both of u guys….I just want to see more romance in upcoming episode…really love u guys….make sure raghav u will be more more cute n dash…as always…u r..in serial.. raghav u just kill me…in 5 days on a week..m big cute crash on urs…sooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhh love uuuuuu……n bless you… in ur whole life…n success…

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