Ek Mutthi Aasman 16th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Mutthi Aasman 16th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Kamla is making the food. Vitthal comes and says he will make it. They start cooking together. Kalpi checks Kamla hand. She says i will make it you are not fine yet. Kamla says I am fine. She takes her to sofa and says do you want tea ? Manda comes up with breakfast. She says I have brought tea. Manda says I though how will you eat ypu must be upset so I came here. Pakiya says go manda tai. Manda says I knew it much before that Raghav will marry Pakhi. She is so pretty and rich like Raghav. Nettu always wanted that too. I used to wonder why he came here. So he came here to make a second girlfriend. They make more than one GF’s but marry one. I saw Kalpana and Raghav at the terrace. Pakiya kicks her out. Maanda shouts and says no one will marry her. She is the rejected one. Manda tells other neighbours that they threw her out she brought breakfast for them.
Kamla says don’t worry kalpi. Pakiya says I will kill Raghav. He flirted with my sister and married pakhi for money. Kalpi says Raghav doesn’t love Pakhi. She says yes thats the truth. He has not married her for money. Kamla asks how you know that ? Pakiya says he is making you fool. Kalpi says no he wanna take revenge of his dad’s death from pakhi’s parents. He told me everything that night. He met his mom a few days ago. He didn’t know that she was still alive. When he came to know that Nettu and Sahil killed his dad. He went and married pakhi. Kamla says he spoiled pakhi’s life too. She says her heart is broken let me call her. Vitthal stops her and says this is too much. Kalpi is the one who needs you. Pakhi has her parents. kalpi doesn’t have anyone but you.

Sceen 2
Gauri is going through the childhood pictures of Raghav. Raghav brings her coffee. She says do you know when you were young your dad used to act like a kid. He used to tease me like you. He alwasy loved you more than i did. He used to say that when he will grow up people will look up to us. I will be proud of him. He saw so many dreams for you. Thats why he left his property for you. But look how things changed you had a mom but you were orphan. Your dad couldn’t see you growing up. This all has happened because of sahil. He projected me characterless, tried to kill me and destroyed my house. Raghav says now their dreams will be shattered. If someone will pay then it will be his family. We will take revenge of all they did to us. Lets go with me. Gauri asks where ? He says there are some old things that need to be cleared.

Scene 3
Pakhi is hopelessly in tears. Nettu is smiling. Sahil asks Pakhi hasn’t woken up ? She says no. Maybe she is up but they haven’t come out. Nettu says let me bring her the coffee. Sahil says no leave them alone. Remember on our golden night we didn’t come out of room for two days.
Kalpi finds a rose besides her bed. She recalls when Raghav gave her that artificial rose and said my love in it is real. it will stay alive forever. Kalpi says your love was fake like this flower. Kamla is about to come but she sees kalpi and stops at the doorstep.

Nettu looks for manda but she hasn’t come yet. Nettu takes the paper from door and is about to close it when Raghav stops her. nettu says what are you doing here I though you’d be in the room. Well come on come in. Gauri is behind her. Nettu is so shocked. Raghav says come in maa. He takes her in. Gauri is holding some painting. Sahil is dazed to see Gauri there. Raghav says you haven’t met her i guess. She is Gauri Singhaniya. The new owner of this house and Kapoor constructors. Gauri asks where will i place this photo ? He says where ever you want. Its your house. She goes and takes off a family photo of Kapoors and throws in on the floor. She places her own family photo there. Nettu and sahil can’t believe it. She steps on their photo on the floor. Gauri says what are these two doing here ? When I am the owner i will decide who is gonna live here. Raghav says Mr and Mrs Kapoor I really wanna trow you out in the clothes you are wearing but i am your son in law. Take out your stuff and leave this house. Hand over the keys to new owner of this house. Sahil says what about this wedding ? Raghav says I just married your daughter to take revenge of what you did to us. You killed my dad and destroyed us. You made me an orphan.
You tried to kill my mom. You made her homeless. I thought she is the one who is wrong. I will take everything from you just like you did to us. Come on, bring the keys and give them to my mom. Nettu says you are son in law how can you do it to us. Gauri says you have done much more than that. You finished us. Nettu says this lady is responsible for everything. Just get lost from my home. Gauri slaps her and says not fate will slap you all. Bear with this and get used to it. I guess you have forgotten everything i remember everything. Remember how you separated me and my husband and killed him. You took over our business. You must have forgotten but me and my son will never forget it. Should be thankful that he is giving you some respect. Before i do something else just leav. Nettu says I know we made mistakes Gauri jee. You are not like us i know. Can’t you forgive us. Raghav says you are really cunning and still not leaving it. Raghav and Gauri sit on the sofa. Raghav says you will never change. Now go an get my mom they keys.

PRECAP- Kamla goes to temple and says please help me God for my daughters. I wanna get thme justice. The strings she is praying on, fly with the wind.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. i really dont understand wht raghav lost 4 not marryig kalpi.if he lost her,she also lost,she also cannt get a caring husband like raghav

  2. raghav,find a better girl like maya,equal in age,wealth and everything.she is ur friend she and sammy understand u under any situation.forget the two girls,not even crossed 22.after taking reveng ,get divorce ,marry maya and fly abroad.u r open and exprsve.u dont fit in the envirnment where u r right now

    1. why r u always behind kalpana? because she is maid seravnts daughtre? why u hate her? always choosing Maya or pakhi? you dont like economically weaker section?they dont have rights to marry a rich?marry maya fly abroad?what matter here is love- not age. pure love between 2 person does not bother abour age or caste or religion whatever difference it comes on their way.i observing you that you always hate Kalpana .i want to clarify who face the reality in life – come up in life – dont ever say or hate kalpana. as if we are coming from very Rich and famous family.because in real life i faced her situation came up in life-middle class background with support of my mother and my paternal aunt.we all 7 chlidren came up our own not to depend on anybody.

      1. Why do u bring rich and poor or maid issue everytime when i support raghav.i dont think about kalpana or her financial status.i only think about raghav.marrying pakhi,kalpi,or maya or someone else it doesnt matter.i just want him to be happy.

      2. what do u mean? he shouldnt marry anyone ?may be he wil take revenge by giving divorce 2 pakhi.if kakpana doesnt accept him, shouldnt he mary again in his life.i am sure maya understands him.someone says he spoils 2 giri lives. he spoiled pakhis life wantedly.everyone thinks about kalpi and pakhi.why? bcz they r girls?noone think about about raghav -only man should face troubles

    2. Very BAD idea run away after hurting Kalpana & Pakhi to USA as coward….
      to erase everything is not easy HIS foundation is shaken & has deep cracks.
      Kalpana’s love, smartness, simplicity will HUNT him entire life. No shrink will be able to cure him
      from his GUILT 2 girls are already hurt NOW STOP pleeeees don’t hurt MAYA for no good reason He will loose her also as buisness partner & friend….

      1. here some people like only rich and famous , fair skinned even if they look ugly .kalpana is normal indian dark dusky beauty with her beautiful eyes. and also age difference as if it happening in real life. even in real life love – comes age does not matter -famous personalities married girls and woman – younger and older.Maya when she knows Raghav loves kalpana how can she marry him?

      2. Why do u think he run away.he came 2 kalpi after marriage and he was punished by vitthal.it s over .he chose pakhi 4 revenge.then spoiling pakhi life means.and maya and sammy are his friends for a longtime they know him more than anyone else.

    3. hahhahhaha

  3. Hi all Raghna fans…I was disgusted,angry upset with EMA sooooo disappointed i even stop waching for 2 days. In order to neutralize the frustation caused by Ema i took some children to Botanical garden & buterfly show,I agree Now every thing is happening super fast As Raghav has a magic band & through HIS SUPERMAN act he finds his mother,whose memory comes back without any treatment or lumosity challenging BRAIN,MEMORY & ATTENTION its seems like childrenè stort were every thing is JADHOO
    No realistic aproach…… Gouri has no memory of KAMLA & KALPANA….who helped her during difficult time
    Raghav did Horrible mistake & He should pay for crushing Kalpana & Pakhi life.Both girls didnot deserve this type of reaction from Raghav who is educated & knows better then Sahils,Todays fight between Gouri & neetu look so stupid like two cats fighting over silly toy……EMA writers are loosing their mind…..& wasting our time. How long SAMMY The GURU will be awey. HE is Raghavè best freind & advicer , We need him back in show so that he can put some sense n show. Why Raghav & Gouri not going to POLICE….
    Kalpana should not forgive & forget Raghav so fast……..otherwise there is no value of LOVE FAITH & HUMANITY,,,, marriage is not a JOKE it should be Part of dirty game, Raghav could have taken revenge with kalpana on his side. Together they could have crushed Kapoors smartly without abusing Pakhi…..
    Too bad Ekta kapoor is not thinking to give any originality to this show this show is moving like MEGLEV super fast train of CHINA…….MAGIC .JADHOO & wrong decission of RAGHAV playing big part…..NO reality…

    1. This is not EKTA KAPOOR SHOW. It is DJ creations -Diya and Tony singh as producers with creative head -PAWANDEEP KWATRA.

  4. Well said sneh! I think this story is ridiculous now! I’m not watching it, just reading it BC it’s so crappy!

  5. SoOOOO Sory Ekta Kapoor ,Ball goes to PDK’s court, Producer & writers Neither we are children nor fools so treat us like them ,You guy made a mess of super show EMA by creating misunder standing, /Confusion,
    Raghav ‘s role changed from selfmade proud buisnessman tycoon who loved Kalpana to cruel ordernary guy
    blinded with revenge & He hurts PakhI & kalpana Both girls are paying big time price for HIS mistake,,,
    Now tell me what is the difference between Sahil & Raghav, RAGHAV method of revenge was 100% WRONG…..WRONG….WRONG.. IN which,KALPANA, & HER FAMILY. & PAKHI got hurt soooobadly.
    Whenever SAMMY will comeback HE will be HURT with revenge,He should have planed his action smartly
    Then with Kalpana, Sammy & indirectly Pakhi aso he could have crushed SAHIL’s empire.
    Just rejecting Pakhi ‘s love would have taken care of Neetu & Pakhi’s dream….
    For Kalpana nothing more can go wrong SHE will rise and shine our BEST wishes are also with her…
    Just listen to one song SARA EVANS’s song
    All my Raghna’s friend Have a super WK/END with family & friends

  6. i wish kalpi will b strng & sucessful business woman her all wishz will cm true……… Also wnt sm1 who makez raghav jeoulse…………& raghav feelz kalpi’s importance in hiz lyf……….pakhi iz dambo bt she iz not responsible fr anythng………….fr me pakiya & pakhi r perfect fr eachother…….pakiya iz a gd person he iz also gd bro………hope RagNa wl get togther…………knw it take some tym bt wish it doesn’t take so much tym……….

  7. Hello all ma ragna fans …….. .sory not to cal ragna fans now…….m so disappointed with the show. ….I stopped watching it for so long. …actually for whom I was watching the show r now seperated. ….. I hate u raghav now……u r so unfair to kalpana n pakhi. …….how dare u destroy the lif of 2 innocent gals…….. r u so coward??? Dat u had to use a gal to tak revenge. …where is real raghav singhania?? A smart business man …. n……….d vn who was writing dat rags must divorce pakhi n marry maya ……..is it to easy to leave an innocent gal who luvs u so much …….if u r a boy is it so easy for u to cheat two gals ……… wel said sneh!!!!!!!!!!!! M agree wid u

  8. Yaar do u guys realy thnk ragna wil meet…… til now prem kapoor is not dere…… I thnk he wil use kalpana to hurt raghav ….if pd has made het creations lik ekta kapoor den remember in ekta ‘s shows weddings n luv doesn’t make any sense……she messed up the luv n if incase Luvrs unite they have becom so old

  9. guys don’t blame raghav blame the writer he messed the whole nice story the only way to unite raghav with kalpi is to use gauri s influence so he just have to divorce paki since she nos that shes not loved even kalip nos that so it il b easy to reconcile try this and your show il bonce back

  10. i don’t agree with u…….true luv doesn’t knw age gap……. rich or poor…. color…… religon…….kalpi & raghav luvz so much each other….ye he h done wrong with her bt hiz luv iz pure……. He h choose mom’s happiness than his luv…….bt that doesn’t mean he iz fake…….whn kamla wz nt ready to xptn their relationshp u remember she told that without her aai’s permission she nvr marry with raghav…….meanz donno ne apni relationship se zayda apni mom ko importance di hai………..duo r perfect fr eachother…….alwayz wish to c them together……..

    1. ths repond iz fr hg ………lol……missd her/his name in my comment……

  11. StrawberryPie

    Ms.Pawandeep Kwatra should be given some counselling classes and taught to respect ppl’s emotions and sentiments

    1. she must be a sadist! she must be happy – by watching other’s sufferings. you must have watched her- MERI BHABHI which went off recently -starplus

  12. Mainly we are talking about RAGHAV- he lost everything from childhood – mother’s care and love when he needed most at the growing age-more than wealth.lost property & his bussiness ,he lost everything because of kapoors.yes he suffered a lot since childhood without knowing what happened. with kamala help he get out country and came back .most loved and pitiable person is RAGHAV even though he got wealth.coming to KALPANA – she is also sailing in the same boat- without mother’s love ,away from her family – growing years girl child need more affection from her mother.her bad luck -her mother loved Pakhi more than kalpana.so we love kalpana and Raghav because of that .story can be go anywhere and everywhere as per writers want.

  13. we all did a mistake – by taking this EMA so seriously – forgetting this one more serial. it affected us so much – emotionally and mentally forgetting that RAGHAV & KALPANA – are imaginary characters-But because of ASHISH & RACHANA – they lived in their characters -we totally immersed ourselves they become a part of our lives.when they cried we also cried with them. when they were happy we were also happy. when they suffered we also suffered.still suffering.

  14. we all here dont want either KALPANA or RAGHAV to suffer ,.that is all. we want them to be happy together. Pakhi if she is good human being -may help Kalpana and Raghav unite

  15. I totally agree with u girija.we connected raghna bcz of ashish and rachana.but we r irrted by pd.some take raghav side and some kalpana

  16. True yaar we forgot dat itz jst a show ………..we r so deeply connected wid it only bcoz of ragna ……..I luv rags so much …cant hate u rags…..true yar both ragna suffered a lot in der childhood .bt if u al see on paki side a gal whoz mother nvr paid attention to her.bcz as usual shez busy in her kity parties n parlour appointments she got luv 4m kamla so she treat n luv her like her own mother. ….m sure paki has been brough up by kamla…she wil help ragna to reunite…..bt she is also innocent. ..she also luv rags. …she must also get her true luv …so dat she coud be happy. …..bt as u u knw our cvs t toooooooo much creative. ..don knw wat wil.b nxt twist for us yaar. …wanna killl cvs now….I don thnk rags revenge wil b ovr soon. Til now prem kapoor is not der. He wil not let it b finished soon. …it will create a new series I thnk….luv u ragna ….smbdy plz go n make gouri remind abt kalpana ..she knws abt her luv for rags. ..hop.she wil bring dem 2gthr. …

  17. Strawberry pie…….pd has taken classes 4m ekta. …n u knw ekta kapoor. How she used to play wid emotions n feelings. ..if u remember her show …I don remember d name bt characters wer anurag n.prerna….how she seperated dem n unite prerna n rishab bajaj…….so I hate ekta ….she messed her shows n characters tooooooo much. ..doesn’t hav sense of luv n no respect for luv n marriage. …n relationship. …n if pd is following her den god knows what will happen wid dis show ??????

    1. hi priyanka that wz Kasourti zindagi ki………..

      1. hey priyanka not only in kasurti…..luk at pavitra rishta….arjun purvi……Robby kasturi in Kasturi……..kasish sujal in Kasam se…….

  18. Wel strawberry pie m also happy wid abki baar modi sarkar n hoping ache din aane wale hai…………..kuch to acha hoga atleast …. .ragna to hai ni modi hi shi……..

  19. Hello tu frnds
    Choco anshu dd Tatiana Girija ji ap
    Now I m sure raghna won’t be 2gether and there’ll be only rakhi
    Bcoz ema wiki me kalpan vithal jadhav/kalpi aur pakhi raghav singhania likha hai means ema ka the end

  20. O really mon ! Means the hope has also been lost ! Omg ! Means pd has taken classes 4m ekta kapoor in real . Played wid our emotions …to hel wid her…. wanna kil her. Hate u pd …hate u a lot. .

  21. It’s not ema ka the end par hum raghna frnds ke lie vohi to meaning hua
    There is no more hope left
    Hate pd 2
    Ema me agar future me raghna ek hone hai to phir pd ne
    Pakhi raghav. Singhania kyo Kia pakhi kapoor me se ???

  22. hi! i edited the above.now you go n see -wiki

    please come back to EMA house. we miss you a lot. waiting for your return. or reply back we will get in touch with you. your fans are sick and upset. so come back soon-
    EMA fans- facebook

    1. Dear girjaji pawandeep has kidnapped samy bcs she does want any smart person in emas current epi so we all have to make police comp ahainst her

  24. SUPER IDEA Giriga ji Let the NEWS of missing in action of GURU SAMMY go to radio & Newspaper as over dear Kalpana/raghav both urgent need of his sharp & right advice,
    The reason to take revenge was right but his method was WRONG no matter what he should not left Kalpana waiting at Alier & marry innocent Pakhi….& punish her for something she has no part in it.
    Kapoors are wrong but Raghav was also wrong TWO wrongs does not make any thing right.
    Prem may come & he is really stupid & arrogent he will plan revenge……where this serial will take us…..
    PL.Sammy sir comeback Poor raghav has made horrible mistake He needs you BADLY…….
    Gouri is very modest & smart woman so pl PDK don’t make her fight with STUPID neetu like alley cat.
    Sahil has no acting skills he is also idiot didnot react at all after heasing everything what kind of father he is…….. Kalpana should not forgive & forget all this easily…..She has HER PRIDE & Vazood….I LOVE HER….

  25. haye! m also missing him………….plz pd……….no more surpriz………….gv us him back…………sammy iz an important charcter in EMA………..already lost interst………no no……no more another shock…………come back sammy sir………..ur fanz miss u so much…………..

  26. chocopie….if u are a gal..plz comment “i love u”… here..aap shayad bohut bade fan h iss serial k..me too and i love u too marry me :*

    1. Really very funny! you dont even know whether she is girl or boy – then how can you say you love her!!!!!!!!!!

  27. heheeee! Very funny!! Well yeah m a girl…..,…..

  28. aap meri gf bn jao chocopie

  29. Pawandeep Kwatra ‏@pawandeepkwatra May 17
    Don’t judge me if you don’t know me.
    for that i replied back saying:
    Girija shiva ‏@Girijashiva 1m
    @pawandeepkwatra No Need to judge. while cooking rice we check only rice whether it is cooked or not. not the whole lot.!!!!!!!

  30. hi! lover boy! if you are doing this – she will def.go. if you want her to stay back dont do that!!!!!!!!!!!hehehehhehe

  31. hey lover boy….here iz majority of girlz & hv lotz of frndz here……agr aise he filrt krte raho ge toh koi nahi bachane wala…….hehee! Waise agr mei ladka hoti toh kya reaction hota……..lol………

  32. umm… ek ladka wud never name himself chocopie though..duh..h..ewww!!

  33. this is copy and paste from facebook:
    SidYusha SY
    You can make a compliant to Indian Broadcasting Foundation –» http://t.co/ExiQfRvIsZ
    CVs make mockery our religion and God bappa ka insult ..currant track is very disgusting and they spread wrong message to our sociaty
    We did alredy complain ..we need more help ..if u want to see Ragna as soon as togather ..so we need this

    1. Ohh! this cvs too much ………

      1. 100% wnt RagNa together & do anythng fr that

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