Ek Mutthi Aasman 16th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 16th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 16th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Gauri comes home. Kamla asks her to do rest. Kalpi is getting ready fro office, Kamla says s=you shouldn’t go. Tell Raghav that you are not coming you must be tired. Kalpi says I have to go. Vitthal says this is responsibility. Kamla says I know but ask her whom was she talking to. Vitthal says must be some friend. Kamla says last night phone.. Kalpi says oh yeah I forgot phone. Let me go. She leaves.

Scene 2
Kalpi comes to Raghav’s house. The door s already open. She sees him sleeping on a couch. She says why is he so irresponsible. She puts his hand up on the couch. He holds her. When Kalpi tires to go away he wakes up. Kalpi says the door was open so I came in. He holds her hand and says Kalpi I.. She says sir let me take those boxes to terrace, won’t

look good when the guests come. Kalpi goes to terrace, she remembers Raghav holding her hand earlier. Suddenly rain starts, she enjoys it. Raghav comes there too and sees her dancing in the rain. He comes to her and Kalpi stops for a moment. She is about to go in but Raghav holds her hand and gets her closer. He says this is the first time I am in rain. Can’t you feel what I do. He kisses her hand. She hugs him and then goes in.
Raghav smiles at her. Kalpi goes in the room to dry her clothes and Raghav makes breakfast. They
enjoy the breakfast together. Kalpi is about to go Raghav gets her closer. His phone rings he says okay I am coming. He says to Kalpi I have to leave. Kalpi says should I leave for home after rest of the arrangements. He says yeah Sammy must be coming he’ll drop you. Party is at 9 pm you should not be late. He leaves.

Scene 3
Kamla plans on calling Pakhi and asks her to take care of Kalpi. She calls her and says kalpi was in hospital last night make sure that she eats something. Pakhi says Kalpi didn’t come for 2 days. Kamla asks was there any meeting ? Pakhi says not really. She must have gone to some meeting with sammy. Raghav comes in he is so good to everyone.
Kamla is so worried for Kalpi. She says to vitthal that kalpi.. she comes in. Kamla asks why you came so earlier ? Kalpi says yeah it was half day. Kamla asks where are you coming from ? Kalpi says Ai from office. Kamla wonders why is she lying. Kalpi tells Gauri that its party tonight. Kamla wonders whats going on and why did kalpi lie. Vitthal comes and asks what are you thinking . She says you won’t get it. Kamla says I feel like Kalpi is not focused, She has not been to office since 2 days. Vitthal says can’t she work outside office ? Its okay.

Scene 4
Kalpi asks Gauri which dress should she wear. Kalpi smiles remembering her hug. Kamla asks why are you smiling ? She says nothing. Sammy calls Kalpi she says yeah I will be on time. If you want I can come right now. Gauri says come here let me tell you how to dress up. Kamla says when will you come home ? Gauri says these parties end late night.

Scene 5
Raghav is at the venue and waiting for Kalpi. Doorbell rings. He opens the door and smiles. Its Kalpi there in a red sari with curly hair.

PRECAP- Raghav is holding Kalpi’s hands on the pools side. Pakhi comes there but she didn’t see them together. Later she sees Raghav and then Kalpi. She what are they doing ?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I also so badly wish Rags to kiss Kalpi(am ot talking of a very sensuous one here but a loving kiss) and seal the deal 😉 :)… the kind of girl Kalpi is.. she will never think of another man once she commits herself to Rags ….

  2. I just that power doesnt go off like
    Things like just spoil my mood

    1. I am tired of Ekta type twist in plots and the way she plays with relationships… I don’t watch Ekta serials AT ALL… I really hope EMA don’t do like she does !!!!

    2. lol…..i also miss yesterday’s epi. due to power cut…bt c on youtube

  3. hi Ap miss u ya…..donno what will happen today bt jst hope there wouldn’t b any unwanted twist

    1. Hey chocopie, am here..:) Having loads of work … but at the moment have a brain drain so planning to go home.. Hope all goes well in today’s episode….I have given it for recording … hope current does not go !!

  4. Guys u knw the yesterday’s ragna hug was similar to that of maneet first hug
    & one writer us also the same i wuc love it if ragna become inseparsble like maan & geet……..

  5. cn’t remember…..

  6. hope today’s episode will happen what we are all expecting that kalpana say i love you sir to Raghav.we are expecting it since months together but for freezer writers dont want to warm up till now – they wanted to be in freezer itself.You must have seen Raghav expression when he saw Pakhi -same kadoos expression.hope sammy will manage it.infact where are you sammy- we miss very much

  7. How many of you are waiting for the episode with total tension??? I cant seem to think of anything else….

  8. sammy have to manage it bcoz there is no one who knw their relationship….& he is his luv guru…best frnd

  9. Think so today’s epi will be full of tens

  10. wow… wow … wow – but now starts the problems 🙁

  11. there has to be kahaani me twist

    1. we dont want any twist.what kind of twist u want.hope in real life you dont expect any twist.

  12. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES.hop Hip hurrayyyyyyyyyyyy! she confessed!!!!!!!!!!!! all Ragna fans be happy.
    Pajji came the terrance but sammy came avoided before anything happen

  13. smiling 🙂 🙂 🙂

  14. Pakhi saw Raghav draging kalpana towards him started dancing with her when Pakhi saw and ask sammy what raghav doing for that sammy told Raghav was too happy today.u have to watch PAJJI face while she is dancing with Sammy.Degna layak hai.Atlats Kalpana and Raghav become one

  15. precap = sahil kapoor’s mother warning him to expose him and go to police to lodge a complaint

  16. mera beja fry hai….i gonna b mad due to power cut & bin bulaye barsaat…

  17. Really Girija she confess her love to ragh!!!!
    Don’t belive

    1. YES.Mon.he took her to the terrace by closing her eyes ,when she opened her eyes – she saw lights on- say–I LOVE YOU -wordings.i was tip of the sofa till she confess.so happy.then kalpana hugged Raghav carrasing .

  18. hi mon hw r u….today’s epi. was suprbbbbbbbbbbbbbb bt i miss it…..it was hopless bt feels soooooooooooo happy finally She confess her feeling…..

  19. yes .she confessed .I LOVE YOU – they were hugging ,kissing =woooooooooow

  20. yes. I love to see kalpana and raghav together raghav asked do you and she said yes but i cant here that she said i love you. i want to hear this from her mouth to raghav. i know she confess i am really happy but not tensed as well as pakhi always trying to come between them and dont know why sammy and kalpi they are metting them together i dont want any problem comes between raghav, kalpi due to misunderstanding and all.

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