Ek Mutthi Aasman 16th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 16th October 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 16th October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Kamla says to Diviyah that i am mother of Paki but i could not teach her good or bad thats why nothging effects her. Nettu comes in and says finally you realize you mistake.
Nettu says to Kamla look what has you bringing up cost me. Now who is gonna rectify this, who will teach her you? Kalpana says why madam talks to Ai like this she always do what Nettu asks her to.
Door bell rings.

scene 2
Kalpana sees and abacus in the room she is in, Raghav says this is mine. Kalpana gets cinfused she says i just stopped to see this, raghav asks her to stop.
When Kamla opens the door she finds the teacher, he says that poki apologized me and says that she will study from me. Paki welcomes him and said she has done all the questions he asked to. Nettu syas am i dreaming? Sahil pinch me. Sahil pinches her, she shouts you never listen to me. Sahil laughs.

Scene 3
Raghav says to kalpi that this is called abacus, he says her that she can take it. kalpi says no my mom asks me not to take things form others. He says my dad gave me this, i don’t give it to anyone. But you like maths this will help you take it. kalpana takes it and thanks raghav.

Scene 4
Manda is buying vegetables and is fighting with the seller. Pakiya comes and says how is the business brother? Pakiya says why you hurt poors manda tai? You will steal from them. Pakiya says i saw you stealing the tomato. Manda syas i haven’t she pours her bag on the stall and the tomatoes are there. She says i have not done this. Pakiya sasy who asked you to comment on my baba yesterday? I won’t stop teasing you until yo don’t stop your devilish deeds. Manda says i will take the vengeance of this.

Scene 5
Paki is studying with a lot of devotion. Kamla sees her.
Vitthal calls at the house of Kapoor. Kalpi tells him that i am studying while playing. He asks how is your ai? She says she is really happy. Paki is studying and she has called her teacher. Vitthal says her good bye. Vitthal says everyone gotta accept that she has two daughters.

Scene 6
The teachers says to sahil that paki is really brights student, sahil says thats like my daughter. Nettu says come here my almond candy. Paki sees kamla and hugs her instead of nettu. Kamla says i am sorry my daughter i scolded at you. Paki says no you did this for my good. I will study hard now and won’;t misbehave with my elders not even with nettu. Nettu is still very angry about her ignorant behavior towards her. kamla says now you show that there has no shortcomings in my bringing up. Kalpi also hugs them.

Scene 7
Kamla goes to raghav’s room and finds him looking at his dad’s picture and crying. kamla says are you missing your dad? Raghav says these photos, i clicked them. A day before his death i didn’t know that he won’t be with me next day. Kamla says thats why we should always thank God for what we have when they are not with us we understand their worth. She says that till his reign my vitthal used to work i used to do household, when your dad used to come in ganpati he knew that who makes which dish better. They are both in tears. She says singhanya was a really good man. Tears are slipping on Raghav’s cheecks, they are beyond his control. He says but your husband hates my dad and all the workers too? Kamla says no they were all worried because the mill was shut we knew that till we have singhanya sir we will have no problem. Nettu comes in asks is kamla annoying you ? He says no she was just here to drop the lunch. Nettu asks what were you doing on laptop playing games ? Kamla says no his computer was not working so he used the laptop.

Scene 8
Vitthal is making dishes in the house and sale these. Diviyah asks him to let her taste. He says no kamla will taste first.
Vitthal arranges the table and chairs, when kamla comes in she is really happy to see this all. She says to kalpi there is no one like your dad in this world. She says to him that i am lucky to have you. He says then try the bhajiya. He makes her sit on the table and sits in front of her. He makes her eat with his own hands. Kamla makes kalpi eat she says no i will eat later theses are specially made for you i have to do some work.
Vitthal asks kamla how is it?

Scene 9
Kamla shouts at Pakiya fr his new hairstyle. He says that i earned 10 rupees by repairing the cycle. Kamla is really angry she syas you will come with me to madam’s house. Pakiya says to kalpi this is all because of you. Kamla asks kalpi to let her teacher solve the question, she syas she can’t even solve it its not from my syllabus. Vitthal says why don’t you ask paki’s teacher?

precap- Kamla asks nettu if kalpana can aks the teacher a question. She says can you think he will answer student of a government school don’t even send kalpi there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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