Ek Mutthi Aasman 12th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
In the morning, Vitthal is stilled pissed with kalpi. She gives him tea. He says place it. He says such a bad tea. I am going to work. Kamla says take your lunch box Vitthal. He says I don’t want it. He says don’t cook my food, I will eat out. Kamla says you don’t like their food. He says like anyone cares here wht I like or not. He leaves. Nettu is so pleased. She says Nettu the resentment is all over him.

Scene 2
Pakhi comes to mummy ji’s room. She sees that mummy ji well and oing exercise by their own. Pakhi says wow where is ther nurse ? Mummy ji says I don’t need her more. I sent her. Pakhi says I am so happy fro you. She says there is no water in my bath room. Can I take a bath here ? She says my shower is not working. You can go to Ragahv’s room. Is he still angry with you all the time ? His anger is justified. Your parents have done so bad to him.
She says I wanted to tell cops but I fell from stairs and my voice went off. Pakhi says sometime we have to pay fro what our parents do. Mummy ji says I hate them both. Pakhi says this will only hurt you. I am just gals that you are well now. Mummy ji says now go and take a bath in Raghav’s washroom. He won’t mind he is your hubby. I wish you win his heart one day. Pakhi goes and says I better be back before Ragahv gets done with his breakfast.

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Scene 3
Kalpi looks at her pictures with raghav and recalls her engagement. She recalls when she was upstairs with Raghav. Kamla comes and says kalpi sit here. She shows her come shields that she got in school. She shows her cups one by one. Kalpi says what are you trying to say ? Kamla says this is the path you walked to reach your destination. You are self motivated. You are not just and ordinary house wife. You will make a difference. You promised that you will fulfill our dreams and make us proud. This is not the time to waste in a useless relationship. Ragahv should not be your dream. Its should be a mistake. He left you for his revenge with so much ease just because you are poor and he knows that we can’t harm him. Now you have to move forward and go ahead from him. You have to draw a longer line than his. Forget the past that will ruin your future. You promised that you won’t meet Ragahv fro whole year. Then why are you wasting this time ? Yu have to work hard to get that fistful sky. You have to show the world that you have that talent. Tell me will you do this ? show your dad that his princess is still strong. Make him proud again. You have to fulfill your baba’s dream. Will you ? She gives her the shank she brought from the temple. She says this is for the new beginning of your life. You should start a new life. Kalpi swipes her tears and stands up.

Scene 4
Pakhi comes out of the bathroom. Raghav is in the room. She is scared. he is facing the closet. She wants to sneak out but she slips. Raghav holds her, Gauri comes there. Raghav says you should see Pakhi. Gauri says I have asked you to stay away from my son. Pakhi says he is my husband, I have all the right over him. Gauri says this stupid things will not make him yours. Pakhi says stop it aunty what my parents did was wrong but you have no right to blame my character. Raghav is mine and no one can take him from me. Not even you. You truth is with you and my truth is with me.

Scene 5
Kalpi takes out the newspaper. She goes to kamla. Kamla says do you wanna say something ? Kalpi says you wanted me to move forward ai ? I will. I wanna do a job. Kamla smiles and hugs her. she says I knew my kalpi will say this. Kamla says kalpi listen the real identity is your work. You are going to make a new identity I am sure that you will be a madam one day. She hugs her once again. Kalpi says how can I start it with prayers of baba ? Kamla says I will talk to him he can’t be angry with his princess for long. I am just coming in a moment. She leaves.
Nettu listens their conversation. She says this kamla is making kalpi forget a rich guy like Raghav just for this little job. She is a maid she showed again. I have to do something. Raghav should never go out of Kalpi’s life.

Vitthal is painting the temple. Kamla comes to him and says kalpi has decided to do work again. She has decided to move forward in her life. He says tell her to conceal this as well. Kamla says why are you not getting that she is listening to us ? She wannna move forward. she is our daughter she needs us. Pardon her please. Everyone makes mistakes kalpi did too. Vitthal is quiet. kamla says in heart I can feel the pain behind his anger. I hope he forgets this all soon.

Nettu says to kalpi I heard you are going to look for a job ? its like you have the well still you will but water. So many people work for Raghav. Instead of being their owner you are looking for this lame job You have everything. Love, job and that man. He loves you and no one can change that. Not everyone gets true love yoy should not leave him. He should be your dream you should not forget him. what is in this job ? You better get Raghav. The fistful sky you are looking for is all with Raghav. World will be at your feet. Kamla over hears her last sentences.

Precap- The interviewer says to kalpi I will make you the queen. No one will come here to save you. He holds kalpi. Kalpi is so scared. She says let me go. .

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. now raghave will become 2nd person no main role….but as writer know that all fans love to watch ragha kapi love scese so he will add one and 2 in everyepisod in dream and all….but raghave ur character now going to destroy by writerand and fan following distroy by pakhi

  2. DJ’s Creative Unit’s popular show Ek Mutthi Aasmaan on Zee TV is gearing up with an interesting track where Raghav (Ashish Chowdhry) will save Kalpi (Rachana Parulkar) from falling into the trap of the company owner who is a womanizer.

    As per the ongoing track Kamla (Shilpa Shirodkar) tells Raghav and Kalpi to not to meet and interact with each other for a year. Thus both of them obey her and even though they miss each other a lot, they do not meet. As Raghav is very much concerned about Kalpi, he appoints a spy to take care of her and give all the information about her.

    Thus in the upcoming track Raghav will come to know that Kalpi is going for an interview and the boss is mischevious and misbehaves with girls.

    Our source informed us, “Raghav will come to know the Kalpi is going for an interview where she will meet Mr. Pillai who is very mean and Raghav is aware about Pilliai’s intention. Thus when Raghav will be in his own office, his spy person will tell him about Kalpi going to Mr. Pillai, he will get worried and will rush to Pillai’s office.”

    Adding further the source says, “On the other hand as expected Pillai will start misbehaving with Kalpi and as soon as he will try to get more physical towards her, Raghav will reach at the spot. Raghav will give a tight slap to Pillai and both Kalpi and Raghav will leave without any interaction. When both will reach their respective house they will miss each other. Raghav will type a message in his mobile that he is missing Kalpi and as he is about to send it to her, something will strike in his mind and he will delete the message.”

    What will happen to Kalpi’s decision of doing a job? Will she give up the idea of working after this incident?

    To know more keep reading the space.

  3. I am happy that raghave safe kalpi..but still dar lag raha hai. raghave pls come back to ur old role pls

  4. our raghav ank kalpi made for each other pls vitoba jii pls seprate mat karo inhe

  5. EMA ka naya nam should be ‘EK MUTTHI DUMBLERS THAN THE DUMBLEST’.
    Before twist it was only pakhi ,Kamla and vitthal. Phir bhi mutthi Khali thi to raghav aur kalpi ko deaf and dumb banake bhej diya Ab shayad mutthi bhar jaye. Wake up ema . This was the only serial I got connected and joined Facebook also earlier there was no time to watch any TV because of my busy schedules. Earlier post also I mention about my bed rest . After joining back to work also ,I managed to see every episode. But now because of stupid twists it is untolarble to watch so decided to say buy to ema. But of course for four months you really gave me good show .thanks for that . It was wonderful watching you specially raghav, kalpana, pakya and sammy. Wonderful acting by you all.

  6. Ha ha paki started to back answer to gauri . means she take revenge on her and now story will be vice
    Versa and she will take away raghav from her.

  7. i love to raghave and kalpi becaseu chemestry between them are awosome. how he is care about her kamla ke kahne par he is ready to leave stay away from her fo 1 year but still he is showing his full concern for her and saving her and missing her and want to talk but giving respect to kamla whis as well if pd still show that raghave fallin love with pakhi or by mistake he did wrong think in expectaion of kalpi. how could be the real love lives no one beleive it. yesterday i literly saying that sacha payar kisis ko nahi milta na god milata hai na kismat. kamla is doing her homework to prepar good result like makig diffreces between this couple and inspiring pakhi with lots of good hope that raghave will be her in future. how mean she is as mom. i m thinking that being mom her hear is broken to see her own daughter pain as raghave left her due to revenge but now what she is doing mind game this is really bad
    inspiration dena and doing good thing but intention is give rest of pakhi this is bad… pakhi get very good fate evrything she get without any painand hard work she alwyas get not lose and her possitive attitude some time i really want to kick her i dont undrstand why raghave is so soft pls turn him in rude way
    for one year and do sosme inresting and intelligent story how he will use pakhi for revenge with mind game and destroy kappor i just want to se kappooors in pain no raghave kalpi and gauri no way pls come to the track point bahut hou chuka ache logo ke tadapna now bure logo ke baari secally tha pakhi she know everything still snaching how could she think that she can win rahgave heart as she knows that he loves kalpi and kalpi loves raghave and most important that kalpi is kamla maa’s daughte she is not able to see how much she is in pain and ragave also . if she relly love raghave she give him all his happiness but instead this she is trying and wishes that she will get him one day and he will forget kalpi who mean and selfish she is. always ask to kamla maa pls pray for me and forget kalpi . she is never be anyone she is only herslef selfish and go cannot give full supportand blessing to this type of mean lady. cant

  8. I think isse pehle that kalpi bcomes pregnant, pookie shall have rags lid in het womb… 😛 bloody crap this show is

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