Ek Mutthi Aasman 14th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Vitthal beats Ragav and says my daughter is not able to face the world. Even God won’t save you. He takes out a sword and is about to attack but Kamla withholds him. Raghav opens his eyes. Kamla’s hand has got cut and its bleeding. Vitthal says what have you done. Kamla faints. Pakiya brings the auto and they take her to hospital. Kalpi says to Kamla that nothing will happen to you. They are so worried for kamla. They reach the hospital.

Scene 2
Raghav is roaming on the roads and remembers when he vowed that he won’t marry Pakhi even if Kamla doesn’t permits her to marry Kalpi. He recalls Kalpi slapping him and throwing the engagement ring. He recalls how Vitthal had beaten him. He trips over a stone.

Scene 3
Nettu says to mummy ji look here are the things we have brought from Paris. Everyone will wear Pari’s stuff in Poki’s recepetion. You know who is our son in law? Raghav. Mummy ji is poiting her to leave. Nettu says don’t worry al things have setteled now. The family that we destroyed, Pakhi is going to make that family again.
Nettu says to Sahil don’t worry. Sahil says I am worried for gauri where is she ? Nettu says who cares now. Pakho comes in. Nettu says wow my princess is here. Nettu asks where is Raghav ? Pakhi says he will come soon. Nettu says go to your room its decorated. Its golden night of yours. Pakhi comes to Sahil and says pray for me. Sahil says God bless you. Are you happy ? Pakhi says Raghav was my biggest dream. I am so happy. There is some problem at kamla maa’s home. sammy was not there and Kalpi was in a bridal dress. Nettu says leave it all and go get ready.

Scene 4
Vitthal says to Kamla why you did this ? Kamla says more than blood respect was importabt for me. It as been killed. Our daughter’s dreams have been shattered. The rich people have demolished us. Blood will fall off our eyes. Kalpi has brings bread and tea for kamla. She says let me cook something you have to eat. Kamla goes to kalpi. Kalpi says why you came here I can cook. Kamla asks are you okay ? Kalpi says yes I am fine. If someone made our joke, can we stop eating ? If someone made us upset, will we stop liiving ? We can live without them. Forget all that happened. We will live like we used to do. We will see the dreams once again. Vitthal goes out in tears. Kamla says don’t conceal so much pain. You can cry. You can shout for all that pain. Your mom is here for you and so is your family. We are your strength. Don’t be weak. People sasy when a mirror shatters it make noise but when heart shaatters no one can hear it. Let it come out. Cry as much as you can. Kalpi syas no why should I cry ? I can’t let the pain of my heart come out. You can hear it, When I slapped Raghav, i could hear my heart breaking. I won’t cry at all. Suddenly she hugs Kamla and starts crying so bad. she says why Raghav did this t me ? She falls on the ground. Kamla says don’t give up Kalpi. You have to move on. This was the beginning not the end. You can have the fisful sky. There are flowers with pricks too. Raghav doesn’t know what he has lost. He will realize but it’d be too late.

Scene 5
pakhi is in her room and is getting ready. She wonders why Kamla was looking upset ? She didn’t tell me what happened to kalpi’s wedding. She plans on calling her. Nettu comes and says whom are you talking to ? She syas i am calling kamla maa. Netu says oh think about raghav not that kamla. Pakhi says she is kamla maa. I respect her with all my heart. She is the one who fed me not you. When I will ask her with love she will tell me everything. Nettu has brought wine for them. Nettu says i don’t take it. She okay but give it raghav. pakhi says she is right in a way. I should only think about Raghav and our coming life.

Scene 6
Kamla says to Kalpi that i wnat you to be strong like moutains. No one can tear you apart. Life is not for giving up. We have to beat all the odds. You have to move forward. You are our Kalpana. I want you to stand by your own. When you were drowning I didn’t save you because i wanted you to save yourself. You have those waves today and I want you to fight with them. Kalpi says you are right. I will rise again. i am your daughter and I will move on. I used to live when Raghav was not in my life. I have you and baba in my life, I want nothing else. She hugs Kamla. They are both in tears.

Precap- Raghav says to Pakhi that you are just the daughter of my enemy. I married you just to take my revenge from him .

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. chocopai i think raghav will tell her that he marry to her only for his revenge but paakhi will still think that now she is his wife an he love her now to take reveng he is saying that she alsostart dreaming like one day she get his love… i want raghve tell her that he never love her and will never lover her because he loves kalpi very much he did very wrong with her but he was helpless and did this big step i hope now raghave should also strong and never let dwon in front of kapoors as he did everything for revenge not take revenge danke ke choot maien so that he feel somewhere good but he destroyed himself fully he took revenge form himself its like mahabhart war where no one get full stisfactionj. kapoors awyas destory 2 family and tody also the destroyed raghave and kalpna. at end thse 2 only be happy but that time it doest matter at much itsnnow

    1. in tomorow promo- they already showed- he is telling she is only daughter of kapoor to him , he married her to take revenge

  2. yaar kisi ke entry huwe to sab messup hou jaayega kalpi willnbe with him without love as she will never forget ragahv as she know he loves her and she also she is not like tha other girl that who love everyone easily. phir uss se shaadi karege paakhi ka ghar bachane ko or raghave ko khud se dur karne ko and at last raghave kalpi he ek honge but love is aise ka taise hou jaayege humari feelin ke waath lag jaayege i dont know why m i attahced too much with raghave kalpi whya pls god pls help me take it as serial not real why why help me help me

    1. hey dd ye la ilaaj bemari hai!! iss beemaari ka koi ilaaj nahi hai!!…lol………

  3. I watched it online BC I just couldn’t get away but I forwarded most of it. All of paaki and neetu’s scenes. Don’t they realize that gauri is not home? Where is the nurse? There are ao many holes in this story. It is just not the same for me. I love ashish but I hate Raghav and now when I see him, I just see hatred. Let him suffer. He isn’t one to take rash decisions so why did he do this? Couldn’t he ask kalpi first? The writers really wrecked this story!! It’s the same old thing, kalpi alone will rise but Raghav will be destroyed. What new thing are we seeing??? Nothing!!!!
    It’s is so sad BC it was so good between them. And sammy should be the new guy in kalpi’s life, not whoever new they are bringing into the show!! There are enough characters already. Poor paakiya too BC he loved paaki! So disappointing.

    1. Hey nat there is no raghav fault.this Is all writers fault. I am really feeling sad for him. Writers dont create new character tp make raghav jealous. ..pls

    2. sahil asked where is gouri for that neetu tells -let her go who cares about her now, now Raghav become our son in law, even if she is here it does not matter, she lost her memory. she can not do anything.

  4. may b u r right dambo paji ab raghav ka pyar paane mei lagjaye gi…….she is dambo & alwayz b dambo…..

    1. Because i didnt.power cut in our area.but i read written updates

  5. Since I want to leave this show, what other shows should I get into? Anything better than ema out there now? I’m talking Indian aerials or are they all bad?
    By the way the writers should have waited to destroy the relationship until they were sure they were winning all the awards BC now the ratings qill go down so fast and they will lose them.

    1. Jodha akbar in zeetv at 08:30. and ek haseena thee in starplus at 08 And retelecast at 11:30

    2. Sorry jodhaakbar at 08pm

    3. Its 7:50 in hd

  6. Hai ankitha

  7. Jodha akbar in zeetv at 08:30. and ek haseena thee in starplus at 08

    1. hey JA is at 8.00pm & ek haseenathi is also 8.00pm

  8. …….lol…..bt don’t worry…….sumtymz it happenz…..

  9. hey about the new entry…..: imagine prem undergoing some change as a person (in some situation tht madam pawandeep might like) and falling for kapli!! Then raghav ki toh phat gayi!!! LOL 😀

  10. Haywire….crap….tatti…..cvs playing with our emotions : are the words/phrases i can think of about this show from now on……
    The show was supposed to mainly focus on a maid(kamla bai)’s life…then they moved on to ragna…n now THIS RAKHI CRAP!!! Nonsense

  11. ALl the excuses of Raghav to marry Pakhi is rubbish,loveless,life is going to be another torture to Raghav.
    To take a revenge like this you don’t have to be a smart USA educated buisness tycoon.
    Even in small village an uneducated way of family punishment occured for centuries….
    Raghav should have taken better choice …..Any way with his horrible action he has Kalpana ,Her family &all the FANS around the world old & young globally. very cheap trick,
    Ekta has no unique idea for the show,same emotional story so common
    Kalpna will be very STRONG & SHARP Buissness woman,She will RISE & SHINE,Diamond come from coal mind. THIS incidence will make Kalpana more distingvish Beautifull ,elegant professionaly.
    Raghav will suffer alone,I am sure Sammy won’t support him His childhood was without Parents because of Kapoors,Now his adult life will be without LOVE of HIS LIFE,Kalpana & good friend SAMMY
    I PITY Raghav ,He is a big looser…..

    1. where is sammy yaar. in tweeter everyone asking about Ishaan singh Manhaas but he just replied – ask ZEETV

  12. There serials which are good one with good story in other channels. i am giving some of them if you interested to watch.
    LIFE OK-
    TUMHATI PAKHI- A good story – adoptation from a novel – Rajasthan background- 9.30pm
    Gustakh dil – 7.30pm- a differtent story line.
    Ek bhood Ishq-8.30pm
    Naadan Parindhe-9.00pm( i dont watch)

    6.00pm-ISS pyar ka kya naam doon-Ek Baar phir-( same name it was telecasted before. This serial was dropped because viewres dumped – TRP went down) it AGAIN STARTED with same name but added – Ek Baar phir with diffrenet cast n different story-
    8.00pm -Ek Hasina Thi
    11.00pkm- yeh hai mohabbatein( EKTA’s serial)
    9.00 Pm-beintahaa( some what better)
    9.30Pm.:Rangrasya- actaully very goodone away from all the story line acting also good
    this is the list of serials which wont affect us. you can watch it if you like .
    if you want it for entretainment i gave this list.

    1. Thode dino baad ye saare programmes bhi bekaar ho jaayenge especially yeh hai mohabbagein i trust ekta kapoor in this matter

  13. Hey chocopie, u knw i also liked 1 thing in madhibala was deepali ki har baar fatti thi
    Rk uski itni insult krta tha.. remember jab rk madhu ko jabardasti ghar laaya tha she was nt eating food then he opened the gate to call radha & when he opened the door deepali kya mast tiri thi …i was laughing very badly….

    1. anhu nvr forgt depali’s insl*t & rk’s dilouge infact i remember his most dilgouez & ye me 2 i wz alwayz laughng on depali’s insult & ye siki hw cld i forgt him……poor depali kehne ko toh vamp thi bt hamesha opposite reaction milta tha……

    2. Hey one more good dialogue in madhubala that when sultan
      Ye goli tumhaari jaan kegi ahr he haath tumhaari zindagi & then rk ka spontaneohs reply auy ye haath mjhe dede sultan..

      I just loved madhubala becoz of igs dialogues.
      I mjss them as the present track is really bullshkt & jab gunjan utrja tha woh dkalogues ki vaat laga deta tha…

  14. without Sammy – RaGhav- kalpana – no EMA

    1. heheeee anshu where u got these tapori language…

    2. Hey wats the tapori language i hv used sirf yhi toh bola vaat laga deta tha
      Ye toh skul mein bhi nolte the…

  15. i also thought that girija…..i wish he cm soon…..really lyk him so much….not only sammy also ishaan manhas…….jst hope aur koi shock na de PD….

  16. Hello all tu frnds
    Ap Girija ji chocopie litt sis anshu angel

    1. hi mon.. you did not accept my follow request in twitter !!! 🙁

    2. Ap I accepted your twitter follo req
      Yaar I m very new for twitter

    3. Hi mon… hi ap
      How are u both
      Howzz life going
      & plz dont mention abt ragna

  17. Dd Tatiana Angie

  18. hi mon m so happy to c u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. thanx AP mon for coming i knw u guyz r nt interstd nw wth ths show bt phir b hi bolne k liye aatee ho uske liye thanx ……it feelz me somthng incomplete when u r nt commentng…….luv u anshu mon AP girija……….

  19. Thanks everyone! I will start watching rang Rasia and jodha Akbar and see of they are entertaining for me. My mom also told me about rang Rasia. I just was so engrossed in ema that I didn’t give the others a try.
    I don’t think that kalpi should go for prem even if he improves BC that is also the same old storyline. Why do the two families have to be entwined and just swap who is with whom. Qubool hai sucks BC sanam is sure to soon be in love with the person who is the son of the person who killed her parents. Isn’t there anyone else?? Sucks!

  20. https://www.change.org/…/zee-tv-and-ek-mutthi-aasman…

    Zee tv and ek mutthi aasman creative team: We want to Raghav n Kalpana onscreen official couple…
    We want to as soon as Raghav Kalpana official zee tv on screen couple ..ppl want…See More
    Like · 8 mins

  21. gd night…..bye mon…….

  22. Zee tv and ek mutthi aasman creative team: We want to Raghav n Kalpana onscreen official couple…
    We want to as soon as Raghav Kalpana official zee tv on screen couple ..ppl want…See More

  23. The above posted – from FACEBOOK. click the above link and vote as much as you want. it is from some one -RAGHNA fans who want to see them again toghther.

  24. Priya Bansal https://www.change.org/…/zee-tv-and-ek-mutthi-aasman..

  25. copy and paste it

  26. I felt sorry to see Kalpi cry….. But she is a strong girl. But no more RAGHNA 🙁

  27. I hate the show now.its bullshit!I really think they should take it off aired.or change the writer.every1 wants kalpi n raghav together which part the writer didnot understand.I rate the show out of 10.they get 1.raghav should have married kalpi n not paaki.wat a foolish step the writer take.it f**k up.

  28. A well educated successfull smart buisnessman makes horrible mistake in HIS own life,humiliates his love of life kalpana, & destroys even pakhi’s stupid dream crush,,,,,,,Because He reacted on his impulse to destroy kapoors Without thinking & planning,Ekta Kapoor just drag this show down,……..
    REVENGE can be taken in many ways…..Raghav could have done this with Kalpana a project against Kapoor,NOT accepting Pakhi & marriage with Kalpana would have hurt Kapoors too & destroy them.
    As we all know SNAKE does not Kill SNAKE,,,BUT….A smart MONGOOSE Kills Snake with fast &claver moves
    ANY WAY THESE SERIAL WRITTERS DON’T HAVE ANY ORIGINAL IDEAS TO WRITE.They are playing with emotional issue of LOVE, FAITH & Wedding
    WE all stand with Kalpana
    All my Raghana friends Pl. listen to one song on Utube
    i dedicate this song to our darling Kalpana

  29. Hi chocopie, ap, mon, girijaji, ek, dd nat & all others
    Y u all are saying that he shud hav married kalpi to take rrvemge
    He wil nvr drag kalpi to take although he has dragged her

  30. hello guys mon, chocopai, net, ap, and all tu fans,……kalpana is in pain i can feel and we all are with her i dont know but i am feeling very bad for her but i am feeling very bad for raghav as well i dont know what was happen but raghav again alone no one with him his mom with him but i am sure after know all this she will also scold him. he wanted to take revenge from kapoors but now he will realize once again kappors destroyed his life but this time he was the main villan for himself. no one is there to understand him no one. he loves kalpi so much but what he did with her and her family its also not forgetable. raghave why u did this why……ek baar soch leta payar jisne life maine tere khushiya dee bin shaadi ke bhi barkar raha sakti the
    i hate u raghave but truth is i love u so much and feeling bad for u…..but if u will fallon for paakhi in future for her well behave and her love then definetely i will hate u most not me even all doest matter if u will feel jealous, alone and whatever reason behind it you should not love to her

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