Ek Mutthi Aasman 11th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Mutthi Aasman 11th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Kamla and vitthal are going home. they recall the accusations of Dheeraj. When dheeraj said tis man sent his wife here so they can blackmail suhana. Vitthla says we met our kalpi yet we didn’t. the one we have been looking for days, the one without whom our life is incomplete. kamla says that’s paranoid. But I am happy she is fine. she will get her memory back and will come running to us. Vitthal says you trust has won everytime. its kalpi’s wedding tomorrow, we don’t have much time. kamla says don’t worry we should be happy that suhana dewan is kalpana yadav.

Aryan comes to suhaana she is crying. Aryan says stop crying please. Masi maa had some misunderstanding. suhana says on my wedding maasi maa won’t be with me. Arayn says after so much the family won’t allow her. Do you want her to come? Suhana says there is something that compels me to her. I feel incomplete without her. when she calls me kalpi I feel like I have been hearing this name since forever. Aryan says you are feeling so because you are trying to recall your memory. Suhana says there must be some reason. Aryan says don’t worry everything will be fine. Suhana sya ryan maasi maa can’t lie. Aryan says suhana look at me don’t worry. I know you can’t live without maasi maa. she can’t live without you either. I will take you to her. He hugs her.

Scene 2
Vitthal and kamla come to chowl and start shouting pakiya’s name. vitthla says come down. He tells him that suhana dewan is our kalpi. Kamla says do you remember that suhana made the tea like kalpi. She is kalpi not suhana. Pakiya says our kapi? pakiya is in tears. Everyone is shocked. Manda says kalpi is alive. I knew nothing will happen to her. Vitthal says who doesn’t love kalpi. its just because of your prayers that she is alive. manda says where is she? why didn’t you bring her. kamla says she has lost her memory but I believe that she will come home soon. They sing the theme song.

Suhana’s mehndi is ongoing. Everyone is enjoying. Suhana looks upset. Aryan is dancing with the girls. He brings suhana on the floor. She isn’t enjoying she goes back, Sanjay comes to her and asks whats wrong?
Suhana says I have to meet maasi maa. Kavita says forget her suhana its your wedding tomorrow move on. suhana says I can’t I don’t know why. Sanjay says its wedding tomorrow suhan after that you and me will go to her. Aryan says in heart I know suhana can’t live without maasi maa. I have to unite them.

Scene 3
kamla says to vitthal Kalpi is about to get wed. we have to stop this wedding. its her second wedding which is wrong. she is married to Raghav already. pakiya comes and says baba I can’t find auto there is a strike I guess. Nettu comes to the chowl. Manda says to nettu what are you doing here? Neetu says will you come back on work? Manda says didn’t you hear kalpi is alive and fine. Kamla and vitthal are going to take bring kalpi. nettu says I will drop you. vitthal says we don’t need your aid. Nettu says I have alwys been bad to you kamla. Vitthal says so yeah don’t care anymore we will go our self.

Aryan says I forgot my pajama I am going to take it from the shop. sanjay says go bring it hurry up. Aryan says I have to do something for suhana.

A car comes and hits a man. vitthal and kalpi help him and take him with them.

Scene 4
suhana is getting ready. She recalls herself in a bridal dress. She says in heart why I feel like I have been someone’s bride before. kamla and vitthal take the man to a house. Kamla sees a guy there facing the wall and says here is your dad. The old man says he isn’t my son. I found him near stream. He keeps missing a girl kalpana. I guess he met an accident. kamla touches his shoulder and he turns to her. Its Raghav. Kamla says Raghav baba, Raghav says kamla maa. kamla says why didn’t you come to us? He says could I face you? I couldn’t save kalpi. Kamla says kalpi is alive Raghav. Raghav is dazed. kamla says yes that’s the truth your love, our kalpi is alive. She has lost her memory. Today is her wedding. Kamla tells him everything. Raaghav is in tears. Vitthal comes forward and hugs him.

Precap-suhana calls Kamla and asks where are you massi maa? kamla says I am coming.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Still A EMA Fan

    Yay! I am so happy Raghav showed one last time before the show got cancelled! I miss seeing him on here..

  2. nice episode.

  3. Thank goodness…. Destiny has a way of uniting those who were meant to be. Raghav is back!!!! This should make it easier for Kalpi to recall her memory 😀

  4. I don’t think I want to see Raghav with Suhana.

  5. where is paki??? has she reformed?

  6. Maybe Raghav should go back to Pakhi …

  7. Finally tag have is back . Now we can see the show .

  8. Oops suppose to be raghav

  9. oh my god..raghav alive im so happy and plz raghav suhana must be together..i dnt like paki.raghav suhana love vry strong..im vry excited nw watching episod plz dnt dissapoint me.:)

    1. RAGHAV & KALPANA- RAGHNA- ASHNA- atleast last episode they should have showed RACHANA & ASHISH. SADIST they dont want to see RAGHNA fans happy

  10. BETTER END EMA. No head or TAIL

  11. Pl. bring Rachna back also… NO ASHA Asha is misfit with Ashish
    Do reverse plastic surgery and bring for us RACHNA….
    you EMA writteres & creative team have Killed the show on 31 July
    Pl. have some dignity to END this show gracefully…with HAPPY ENDING Rachna & ashish TOGETHER

  12. Yes I agree with Sneh, please show original Kalpi with her one true love Raghav one last time. Writers mistake with bringing new people caused the downfall of this show.

  13. Lovely cast with miserable storyline. All viewers asked was to bring Raghav (ASHISH) and Kalpi (RACHANA) back. Finally they do that after replacing Rachna with new girl. This girl even with HEAVY many layered makeup and so much jewelry did not com close to what Rachana looked in her simple wedding attire.

    EMA made Gauri get her 20 years of memory loss back in a day (what a joke) so why can’t they replace
    new girl suhana face with express plastic surgery 🙂 with old Kalpi (Rachana) and then RAGNAA meet & live happily ever after.

  14. Raghav is alive and well?? How stupid. Leave Suhana and Aryan together BC their chemistry is great and leave kalpi with Raghav!!
    Raghav looks hot. This 6 week vacation did him well!!
    Also where is sammy and paaki?
    Funny that on today’s show, neetu and Raghav come back.
    It would have been better if Raghav was hiding at Sammy’s house all this time!!

  15. everything was lost unless they had better twists planned :\

    EMA goes off air – here’s the list of show saying byee bye to tv =))


  16. finally he is back. cant wait for the next episode

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