Ek Mutthi Aasman 12th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Aryan comes to chowl and asks a neighbor where is kamla? Aryan says she has gone to dewan house to bring her daughter. Aryan’s mom calls him he says yeah mom I am just coming.

Scene 2
Suahan is all dressed up. She recalls herself in the bridal dress. She recalls when she was waiting for Raghav.
suhana says who is the person I am seeing again and again. is that my past? Raghav’s car and aryan’s bike are adjacent but they don’t see each other. Raghav says I have lost kalpi twice I can’t lose her again if I don’t reach on time I won’t forgive myself.

Suhana is in agitating state. kavita comes in and takes suhana out in the wedding hall. Aryan sits with her. Aryan says sorry suhana I am late I went to the shop to

bring my pajama. The wedlock starts. Everyone is happy. Pandit says stand up to make each other wear the garland. Aryan holds suhana’s hand. Aryan makes suhana wear the garland and so does she. pandit ji says now sit down for rest of the rituals. Suhana is confused. Vitthal and kamla come in and Raghav follows them. Kalpi sees him and says Raghav, everyone is shocked. Suhana stands up, and goes to Raghav. Raghav smiles. They are both in tears. The song, ‘tum hi ho’ plays in background. Suhana closes her eyes. A lady is coming in she collides with a waiter and the sindur in her hands gets on kapli’s forehead. she touches it and recalls when in temple Raghav married her by filling sindur in her hairline. kalpi says Raghav, raghav is in tears. Kalpi hugs him, Aryan stands up in shock. kalpi looks and kamla and smiles. she goes and hugs her. Kamla says you look good. Kalpi says how are you ai. Kamla kisses her hand. Kalpi hugs vitthal and says baba, she hugs him too. Mehta comes in on the wheelchair. Dheeraj and aman are shocked. Mehta says I gave her suhana’s face she is Kalpana Yadav. Dheeraj asked me to do all this. Suhana met an accident because of aman and died. He wanted to save aman and asked me to do this. sanjya says what is he saying suhana. he was in in comma. his mind isn’t working. You are my suhana. look at me I am your papa. These people are making you fool. Sanjay says dheeraj tell me they are lying. I will send them all from here. Dheeraj says Mehta is right. Sanjay slaps dheeraj on his face. He sits on the ground. Police arrest dheeraj and aman. Aryan is trying to console sanjay. Aryan says why are you both emotional. Pandit ji is here everything is ready. why don’t you take an advantage?
kalpi and Raghav fulfill all the wedding rituals. kamla says my kalpi got her fistful sky today.

Show ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Wow did not expect this

    1. we expected this – THE END-EMA.

  2. Finally something Good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. good the she ended it was good at the start but since last few months it was being stretched unnecessarily

  4. It’s a beautiful ending and at last Kalpi got her real Ek Muthi Aasman which is a Raghav!!!!!!!! Thank you Ema for giving this show a happy ending

    1. this is no thappy ending BHAKWAS ending. REAL kalpi RACHANA and her expressions ,chemistry with RAGHAV- wooww -. last episode is pity . RAGHAV was missinh his charam look out of place.everything is hurry. this may the first of its kins started with a bang RAGHAV entry from helicopter, gone down to drain in the car came out of dustbin..LEAD PAIR IS MISSING for a long time .it is not KALAPANA fist ful of SKY . ITS KAMALA BAI HITLER STORY. she wantted all places FRAME to FRAME- original concept gone to padal lok. MISSING RACHANA & ASHISH.ISHAA,NEERAJ,NEETU, GOURI,SAHIL,PREM< office staff. all are gone because of SHILPA greediness. ASHA's Grabing RACHANA"S rol.s why i am saying-ON RAGHAV & KALPANA marraige both ASHA 7 HER BOY FRIEND danced , after a month she became KALPANA. is it justify. she saw RACHANA; spopularity she went to GRAB the rold. what hap now. within a month it went to DUSTBIN. no one can be happy by spoiling other's bread n butter

  5. Actually i used to lve this show before a few months…the story of a simple n sweet girl and her raghav was heart touching.But i think the absence of old kalpi have been affected the show badly, after a long time i have saw EMA with a hope that kalpi may reappear once more…good luck all the team of EMA especially u raghav and kalpana. IT IS A REQUEST FROM ALL EMA FANS 🙂 FROM KERALA :-)TO ZEE TV PLS WE WISH TO SEE RAGHAV AND RACHNA TOGETHER…..

  6. i will miss u asha.

    1. within one month u miss her more than 9 month how can we all living without RACHANA & ASHISH,ISHAAN n beautiful EMA they gave us before. if u like to watch it go to ZEE TV video site . then u will come to know why we all mad about these 3 actors n EMA before 9 th MAY.beautiful serial went to wrong way. ended.

      1. RACHANA,ASHISH,ISHAAN – they lived with us – and become part of our life . if they car we also cried . their acting made us forget it is only serial.i request you alleast you watch it online on zee site from 26th AUgust .watch – you can watch it from 19th November-RACHANA entry- 9th december ASHISH entry. t

  7. so sad ema ends.

  8. Just a few weeks ago u people wanted show to end and now all are complaining

    1. we are not complaining except that we can get a chance to see ASHISH RACHANA, SAMMY back to serial if it still there. they r not ready to bring back them- better END -EMA. dont want to see anymore

  9. Very sad and meanless end i will miss u asha and aryan

    1. for a month u miss them but more than 9 month we lived with RAGHNA we missed them more than anyone else

  10. 🙂 :p wow never imagined this lol it damn cool but it is going off air

  11. Without Rachana and Ashish the show was end very long back. now Finaly its end . Removing Rachana is one of the biggest mistake. because Rachana ruled our emotions as a Kalpana. Yesterday , today and tomorrow and foreever Kalpana means Rachana and Raghav means Ashish. no one take Rachana place as a Kalpana.

  12. Such a good ending we r gonna miss raghav!!!

  13. Its a huge request from Rachana and Ashish fans – ZEE TV please bring them together in some other show, because both of them rocks together. exit of rachana from Ema is realy very disappoinement. for that exit made us to quit this show. we just love to see Ashish and Rachana Together.

    1. yes we want them back – anyother serial – with better story line.even EMA 2 with them but without HITLERS- SHIILPA,MOHIT DAGGA,SIDDANT- writers PD .DJ production house. this production house gone to dustbin.so many production houses are there. let us see what can be done.

  14. Rosheena Singh

    Stunning Asha always brings light to screen. Would love to see more of her on Zee tv.

  15. wow!gonna miss dis show!

  16. this is amazing!

    1. Amazing – The END -EMA

  17. Aryan and suhana aka asha and kunal are the best their chemistry rocks

    1. BUT LACK THE MAGIC OF OUR RAGANA – ashish and rachna

      1. same miss u ragna

      2. they have not seen their chemistry. so they choose which one they saw. if they see their chemistry.-see it ZEETV video sites

  18. Where ws raghav all this time.

    1. we are HAPPY the END of THIS EMA after 30th JULY . NO NECCESSARY -ACCIDENT< FACE CHANGE,sending all actors who were from the begining.SAHIL,NEETU,PREM,SAMMY,EVEN RAGHAV. when greediness took over ,THE END is the result. The reason behind all this mesh up – SHILPA BAI.PD<MISHA GOWDAM.DJ GRAB group.
      side actors abused fans ,vewers – this may be the 1st serial side actors used abusive words to fans n viewers. better they end. HPPAY FOR OUR RAGHNA – ASHNA.no one can survive by spoiling another life . all spoiled RACHANA's career they fell into their own trap.dont want to see their face again,

    2. RAGHAV was thrown out like RACHANA,SAMMY,PAKHI,PREM,SAHIL,GOURI. where all have gone from the serial.Arrogant,jealous,EGO -reason for the end of once beautiful serial -EMA- EK MUTTHI AASMAN become EK MENTAL ASYLUM

  19. Finally a dead crap ended today for a good

  20. Those 3 kapoors still free to live their lives as they well please,so unfair.

    1. not 3 – 4 kapoor. they all gone one by one – thanks to shilpa. she dont want any actors in EMA other than her. you all must saw – only shilpa was frame to frame. that irritated fans – they started demanding lead pair. so she decided send them too out of serial. she need chamchas- like mohit dagga, siddhant – only who are listening hav survied others gone. SAMMY,RAGHAV,RACHANA,SHIRINIA,NEERAJ ,GOURI.not one many have gone who were from the beginnig. i want to yoiu all watch from begining in youtube them you wil come to know what was it and what hap after july 30th.

  21. Thank you for giving happy end..Ema show vry fantastic and thank you once again.i love zee tv shows

  22. sweet ending gonna miss dis show very much i would like to see pakhie hatefull face when she see raghav and his true love kalpi get married

  23. I loved this episode. Thank you. I love Raghav & Kalapana. Gona miss them & the show. Pls bring them back in another show. They look so gud together.

    1. wherez our original KALPANA- RACHANA -without her And ASHISH ,SAMMY- nothing much in EMA. who care SHILPA KAMALA BAI lecture abt election , Blah blah blah.

  24. Glad that they ended the show with kalpi and raghav (though it wasn’t the real kalpi)
    Someone a few weeks ago, was making such tall claims that Asha Negi would improve the trps, yeah it definitely was wrong making that claim!!

    Adios amigos people!!

  25. Finally sumthing gud happen. It was a nice show will miss it alot

  26. Goodbye Ema…
    Bad decisions lead to bad outcome.

    1. yes your one line make it – what it was – what hap after 9 may- it is expected..

  27. In the beginning this was my FAVOURITE show. They ruined it………it ended.

  28. Happy ending without any sparks. The wedding was just a ritual – no real excitement there. I am sure it would have much better if Rachana was the one playing Kalpi. There is only one RAGNA – Ashish/Rachana. Hope to see them together in another movie or serial. So very sad that the writers screwed up on this show so badly!

  29. What’s the point coz raghav marries suhana /kalpi but he’s still married to pakhi….they should have ended that chapter first and showed raghav finally getting his revenge and pakhi should been there to watch him get married to that suhana.. But the producers should have thought of bringing rachana back for the last episode to make it seem that that ashish was marrying rachana instead of asha…. Instead raghav should see right thru Suhana and that he was marrying kalpi….. These producers don’t know how to give a good ending…. But also ashish and asha would never have made a good pair… She looks to old for him and does not have a good chemistry… Rachana played the perfect role and they had the perfect chemistry…. Asha made a huge mistake by replacing rachana as she was not able to meet upto the expectations…. But it’s good the show is over now…. The story was dead and lacked the main characters to give the show a good rating….will be happy to see rachana as ajabde but also would love to see ashish and rachana together in another show as a couple

    1. they never shown PAKHI”s marraige with RAGHAV -like they showed RAGHAV & KALPANA’s temple marraige when RAGHAV put sindoor on KALPANA”S forehead.we all thought it was revenge plan playing by GOURI & RAGHAV- PAKHI’s marraige.when PAKHI’s truth came out story line take a good turn – they thrown out RACHANA, ASHISH,SAMMY. thazt the END of EMA. they can drag it for yrs, if they follow the same story line- biggest blunder listening to SHILPA ,PD ,MISHA GOWDAM- by showing doors to all main 3 characters. Unncessary ACcident, face change, loss of memory -they thought it will give them TRP but gone down to1 last wk.

  30. The story writers have continues to show their flip side in the last episode. Forget Dr. Mehta’s wife who had accepted being a widow without seeing the body of Dr. Mehta for weeks, forget Raghav who emerged out of a fiery accident without a scratch, forget Paaki who had not divorced Raghav making Kalpi/Sohana’s marriage with Raghav illegal, the winner is overacting Kamla who felt Kalpi reached the skies by hook or by crook. Thank you for ending the agony!

  31. charmin anderson

    How did Raghav accept this new face of Kalpi so readily. Where was the emotion that we are so use to from Raghav, when he looks, speak to or hug Kalpana. it was missing. How come neetu and her huban got awy with murder and torturing of Raghav father and mother, Where is Paki in all of this now that her husband is marrying the womanshe hates so much. their was no happy ending just a whole bag of crap foolishiness and kamla’s boring unreal face.

  32. Omg!! lol Bull Shit!! What kind of Story is this??? lol sry guys!! But I had to laugh at this Crap! A Set of things are missing from this serial! lol I think the Writer just drag this serial till they ended up drag
    it in to crap!!! This show is one pack of Waste!!!! Bye Bey!! Ek Mutthi Assam!!! lol So happy it finally come to an End!!! Yapee!!!! Gonna miss da original KAPLI!!! And Raghav!=* gonna miss da 2 of u 🙂 Bye! Bey! lol Thanks for da Crap Serial..!!! Writer!!! lol

  33. good bye nd safe journey. . ..

  34. thank god,silpa crap ended.ashish i mis u.

  35. really gonna miss this show .I wanted to see kalpi ,raghav and Sammy back tho

  36. Sharda Runghen

    The entry of Raghav is magic! He dressed simply but his entrance is stunning. He is a fabulous actor and we wish to Raghav and Rachna soon. So sad EMA ended.

  37. Sharda Runghen

    The entrance of Raghav although simply dressed is magical and stunning. He is really a fabulous actor. We hope to have a new film with Rachna and Aashish. I adore and missed them a lot. Hope to see them soon together. I lost interest to viez other filmson Zee TV!

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