Ek Mutthi Aasman 12th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 12th November 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 12th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Kamla says to Vitthal that i have to send kalpi away from here. If she stays here our poor condition will force he to become a maid. Vitthal says that punishment is too big for her. Kamla says she has to compromise otherwise our princess’s future will be destryoed. You have to help me Vitthal. Vitthal says lets just sleep for now. He asks Pakiya and Kalpi to sleep as well. Kalpi tries to talk to kamla but she doesn’t answer.
There paki is looking at her and kamla’s picture and is crying. Nettu sees her.
Kamla serves everyone the breakfast. Vitthal asks kalpi and pakiya to go out. Vitthal asks her was that a joke you said last night. Kamla says no i was serious and i believe that you will be by my side in this. Its not easy for me i know that you don’t like this but if we stand weak this moment then we will destry our daughter’s future. The way we live will become the enemy of her future.
Vitthal says to kamla that i also want that kalpi should be successful in her future. kamla says then she has to go from here Vitthal. She can’t be what we dream for her if she stays here. Kamla leaves. Kalpi comes given me. kalpi comes and says Ai please just once say that you have forgiven me. Kamla ignores her and says to Pakiya that me and baba are going out you have to take care of kalpo. don’t let her go anywhere from here. PAkiya nods his head. Kalpi says to kamla i am so sorry please pardon me Ai, for hurting you.Please talk to me. Vitthal asks kamla to talk to her but she doesn’t.

Scene 2
Pakiya asks kalpi not to cry. He says i can’t stnad you crying kalpi. Kalpi says but Ai is still not talking to me. Pakiya says don’t worry i know she must have gone to get you something. She will come back and talk to you. Kalpi says is that true ? He says i can bet on this. Kalpi smiles.

Scene 3
nettu tells mummy ji how paki is behaving. Mummy ji says she is just so upset but don’t worry everything is gonne be okay. Paki will understand. Nettu says i will do whatever i have to, to get her love. I know i am not kamla maa but at least her mom. Mummy ji says yes you are. Nettu says i will show her how much i love her.

Scene 4
Vitthal says to kamla there must be some other way out. Kamla says no we have to do this. Go to temple i will talk to her. Vitthal says she will feel bad about you if you talk to her alone i will be by your side, Kalpi hugs ka. Kalpi kamla as she sees them coming. Kalpi says have you pardoned me ai ? Kamla prays that she stays strong. Kamla goes up. Kali says Ai talk to me first. Kalpi give her water. Kamla says don’t need water. You can thinking of the ways to not study.
Vitthal says to kamla why do you want her to be mature before her age. Kamla says i have to like that. vitthal says she will starts hating you. Kamla says you know very well that it is good for her. Vitthal says i can’t understand this you are planning to hurt our daughter.
Kamla and Vitthal are looking at old stuff of kalpi. Vitthal says she will become madam and will say whatever i am is because of my Ai.

Scene 5
Next morning kalpi wakes up and sees a bag. She tells pakiya that we are going out this week. kamla says not we just you. Kalpi says ai are you sending me out ? I promise i won’t do it again. Kamla says no now you will do it overe and over again. Kalpi says i just wanna live with you. Kamla says we are not your enemies. Pakiya says what are you saying ai. Kamla says kalpi will go to boarding school. Kalpi is crying. She hides behind a ladder. Kamla says thats a real good place you will make new friends there. Kalpi hugs vitthal and says i won’t leave baba i just wanna live here. Vitthal hugs her. Kamla says you are leaving and that is final. Kamlpi says all i did was for you because i love you. Okay i will go.

Precap- Nettu tells sahil that paki has ran away. Sahil asks the security. .

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. kamla is not a good mom ….
    she tries to give her love to pakhi not kalpi…

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