Ek Mutthi Aasman 16th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 16th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Kamla is making the food. Vitthal comes and says he will make it. They start cooking together. Kalpi checks Kamla hand. She says i will make it you are not fine yet. Kamla says I am fine. She takes her to sofa and says do you want tea ? Manda comes up with breakfast. She says I have brought tea. Manda says I though how will you eat ypu must be upset so I came here. Pakiya says go manda tai. Manda says I knew it much before that Raghav will marry Pakhi. She is so pretty and rich like Raghav. Nettu always wanted that too. I used to wonder why he came here. So he came here to make a second girlfriend. They make more than one GF’s but marry one. I saw Kalpana and Raghav at the terrace. Pakiya kicks her out. Maanda shouts and says no one will marry her. She is the rejected one. Manda tells other neighbours that they threw her out she brought breakfast for them.
Kamla says don’t worry kalpi. Pakiya says I will kill Raghav. He flirted with my sister and married pakhi for money. Kalpi says Raghav doesn’t love Pakhi. She says yes thats the truth. He has not married her for money. Kamla asks how you know that ? Pakiya says he is making you fool. Kalpi says no he wanna take revenge of his dad’s death from pakhi’s parents. He told me everything that night. He met his mom a few days ago. He didn’t know that she was still alive. When he came to know that Nettu and Sahil killed his dad. He went and married pakhi. Kamla says he spoiled pakhi’s life too. She says her heart is broken let me call her. Vitthal stops her and says this is too much. Kalpi is the one who needs you. Pakhi has her parents. kalpi doesn’t have anyone but you.

Sceen 2
Gauri is going through the childhood pictures of Raghav. Raghav brings her coffee. She says do you know when you were young your dad used to act like a kid. He used to tease me like you. He alwasy loved you more than i did. He used to say that when he will grow up people will look up to us. I will be proud of him. He saw so many dreams for you. Thats why he left his property for you. But look how things changed you had a mom but you were orphan. Your dad couldn’t see you growing up. This all has happened because of sahil. He projected me characterless, tried to kill me and destroyed my house. Raghav says now their dreams will be shattered. If someone will pay then it will be his family. We will take revenge of all they did to us. Lets go with me. Gauri asks where ? He says there are some old things that need to be cleared.

Scene 3
Pakhi is hopelessly in tears. Nettu is smiling. Sahil asks Pakhi hasn’t woken up ? She says no. Maybe she is up but they haven’t come out. Nettu says let me bring her the coffee. Sahil says no leave them alone. Remember on our golden night we didn’t come out of room for two days.
Kalpi finds a rose besides her bed. She recalls when Raghav gave her that artificial rose and said my love in it is real. it will stay alive forever. Kalpi says your love was fake like this flower. Kamla is about to come but she sees kalpi and stops at the doorstep.

Nettu looks for manda but she hasn’t come yet. Nettu takes the paper from door and is about to close it when Raghav stops her. nettu says what are you doing here I though you’d be in the room. Well come on come in. Gauri is behind her. Nettu is so shocked. Raghav says come in maa. He takes her in. Gauri is holding some painting. Sahil is dazed to see Gauri there. Raghav says you haven’t met her i guess. She is Gauri Singhaniya. The new owner of this house and Kapoor constructors. Gauri asks where will i place this photo ? He says where ever you want. Its your house. She goes and takes off a family photo of Kapoors and throws in on the floor. She places her own family photo there. Nettu and sahil can’t believe it. She steps on their photo on the floor. Gauri says what are these two doing here ? When I am the owner i will decide who is gonna live here. Raghav says Mr and Mrs Kapoor I really wanna trow you out in the clothes you are wearing but i am your son in law. Take out your stuff and leave this house. Hand over the keys to new owner of this house. Sahil says what about this wedding ? Raghav says I just married your daughter to take revenge of what you did to us. You killed my dad and destroyed us. You made me an orphan.
You tried to kill my mom. You made her homeless. I thought she is the one who is wrong. I will take everything from you just like you did to us. Come on, bring the keys and give them to my mom. Nettu says you are son in law how can you do it to us. Gauri says you have done much more than that. You finished us. Nettu says this lady is responsible for everything. Just get lost from my home. Gauri slaps her and says not fate will slap you all. Bear with this and get used to it. I guess you have forgotten everything i remember everything. Remember how you separated me and my husband and killed him. You took over our business. You must have forgotten but me and my son will never forget it. Should be thankful that he is giving you some respect. Before i do something else just leav. Nettu says I know we made mistakes Gauri jee. You are not like us i know. Can’t you forgive us. Raghav says you are really cunning and still not leaving it. Raghav and Gauri sit on the sofa. Raghav says you will never change. Now go an get my mom they keys.

PRECAP- Kamla goes to temple and says please help me God for my daughters. I wanna get thme justice. The strings she is praying on, fly with the wind.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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