Ek Mutthi Aasman 13th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Nettu says the fistful sky you are looking for is with Raghav kalpi. Everything will be at your steps. Kalpi says Nettu aunty i wanna do a job so i can fulfill dreams of my parents by my own. I wanna do something for them. I don’t need stuff by others. I trust my self just like my Ai does. Kamla smiles listening to all this. Nettu goes out. Kamla says i know kalpi you will fulfill our dreams. Kalpi says Ai what about baba. Kamla says he will be happy don’t worry. You are his princess. He is just bit angry but he can fight with the world for you. You just have to make him happy. Kalpi says let me go and meet him. Kamla says thank you, God for showing kalpi the right path.

Kalpi goes downstairs to Vitthal. She says baba please pardon me. She holds her ears and says i know i have hurt you. Manda says are you angry with kalpi vitthal ? Is there something ? Kalpi cleans Vitthal’s hand. Manda says you are doing right vitthal. We have to keep control over these girls of today. They wanna marry rich guy look at kalpi she has disrespected you for Raghav. Vitthal says its too much. Kepp your mouth shut. Vitthal throws all the petrol on her/ Vitthal says swear me that you won’t say a word about my daughter. Don’t ever interfere in my business. My daughter never went to him. He came to us begging for my daughter. We didn’t know that he will change his color like a chemaleon.

Scene 2
At night Kalpi says i have to forget you Raghav other wise i will lose myself. I miss you a lot Raghav.
Raghav there in this house says you want me not to meet you for whole year then okay. Its not easy but i will do this for you.
Kalpi says i am not your kalpi i am my parents’ kalpana now. i have to live for them.
Raghav says you must be fighting with yourself just like i am dying for you. But one day you will be mine.
Kalpi looks at raghav’s picture in her phone and hugs it.

Scene 3
next morning, Kalpi says to kamla that I am going for the interview. I have got the response from the mail. Kamla says wow that’s so good. Wish you best of luck. Pakiya wishes her luck too Kamla says go and touch your dad’s foot too. She goes but Vitthal holds her hand. Nettu says I hope vitthal stops him. Instead vitthal touches her head. She smiles. Kalpi says I am leaving ai. Kamla says wait let me come with you.

There Raghav is in his office. He is looking at the gift kalpi brought for him. He says I never trusted you God but kalpi came in my life and made me believe in you. please don’t take kalpi from me. He takes a marigold flower and places it in front of the sculpture. Sammy comes and asks why are you early here today ? Raghav says when I come here I feel like kalpi is near. He gets a call from someone and is shocked to listen in. He says yeah kalpana vitthal yadav worked here. Sammy asks who was it ? Raghav says it was some employer. Kalpi has dropped her resume somewhere. They called to confirm. Raghav says how much she has to suffer because of me. Sammy says why don’t you get her a job. Raghav says she has so much self respect she won’t like it. I don’t wanna hurt her. but yes I want her to work at a better place.

kalpi and kamla reach the office. She sits in the waiting area. People are going one by one. She is the only one left. The receptionist says to kalpi that the interviews are over. Four people were to be selected and they have been. You can leave. Kamla says don’t be disappointed.

kalpi and kamla go for the other company. Kamla says eat something first. she makes her eat from the lunch box she made her.

Scene 4
Raghav says I have appointed a man who will look after kalpi and let me know where will kalpi go for interviews and if she gets the job or not. He gets a call from that man that kalpi is not going to a good company. Sammy says the director of that company is not a good man. There are so many complains about him. They take advantages of girls in name of interviews. Raghav says I should do something.
Kalpi and kamla reach the office. They do not find anyone there. Kalpi asks the peon why there is no one here ? he says sir only call one person at a time. Raghav calls kalpi to stop he but she doesn’t receives it.
The man says I will pay you 50k. Kalpi says I don’t have that much job experience. You have to pay something to earn something.
The peon says to kamla that you can go to canteen i will call you when she comes back. Kamla goes.
Kalpi wanna go out. He holds her shoulders. He says I am giving you platform to show your talent. Kalpi says I am not that kind of a girl. Kalpi goes out and looks for kamla. She can’t find her. The director says you are so hot minded. Everyone behaves the same in beginning then they get used to it.He holds kalpi’s hand and says this is my office and no one comes here until I don’t want. He takes kalpi in his room and says I told you this is my office and no one is gonna come here to save you. Raghav comes there and slaps the man. He huts him hard. The director is shocked to see him.

Precap-kamla comes and looks ate Raghav. Raghav tries to explain her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I bet kamla is going to yell at him. saying he was bad luck for kalpi. also she probably not gonna listen to him and would cut him of. giving him her bad lectures again. i’m so waiting for paki to find out so i can laugh at her pain lol. she might even try to kill her self and go crazy. also might yell at kamla which she will turn on kalpi and tell her how she betrayed her and all that crap. hopefully when that happens kalpi will stand up for her self.

    anyway guys i wrote a story about ragna please check it out on my web page and comment so i will know what you think. and know if you read it.


  2. Hai,yes raghav coming and save kalpi this love words out&hart broken, Raghav kalpi ko saffe jagah job fix karunga,he see the every day love girl kalpi,this good,ya kisi ko patana chale.pyaar pyaari hota hai no ending

  3. I don’t get it. Sammy should have come to kalpi’s rescue and slowly they should become best friends and slowly fall in love dispite them trying to be true to Raghav. I just think this whole story has become a disaster. Raghav is now mute and kalpi is the only one suffering. What are the writer’s trying to get across?? The story is in the dumps!! I’ve lost hope!!

  4. hi chocopie mon dd ap anshu girjaji an all tu frns gud morning

    1. good morning!!!

  5. hei mon, ek , girjaji, net, anshu, ap, chocopai and all other tu friends. i loves yesterday episod. only raghae and kalpi they made our weekend good. i dont know i am afraid fro paakhi unwanted wishes becaseu seh get everything raghv pls don let urself weak infront of her and keep ur love brighness with you and save it. i dont know what will happen in future but again raghave pray to ganpati bapa ke kalpi ko mujhse dur mat karna ganpati bapa raghave ko kalpi se door mat karna in any cost psaakhi go to hell guri weak up and take ur revenge paakhi ko sab de kar nahi chin kar divoce he revenge hoga

  6. Hey everyone! I just hope Kamla doesn’t scold Raghav for saving Kalpi but I think most likely she will do that 🙁

  7. Hello chocopie dd ap mon girjaji anshu an all tu frns

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