Ek Mutthi Aasman 16th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Mutthi Aasman 16th December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 16th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
People in the chowl are discussing their condition. A man says that Singhaniya ta least took care of us. Paki comes there. Manda says look who is here Nettu madam’s daughter. paki says why is everyone so angry ? Manda says don’t act smart your mother must have asked you to come here and see if we have left the chowl or not. Paki says what are saying i don’t know. Manda says so you don’t know that ? Pakiya comes in and says Tai talk to her with decorum. Kamla asks Paki to leave. Paki asks what wrong and tell me how you got this bruise? Pakiya says she was trying to stop the protest. Paki asks which protest ? Manda says your dad has sent us a notice to leave the chowl in 7 days. Come let me show you. Paki sees the notice. She asks kamla is that true? I don’t

know that. Manda says this is also a trick by Sahil she make kamla tai making fool by calling her maa. Paki says seriously I was oblivious to all this. Kamla says I know Paki didn’t know about all this. Kamla says if I didn’t know stop you we all must be in jail. Manda says this chowl respects you and you have the responsibility. You went to talk to him ? Did he talk ? Manda says answer it now. Paki says to Kalpi that stop them there is no mistake of kamla maa. Kalpi says what can I says she never understands that she can’t keep all the people happy. She will not be right all the time. She can be wrong too.

Scene 2
Nettu gives Sahil coffee. She tells him about the process and says that their leader was kamla. Now tell me am I wrong this time too ? He says why you went alone you should have called me. She says call police. We can ask for protection. Paki grasps the phone of Sahil. She says why are you doing this ? Nettu must have asked you to break the chowl. Prem says because we have to do so much abruptly. So many things change. Like Raghav came in our lives abruptly. He made my losss and what wrong if i compensate my loss from the chowl. And i gave them a deal to pay me rent of 10 years. paki says this is wrong. he says yes you are right I forgot that kamla bai lives there. Paki says we have so many sites built there. He says you are not realted to business stay away from all this. She says you can’t do this to them. He says don’t teach me. Nettu says why are you annoying Paki. She says to Sahil please dad ask him no to do this. Sahil says enough is enough Paki. Paki leaves in disappointment.

Scene 3
Kamla asks kalpi does she need tea ? Kalpi says no. Kamla says yes you will become madam you will drink coffee. Kamla says madam knows how to make coffee. No I should not think about that interview I will get a better job. Pakiya gets in the water. Kamla asks where did you get this from ? He says from the other chowl. Suddenly the power cuts. Kamla asks Kanta about their homw ? There is no light in the whole chowl. Everyone is so angry. They tell Vitthal that there is no electricity in the whole chowl. Vitthal asks Kamla is this only in our chowl ? Kamla asks what about the lawyer ? Kamla says we have been living in this chowl since years. This is the truth that no one can pull someone out of their homes. These are all the tricks to scare us. But we won’t we are hardworking people we can live in all these problems. This will be our win. We will be with each other. Good is with us. Kamla is motivating people.

Scene 4
Nettu asks Sahil is he okay ? Paki misbehaved with him. He says I understand now what you must have felt through all these years. She says you are so understanding to me today. She says I am scared our children don’t like each other. She says you went against Poki to support Prem. He says I wasn’t supporting anyone we have to be united we are family. She says but poki is just by name the part of this family. She can see us destroying but can tolerate anything against kamla.

Scene 5
Kamla enlightens many candles for kamla. She says there should be no problem in studies. Kalpi says i m going to the pther chowl. Kamla couldn’t hear her and Kalpi leaves. She thought she is with Vitthal.
Kalpi sits under a street light and starts studying. Pakiya tells kamla that she is not with Vitthal she has gone to study. kamla goes running to see her and finds her there. She feels happy.


Precap- A few street boys are annoying kalpi on the road. They tear her books. She says I will top with these torn books too. Every girl will fight and I will in initiate.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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